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Comic Books | Read Em’ Before You See Em’

Posted in Reel Chat on 22 May by Caity Evans

Bookmans is all about celebrating your inner geek. From Dungeon Masters to Sith Lords and creative cosplayers, all members of the geekosphere are welcome at our stores. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire month to celebrating all thinks geek! Comics are just a small slice of the pie, but have quickly become the most sought after screenplay source material for would-be blockbusters. If the success of Guardians 2 is any indication, the superhero film franchise is here to stay. We’ve got the inside scoop on all the single issue comic books you need to read before they hit the screen. Here are our top 3 Read ‘Em Before You See ‘Ems.

comic books

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Craft How-To | Recycled Wall Decor

Posted in Core Values on 13 May by Caity Evans

Bookmans is all about going green, all year long. In a previous article we mentioned that we like to save items that get left behind at our trade counter, such as books, DVDs, comics, video game consoles and many others. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing things you can do to repurpose old materials. In this craft how-to, we’re making wall décor out of recycled discs and comics. This is a cheap and easy way to spend a summer afternoon crafting and what better way to do it (and save money) than using items you no longer use.

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Bookmans Tucson | Free Summer Kids Events

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores, News on 09 May by Caity Evans

Everyone’s favorite used bookstore is hosting a cornucopia of family-friendly events all summer long at each of our six state-wide locations. Join us for Free Summer Kids Events with fun-filled activities like mad science experiments and lego build offs. Meet real-life mermaids and pirates as you sail the seven seas. Settle in for a jolly storytelling experience with puppets, magic and more. Free Summer Kids Events take place Tuesday through Friday at 10am. Here’s what we have coming your way:

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Geeking Out | Goats: The Book and Movie

Posted in Bookie Blog on 07 May by Caity Evans

Each department at Bookmans comes with an employee that thoroughly loves their job and the product they specialize in. Some prefer video games, but couldn’t tell you who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Others could tell you the names of every musician in almost every band, but won’t know Pyrex from Family Dollar. We each have our things and that’s what makes Bookmans so special. We all get to geek out about the things we love. Being a total book nerd myself, I have to shamefully announce I watched the movie Goats starring David Duchovny and fell instantly in love. It’s not often I’ll watch a movie over and over again, but there’s something about this gem of a film that keeps me coming back for more. To make matters worse, I found out the movie originated as a book and I felt even more shame for not knowing. Now, I have a new favorite movie and book combo, where I appreciate each one for entirely different reasons.
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Bookmans Favorites | Heroines from Kids Books

Posted in Bookie Blog on 02 May by Caity Evans

We recently took a moment to search for the all-time best selling children’s books and stumbled upon a list published in 2001 from Publishers Weekly. Compiled of well over 100 children’s books ranked by their sales, the number one kid’s book was The Pokey Little Puppy by Janette Lowrey. Published in 1942, this book has sold more than 14,898,341 copies. That’s insane! It’s not surprising that the other top authors are classics such as Dr. Seuss, J.K Rowling, Shel Silverstein and Beatrix Potter, who wrote the Peter Rabbit stories. We noticed, however, that these top selling stories all have one thing in common: the main characters are all male-oriented. With the exception of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (p.s. she is absolutely one of our all-time favorite fiction females) not a single book within the top 20 spots has a female lead. So we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile a list of our favorite children’s books with strong female leads. Some titles you may recognize and others you may not. Either way, we want your future feminists to have a library full of women they can look up to. Let’s dive in!

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Grant Location Liquidation Sale

Posted in In Our Stores, News on 26 Apr by Caity Evans

We recently moved our well known Grant location to the new Bookmans Midtown location at 3330 East Speedway Blvd. just east of Country Club Rd. Bookmans Midtown is up and running and ready for you to come buy, sell and trade. With that said, most of the stores inventory made its way to our new location, but we couldn’t bring everything over, we just had too many books. We love books and want to make sure these fabulous titles find their way into good homes, so we are having a GRANT LOCATION LIQUIDATION SALE!

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Bookmans Mesa Sale | Top 5 Items To Buy

Posted in In Our Stores, News on 20 Apr by Caity Evans

You read that title correct my friends. In honor of Earth Day, Bookmans Mesa is having a sale! At Bookmans we are all about being good for your pocket and good for the planet which is why we are offering 25% off the entire Bookmans Mesa store – books, DVDs, CDs, video games, housewares, vinyl and more! Everything will be discounted on top of our already low prices. Join us this Saturday April 22nd from 9am to 10pm.


So what to buy at Bookmans Mesa this weekend, you know, besides everything you can possibly get your hands on? We have a few suggestions (five in fact) to help you get the most at the Bookmans Mesa 25% off sale.

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Our Backroom Rules | Being Green All Year Long

Posted in Core Values on 19 Apr by Caity Evans

Here at Bookmans we don’t just celebrate the Earth for the month of April, we go green all year long. That’s right, every single day we go to extreme lengths to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. The very basis of our business model is “buy, sell, trade,” which keeps usable items out of the landfill and resourced into a new home. Aside from the joy that sparks at our trade counter and the nature of reusing perfectly good items, we also have “backroom rules” that employees are encouraged to follow to further our dedication to a better, brighter future.

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Bookmans Midtown Shares Their Favorite Music

Posted in Musical Notes on 11 Apr by Caity Evans

If there’s one thing Bookmans employees love unanimously, it’s music. Some of us are readers, some gamers and others musicians, but something we all relate to are musical vibes. We pump it through the speakers in our stores, we chat about it while buying on the counter and for some of us it gets played on our instruments. To help you get to know us a little better over here at Midtown, we asked some of our phenomenal employees to tell us their current favorite song. We know this can be the supreme challenge, but they all took it well.

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Green Hearts This April At Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, News on 01 Apr by Caity Evans

It is no secret that Bookmans has mad love for planet earth. Recycling is in our blood and our business model. Every April we celebrate this big blue marble with events that highlight the environment. Join us for  educational workshops on climate change and kids activities where you can bring out your inner Lorax and speak for the trees. From the picturesque Sonoran Desert to the tall pines of Northern Arizona, our Bookmans locations have earth-friendly events to help you show some love to Mother Earth. Take a peek at our events calendar to see what we mean.

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Cleverly Crafting: The Best of Bookmans Craft Books

Posted in In Our Stores on 30 Mar by Caity Evans

Bookmans celebrates Arts & Crafts all year long, but we highlight it in the glorious month of March! With just a couple days left we wanted to highlight the best of our craft books for you to get your hands on this Spring.

Tucson is full of artists and crafters and you better believe they make Bookmans their number one stop when looking for inspiration! If it’s not in our “Art Room” where we have books on sculpting, quilting, claying (that’s a thing, right?) and many other crafty ideas, then it’s in the art we have hanging in our stores, or the amazing little trinkets that can be re-purposed for all sorts of creative endeavors. There’s never a dull spot in a Bookmans; inspiration flows through our orange shelves like the wind in the willows!

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Bookmans Midtown Housewarming Party

Posted in Community Events, Contests & Giveaways, In Our Stores, News on 30 Mar by Caity Evans

Have you heard the news? Bookmans Grant has moved and is now Bookmans Midtown. Located at 3330 E. Speedway Blvd, just east of Country Club in Tucson, our new Midtown store is open with all the Bookmans bells and whistles, including great deals on new and used books, movies, games, instruments and more!

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The Get Down on Instruments | Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 21 Mar by Caity Evans

Bookmans celebrates all things arts and crafts during the month of March. We have craft fairs scheduled, beautifully crafted displays of coloring books and supplies for all your artistic endeavors. A department of our store that gets over looked this month, however, is our musical instruments! That’s artful, right?! At our new Bookmans Midtown we have everything you’ll ever need to start, progress or enhance your musical quest. The employees we have in our instrument department are dedicated musicians themselves and can offer the best tips for an array of players. They are knowledgeable not only on the instruments we have in stock but also on the going rates and can offer you the best deals in town. We take pride in not only providing you with the  best items at the best price  but also our dedication to being as helpful as we can possibly be.

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Dear DC, If We May Make A Suggestion. | Bookmans

Posted in News on 24 Feb by Caity Evans

Whether you liked, loved or loathed the recent incarnation of the worlds greatest detective, DC’s golden boy or the rest of the Super Friends, we can all agree that these films are not doing well. Batman Vs. Superman was not the launch point studio execs had hoped for and promptly sent them into a panic that resulted in the Hot Topic graffiti-esc mess that was Suicide Squad. Each of these films currently stands with a less than 30% score on rotten tomatoes. There are countless interviews of a jaded Jordan Catalano wondering where his scenes went and a revolving door that is the director’s chair on the upcoming Flash and Batman projects. For whatever reason, things aren’t working out for DC’s attempt at a shared universe. This may be because the studios involvement is a little heavy handed, the scripts are simply not good or, and more likely, they are decent but the comic book movie fan is spoiled after the consistent success that is Marvel Studios. Marvel has it’s own faults totally, but they have successfully tapped into this market and there is literally no room for DC products. But fret not friends, for we have the solution and have carefully crafted a letter to the big wigs urging them to heed our advice. A letter we are completely confident they will never see, nor want to.

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5 Reasons We’re Stoked For the Move | New Bookmans Midtown

Posted in In Our Stores on 13 Feb by Caity Evans

It’s no secret our Entertainment Exchange on Grant and Campbell is relocating to our former Sports Exchange at Speedway and Country Club, now known as Bookmans Midtown. As we begin the process of packing up our back room we sat down as a crew and talked about the excitement we all felt about moving. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment. Some of us, like myself, have literally grown up in this very store. Starting first in the kids room and moving beyond, we found ourselves among the same orange shelves we’re about to pack up and haul a street south. Aside from these feelings of nostalgia we’re actually really pumped to relocate. There are many different reasons such as easier access by bike, closer to the University and better food options, but the following five were unanimous among us all.

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Graphic Novels We’re Fiending For | Bookmans Review

Posted in Bookie Blog on 02 Feb by Caity Evans

In a world of super hero stardom and graphic novels the Marvel and DC worlds have taken over. Ya’ll are gettin’ your fix if you love action-packed cape or tight suit-wearing villains or heroes. For the rest of us, however, there’s a whole world of graphic novel reading that doesn’t revolve around the same 8 super heroes in outlandish scenarios. *We’re only hating a little bit, to each their own!* As a collective, the employees here at Bookmans Midtown have been geeking out over Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fionna Staples for months now and we were definitely behind the game. Now, after our little minds have been blown, we’ve decided to branch out and open the door to a world of illustrated wonder. We recommend these series to you as beautifully crafted visual tales of adventure and suspense; sure, there may be a cape here or there, but nothing as obscene as the Marvel/DC realm. *cough*

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Go On a Blind Date with a Book | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores on 31 Jan by Caity Evans

Hello lovers of literature wherever you are. We celebrate our shared love of reading every February. From the non-fic addict and the sci-fi fiend to the contemporary romancer in all of us, if you consume words like half-priced froyo then the second month of the calendar year is your time to shine. What better way to get your bookish booty shaking than by participating in a blind date or two – with a book. This month several Bookmans locations ask customers to take a chance on love with our Blind Date With A Book displays. Our Blind Date Books produce lovey dovey reading eyes galore. Don’t believe us? Just read these three totally true love stories that took place at our Blind Date With a Book display at Bookmans Flagstaff.

Go On a Blind Date with a Book
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For The #LoveOfReading! this February at Bookmans

Posted in News, Uncategorized on 30 Jan by Caity Evans

You’re so hunky, you must be hiding a rapidly aging portrait somewhere in your attic. It’s happened friends. It’s officially hunting season for bow and arrow wielding cherubs. Their target? You, of course. Whether you have a sweetheart or are digging the single life no one is safe from these lovey dovey ultimate peer pressureres. They’ll sweet talk you. Describing their impressive…Library. Maybe they’ll share with you in detail how The Sound and the Fury wasn’t named after Macbeth — it was inspired by a night with them. Perhaps they will whisper sweet nothings like “I’d love you in all the times, including* the Time of Cholera. (*but not limited to).” And your poor treacherous heart won’t be able to help but go pitter patter and the thought of a Bookish beau. Honestly we don’t blame you in the slightest because there is one undeniable fact we all know to be true: a bibliophile may be a Jane Eyre in public but you can bet your cute butt they are total Bertha in the bedroom or attic. #LoveOfReading

In the spirit of candy hearts and declarations of L O V E we’ve got a slew of perfect date nights for you and yours. From cosplay parties for the nerdy lovers to our infamous Blind Date With A Book displays, Bookmans has got you covered on fun and creative ways to spend the day with Mr. Right. Or if it’s more your style – Mr. Right Now. No judgement, you do you boo boo.


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Well Read Women | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog on 19 Jan by Caity Evans

As we continue to move into 2017, we thought it important to remember a few of the great works of feminist fiction and non-fiction that have blossomed to light in 2016 that serve as great recommends for the new year. It’s a blooming time for feminine power, acceptance and stance. Last year we said goodbye to some phenomenal women, but all is not lost. We’ve also been gifted with great works for women and men alike. The titles we mention below are only a few stars among a galaxy, so we encourage dipping your toes further into the pool and finding others, but start with these. They’ll have you howling with laughter, crying in fury but also you’ll find sparks of knowledge you might otherwise have overlooked. Enjoy!

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Bookmans Recommends: The Vegetarian

Posted in Bookie Blog on 13 Jan by Caity Evans

At Bookmans we are all about books that make us feel something good, something bad, or ones that we just plain like. Especially in JanYOUary, we encourage you to read, write, watch and listen to anything and everything that sets your little heart on fire. Looking for something new? Bookmans recommends The Vegetarian by Han Kang of South Korea. It is a baffling, mesmerizing novel that has nothing to with vegetarians or the practice thereof. It’s a small cryptic novel about abstention, how people deal with otherness, and obsession. The Vegetarian, translated by Deborah Smith, is plain in its language and fantastic in it its simplicity. There are three narrators, it was originally published as three novellas, with three different narrators who each has a different view on the namesake vegetarian’s, Yeong-Hye, decision to stop eating meat ranging from anger, fascination, to worry.

the vegetarian

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