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Dear DC, If We May Make A Suggestion. | Bookmans

Posted in News on 24 Feb by Caity Evans

Whether you liked, loved or loathed the recent incarnation of the worlds greatest detective, DC’s golden boy or the rest of the Super Friends, we can all agree that these films are not doing well. Batman Vs. Superman was not the launch point studio execs had hoped for and promptly sent them into a panic that resulted in the Hot Topic graffiti-esc mess that was Suicide Squad. Each of these films currently stands with a less than 30% score on rotten tomatoes. There are countless interviews of a jaded Jordan Catalano wondering where his scenes went and a revolving door that is the director’s chair on the upcoming Flash and Batman projects. For whatever reason, things aren’t working out for DC’s attempt at a shared universe. This may be because the studios involvement is a little heavy handed, the scripts are simply not good or, and more likely, they are decent but the comic book movie fan is spoiled after the consistent success that is Marvel Studios. Marvel has it’s own faults totally, but they have successfully tapped into this market and there is literally no room for DC products. But fret not friends, for we have the solution and have carefully crafted a letter to the big wigs urging them to heed our advice. A letter we are completely confident they will never see, nor want to.

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Go On a Blind Date with a Book | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores on 31 Jan by Caity Evans

Hello lovers of literature wherever you are. We celebrate our shared love of reading every February. From the non-fic addict and the sci-fi fiend to the contemporary romancer in all of us, if you consume words like half-priced froyo then the second month of the calendar year is your time to shine. What better way to get your bookish booty shaking than by participating in a blind date or two – with a book. This month several Bookmans locations ask customers to take a chance on love with our Blind Date With A Book displays. Our Blind Date Books produce lovey dovey reading eyes galore. Don’t believe us? Just read these three totally true love stories that took place at our Blind Date With a Book display at Bookmans Flagstaff.

Go On a Blind Date with a Book
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For The #LoveOfReading! this February at Bookmans

Posted in News, Uncategorized on 30 Jan by Caity Evans

You’re so hunky, you must be hiding a rapidly aging portrait somewhere in your attic. It’s happened friends. It’s officially hunting season for bow and arrow wielding cherubs. Their target? You, of course. Whether you have a sweetheart or are digging the single life no one is safe from these lovey dovey ultimate peer pressureres. They’ll sweet talk you. Describing their impressive…Library. Maybe they’ll share with you in detail how The Sound and the Fury wasn’t named after Macbeth — it was inspired by a night with them. Perhaps they will whisper sweet nothings like “I’d love you in all the times, including* the Time of Cholera. (*but not limited to).” And your poor treacherous heart won’t be able to help but go pitter patter and the thought of a Bookish beau. Honestly we don’t blame you in the slightest because there is one undeniable fact we all know to be true: a bibliophile may be a Jane Eyre in public but you can bet your cute butt they are total Bertha in the bedroom or attic. #LoveOfReading

In the spirit of candy hearts and declarations of L O V E we’ve got a slew of perfect date nights for you and yours. From cosplay parties for the nerdy lovers to our infamous Blind Date With A Book displays, Bookmans has got you covered on fun and creative ways to spend the day with Mr. Right. Or if it’s more your style – Mr. Right Now. No judgement, you do you boo boo.


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The Unstoppable Pop! Figures by Funko | Sold at Bookmans

Posted in Uncategorized on 15 Dec by Caity Evans

You may have seen them selling like hot cakes in one of our stores in Arizona and it seems like there’s no stopping the Pop! figures made by the superstar company Funko. Most of the figures have a specific height of 3.75 inches, black eyes and a bulbous head attached to a small body. Funko has licenses from over 180 companies and there’s a plethora of figures for every taste and obsession. Collectors abound all over the world and snap them up as their ranks seem to swell by the day. What a perfect gift idea for the collector on your gift list.


I was trying to avoid getting into the Pop! revolution but I found out that one of my heroes, Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead was being made into a Pop! Hero. As an avid fan, I of course had to pre-order Lemmy just in case the millions of other rabid Motorhead fans bought them all. The Lemmy figure was my gateway into starting to collect these catchy Pop!s. Next I found Batman and Joker from the Dark Knight Returns and Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies. I NEVER thought that there would be a cute version of Pinhead but somehow Funko got it right. Read More…

Deck the Halls this Season During our Month of Merriment at Bookmans!

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores on 01 Dec by Caity Evans

Tis the season for holiday cheer at Bookmans! From the winter wonderland of Flagstaff to the city sidewalks of Phoenix and the Sonoran beauty of Tucson, all six Bookmans stores offer free events during our Month of Merriment this December. From visits from Kris Kringle himself to food drives and holiday craft events Bookmans has got you covered all month long to get you in the spirit to think about all thing St. Nick and get obsessed with peppermint everything. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the magic of the holidays at Bookmans with events that will tickle your holiday hope and fill your cup with cheer. Fa la la la la, la la la la.


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Become a Localist! Local First Membership Giveaway! | Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 22 Nov by Caity Evans

***Contest Closed***

Since 2003 Local First Arizona has been leading the conversation on the impact of buying local. From their Good Food Finder that helps you find locally owned and operated restaurants in your area to the Local First Arizona Foundation, which helps to build communities through healthy local food initiatives, rural community development and education in business and entrepreneurship. Local First Arizona, or LFA, offers an array of programs and incentives for both the consumer and the local business owner to help shift dollars to the local economy. When you spend money locally, 52% stays in Arizona. That’s amazing compared to the menial 13% that stays when you spend at big box stores. The convenience of shopping at chain stores can be a hard habit to kick. With that in mind here are just a few ways to start buying local, courtesy of Local First Arizona!


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Home Alone In Concert Ticket Tuesday Giveaway – Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 15 Nov by Caity Evans

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Tucson Symphony Orchestra or TSO is the first professional symphony orchestra in the Southwest. TSO is the longest continuously performing professional arts organization in Arizona, where it impacts more than 130,000 lives each year. The TSO infuses $20 million into the economy of Southern Arizona annually and employs over 75 professional musicians who live in Tucson and perform here and throughout the state.  The vision of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra is a community where music brings people together across all boundaries for inspired living. The mission is to engage, educate and transform our community through live musical experiences of the highest quality. Bookmans, in partnership with Tucson Symphony Orchestra, is giving away two pairs of tickets to Home Alone In Concert at the Tucson Music Hall.

home alone

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Anthrax Brings a Major Mosh To Flagstaff: Review – Bookmans- Written by Paul Lee

Posted in Musical Notes, Uncategorized on 10 Nov by Caity Evans

I’ve been an Anthrax fan for years and I’ve followed their rise to fame since their first album Fistful of Metal in 1984. I remember well when the band released this early thrash classic with it’s garish and cover with a guy’s face being destroyed by a spiked fist. I had just gotten into Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All and then Fistful of Metal arrived on the scene and floored me. From the get go, things were looking bright for Anthrax and their rise to world domination was assured.

A promo shot of the mighty Anthrax

It’s unbelievable to think that Anthrax has been unleashing their brand of thrash metal since the nascent days of the thrash movement in 1982. Its now been 35 years since this crew of fierce New Yorkers have dominated the global metal scene and there’s still no stopping them.


After Fistful of Metal, the band continued to release a string of killer albums. There were classics like Spreading The Disease (1985), Among The Living (1986) – which purportedly coined the term “mosh” from the song “Caught In A Mosh” – and Persistence of Time (1990) which featured a blistering cover of Joe Jackson’s “Got The Time.” Anthrax continued to set the world afire with their uniquely heavy (and catchy) songs. Read More…

Winner Wednesday! Win Tickets To The Loft Film Fest from Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, Reel Chat on 02 Nov by Caity Evans

***Contest Closed***

It’s a good ole Winner Wednesday! There is no Bookmans only Zuul! JK…no Gatekeepers or Keymasters here but we do have free tickets to The Loft’s Film Fest!

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, in partnership with The Loft Cinema, are giving away two tickets to see the original Ghostbusters during The Loft Film Fest. Described by Filmmaker Magazine as being “geared truly toward cinephiles of nearly every stripe,” and praised for it’s “phantasmagorical programming … and astute choice of guests,” the Loft Film Fest was created in 2010 as a showcase for the very best independent, foreign and classic cinema. For five days in November, the Loft Film Fest provides an intimate and unique setting for film fans to experience hand-selected festival favorites from Cannes, Sundance, SXSW (etc.) and the chance to meet internationally-renowned artists from the world of independent cinema.

winner wednesday

“Who ya gonna call when you want to see the original 1984 comedy classic Ghostbusters on the big screen in spectacular, ectoplasmic 70mm? Loft Film Fest! Enjoy FREE ghostly snacks, while supplies last, and delicious Hi-C Ecto Coolers will be available for sale at the snack bar! Read More…

Pickin’ In The Pine’s Was a Bluegrass Blast – Bookmans – Written by Paul Lee

Posted in Community Events, Musical Notes on 27 Oct by Caity Evans

In case you missed it… our Pickin’ in the Pines review. What a wonderful weekend!

The weekend of September 18-21, Flagstaff hosted Pickin’ in the Pines, an amazing bluegrass festival held at the amphitheater at Fort Tuthill County Park that was about 3 miles from our store. Bookmans was one of the sponsors and vendors at this rip roarin’ event and I along with some of my cohorts got to work our booth and attend this cool event. I was a newbie at Pickin’ and I had no idea what to expect. Usually my idea of festivals are overcrowded outdoor venues with long lines at the bathrooms and the acrid smell of bad beer and body odor.

I have to be honest, I had trepidations about attending Pickin’ in the Pines as I wasn’t a bluegrass fan even though I could appreciate the artistry of the music. The most exposure I had to this classic American music was when I went with my family to car shows back East where there were often bluegrass bands pickin away. I enjoyed what I heard but I never felt the need to pursue bluegrass any further.

Pickin' in the Pines

At Pickin’ In The Pines I fully expected to be trapped under our tent fighting off mosquitoes and fielding questions from customers who would try to talk to me about a subject I knew little about. When I asked on of my coworkers what kind of people we’d meet at the booth, he said: “We’re going to get a whole lot of boring white dudes who are going to talk our ears off about stuff we don’t care about,”. That didn’t help my enthusiasm as I already was afraid that I’d be out of my comfort zone. My girlfriend and another co-workers told me to buck up and go to the show with a positive attitude so I put my big boy Event Liaison pants on. It turned into a fantastic experience, of which I won’t soon forget.  Read More…

A Bookmans Mascot: Fox The Chihuahua – Bookmans – Written by Paul Lee

Posted in Uncategorized on 24 Oct by Caity Evans

You can find many things at Bookmans, from cult classics to action figures…if you’re lucky you may come across this lucky pup, who calls Bookmans home. Meet Fox the Chihuahua, (of the the many) beloved mascot of Bookmans Flag. With some of his history and adorableness you’ll quickly love him too.

I’m sitting in my office with a small creature on my lap. He’s a chihuahua named Fox Mulder and he’s my little three foot shadow who follows me around my office at Bookmans and on hikes all over Flagstaff. He even walks two miles from home to Bookmans a couple of times a week proving that he’s one strong pup.

After moving to Flagstaff last year, Melissa and I decided to adopt a Fox from a family in Cottonwood. We already had two cats but decided that it was time to bring a dog into our life. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made together. Before I worked at Bookmans, I was a regular customer and I found out that Bookmans was incredibly dog friendly. Even though Fox had some difficulty getting used to the store’s large size and numerous people, he started to find his comfort zone especially when the staff gave him treats.


Fox Mulder dressing up in his most alluring costume at our “Monsters & Masks” kid’s craft event.

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Transcending Time and Space: H.P. Lovecraft Lives On – Bookmans – Written by Paul Lee

Posted in Bookie Blog, Uncategorized on 18 Oct by Caity Evans

There was an amazing, deluxe, leather bound book that arrived in our store called H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction that collected his short fiction and it inspired this blog. Lovecraft is synonymous with the top-notch horror and has been for the last 80 years. Any horror writer worth their salt has read Lovecraft’s work and been influenced by his creepy tales of the occult and mythology with it’s cosmic monsters and occult books that threaten the existence of mankind. People like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and a host of others have looked to Lovecraft as the master of the 20th Century short horror tales.


Originally I discovered Lovecraft’s tales when I was in middle school after I ordered a small collection of his stories entitled The Shadow Over Innsmouth and Other Tales of Horror. At thirteen I was already a big fan of horror movies and horror literature but nothing quite struck me like Lovecraft’s writing. His prose had a certain Edgar Allan Poe (who is also a literary hero of mine) cadence to it and in spite of its lofty language, conveyed scary images of monsters and demons that left room for imagination. The scenarios that Lovecraft’s protagonists faced were truly bizarre and unsettling. I can’t say that I was ever really scared but there was always a strange and thrilling element to Lovecraft’s work. Read More…

Bookmans Flags Cafe – Bookmans Entertainment – Written by Paul Lee

Posted in In Our Stores on 13 Oct by Caity Evans

Baby it’s cold outside..or soon anyway, so here we are reminding you of our ever famous and delicious Bookmans Flag cafe. Bookmans Flag cafe is a special place where customers of all ages and cultures gather to meet over a hot or iced beverage. Some customers study hard for a classes at NAU while others hang out to socialize or relax alone. Often, you can see some Bookmans regulars playing a game of chess or some other game like cribbage while sipping their favorite drink. Among Flagstaff’s various cafes, Bookmans Cafe has its own special energy and magic. Our staff are friendly and are top notch baristas who make amazing specialty drinks like mocha lattes, green tea shakes and the truly awesome Mexican mochas.

Bookmans flag cafe

Before I worked at Bookmans, I was a regular at the cafe. My drink was a simple iced americano which I sipped mindfully while making music on Garageband with my Mac. There’s nothing like getting the caffeine buzz while being engaged in creating some trippy electronic music. I always found Bookmans Cafe to be conducive to getting in a creative frame of mind. Another great feature is when could to step away from my work and search the seemingly myriad amount of books, musical equipment, CDs and DVDs. Being able to peruse the store also made the experience greater than sitting in a self-contained cafe in downtown. Read More…

Winner Wednesday Giveaway for Tucson Meet Yourself

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 05 Oct by Caity Evans


It’s a Winner Wednesday giveaway!

It’s finally here! Tucson Meet Yourself or as most Tucsonians lovingly call it, Tucson FEED Yourself. A Folk-Life Festival full of traditional and authentic food and performance, Tucson Meet Yourself celebrates the communities that make up the Arizona-Sanora Region. This is a free event where the only things you need to attend are wide eyes and an empty stomach. Brought to life by UA folklorist and anthropologist Dr. James “Big Jim” Griffith in 1974, TMY has now grown into the beloved community event we know today. Tucson natives and those just visiting arrive in droves to eat their way through the rich cultural history of our beautiful Sonoran home.

winner wednesday

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Ticket Tuesday Giveaway! Play Catch With An All-Star – Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 04 Oct by Caity Evans

*Contest Closed*

It’s a Ticket Tuesday giveaway! Ever wanted to throw a ball with a Major League player? Hit a home run with a Tucson star athlete? Well with MixFM you can! Presented by Tucson Medical Center and Scripps Media, Play Catch With An All Star invites future athletes to rub elbows with some of Tucson’s own. Taking place October 8th from 12pm to 4pm at the Tucson Jewish Community Center, Play Catch With An All Star will host three one-hour sessions, two clinicals and one gathering. Families are encouraged to attend and receive help perfecting that curve ball. Equipment will be provided and children can choose between baseball, soccer, basketball, softball or volleyball.

ticket tuesday

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It’s Frightfully Falltastic At Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Posted in Community Events, News on 01 Oct by Caity Evans

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Did you light the black candle at the old Sanderson house? Is your name Dracula or Frankenstein? Does the full moon cause you to grow hair, sprout fangs and be really, really good at basketball? Well my friend, you are in luck because it is Frightful Fall at Bookmans! All month long we are celebrating the creepy, the ghostly and the down right monster-y as we host free hallowonderful events in our stores.  So grab some candy corn and your “Eleven” from Stranger Things costume and head to your fave used media store for frightenly falltastic fun.


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Ticket Tuesday Giveaway- Tucson Children’s Museum

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 20 Sep by Caity Evans

***Contest Closed***

This past weekend Bookmans was fortunate enough to attend Love of Literacy at the Tucson Children’s Museum. A day guaranteed to ignite the joy of reading for families of the Tucson community. The event was filled with fun and reading from local acclaimed authors like Adam Rex and Enrique Feldman. There was performance story telling with Stories That Soar, book giveaways at the Bookmans tent and of course the museum itself, where admission was free and learning was imminent. We couldn’t have asked for a more fun-filled afternoon as we shared some of our own favorite stories with the Love of Literacy attendees.

Children’s Museum

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Winner Wednesday: Arizona Underground Film Festival – Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 14 Sep by Caity Evans


The Arizona Underground Film Festival is Arizona’s only premier genre cult film festival, and one of the biggest underground film festivals in the country! We are now celebrating our 9th year from September 16th to the 24that The Screening Room at 127 E. Congress in the heart of downtown Tucson.

We will be screening world premieres, North American premieres and Arizona premieres, along with several local Tucson filmmakers premiering their work for the very first time. Including the post-apocalypse film Gun Driver, the horror comedy Knock, Knock, and The Trolls which was filmed in Tucson and has gone on to gain national attention on CNBC and Bloomburg for its attention on patient trolls. Filmmakers will be in attendance for Q&A after the films.

Underground Film Festival

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Bookmans Attends Arizona’s Local First’s Farmer to Chef Connection

Posted in Community Events on 13 Sep by Caity Evans

For some, Arizona may seem barren. A dusty wasteland with sweltering heat and little for the land to offer. However our beloved Grand Canyon State couldn’t be more the opposite. With large regions of the state enjoying warm weather year round, winter vegetables are in abundance. Indigenous and native foods and produce are utilized to the fullest. Don’t believe us? Prickly pear margaritas. ‘Nuff said. And we are ranked second in our lettuce, romaine, cauliflower and broccoli production.

No one knows this better than Local First Arizona. An organization striving to build Arizona’s economy at the local level, facilitating relationships with local businesses through out Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff. Through their Rural Development Council, LFA helps builds businesses in smaller communities such as Pinetop and Snowflake. At the recent Farmer + Chef Connection nothing was more clear than the outstanding amount of local foods, produce, dairy and meats grown and fed on Arizona soil. Bookmans, a Local First sustaining member and self proclaimed Arizona Fangirl was happy to attend the second annual Farmer + Chef Connection at Tucson Convention Center recently, where we got to taste test many of the delicious delicacies Arizona has to offer.

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A Challenged Graphic Novel: Batman: The Killing Joke – Written by Paul Lee

Posted in Uncategorized on 07 Sep by Caity Evans

I never realized that Batman: The Killing Joke was considered a challenged book. The comic book received the label because someone in Columbus, Nebraska asked for it to be removed from circulation. Fortunately, the library board voted to keep it. We like to include challenged books in our list of must-reads, especially during our Banned Books Month where we highlight the importance of fighting for the right to read – and in conjunction with our #ArrestedReading and #BannedBookMugshot campaigns across all Bookmans locations. batman


Alan Moore and Brian Bollands’s 1988 Batman: The Killing Joke is an unsettling Batman comic book that has remained a classic to this day. The comic took a headlong dive into the depths of darkness in the Batman universe that had never been seen in a DC comic or any other publication/outlet before. The cover features the Batman’s arch-nemesis Joker smiling malevolently with his rictus grin behind a SLR camera that makes you feel uncomfortable and exposed. It’s a story about duality, violence and justice. Read More…

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