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Our Backroom Rules | Being Green All Year Long

Posted in Core Values on 19 Apr by Emme Mullin

Here at Bookmans we don’t just celebrate the Earth for the month of April, we go green all year long. That’s right, every single day we go to extreme lengths to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. The very basis of our business model is “buy, sell, trade,” which keeps usable items out of the landfill and resourced into a new home. Aside from the joy that sparks at our trade counter and the nature of reusing perfectly good items, we also have “backroom rules” that employees are encouraged to follow to further our dedication to a better, brighter future.

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Bookmans Midtown Shares Their Favorite Music

Posted in Musical Notes on 11 Apr by Emme Mullin

If there’s one thing Bookmans employees love unanimously, it’s music. Some of us are readers, some gamers and others musicians, but something we all relate to are musical vibes. We pump it through the speakers in our stores, we chat about it while buying on the counter and for some of us it gets played on our instruments. To help you get to know us a little better over here at Midtown, we asked some of our phenomenal employees to tell us their current favorite song. We know this can be the supreme challenge, but they all took it well.

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Cleverly Crafting: The Best of Bookmans Craft Books

Posted in In Our Stores on 30 Mar by Emme Mullin

Bookmans celebrates Arts & Crafts all year long, but we highlight it in the glorious month of March! With just a couple days left we wanted to highlight the best of our craft books for you to get your hands on this Spring.

Tucson is full of artists and crafters and you better believe they make Bookmans their number one stop when looking for inspiration! If it’s not in our “Art Room” where we have books on sculpting, quilting, claying (that’s a thing, right?) and many other crafty ideas, then it’s in the art we have hanging in our stores, or the amazing little trinkets that can be re-purposed for all sorts of creative endeavors. There’s never a dull spot in a Bookmans; inspiration flows through our orange shelves like the wind in the willows!

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The Get Down on Instruments | Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 21 Mar by Emme Mullin

Bookmans celebrates all things arts and crafts during the month of March. We have craft fairs scheduled, beautifully crafted displays of coloring books and supplies for all your artistic endeavors. A department of our store that gets over looked this month, however, is our musical instruments! That’s artful, right?! At our new Bookmans Midtown we have everything you’ll ever need to start, progress or enhance your musical quest. The employees we have in our instrument department are dedicated musicians themselves and can offer the best tips for an array of players. They are knowledgeable not only on the instruments we have in stock but also on the going rates and can offer you the best deals in town. We take pride in not only providing you with the  best items at the best price  but also our dedication to being as helpful as we can possibly be.

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5 Reasons We’re Stoked For the Move | New Bookmans Midtown

Posted in In Our Stores on 13 Feb by Emme Mullin

It’s no secret our Entertainment Exchange on Grant and Campbell is relocating to our former Sports Exchange at Speedway and Country Club, now known as Bookmans Midtown. As we begin the process of packing up our back room we sat down as a crew and talked about the excitement we all felt about moving. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment. Some of us, like myself, have literally grown up in this very store. Starting first in the kids room and moving beyond, we found ourselves among the same orange shelves we’re about to pack up and haul a street south. Aside from these feelings of nostalgia we’re actually really pumped to relocate. There are many different reasons such as easier access by bike, closer to the University and better food options, but the following five were unanimous among us all.

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Graphic Novels We’re Fiending For | Bookmans Review

Posted in Bookie Blog on 02 Feb by Emme Mullin

In a world of super hero stardom and graphic novels the Marvel and DC worlds have taken over. Ya’ll are gettin’ your fix if you love action-packed cape or tight suit-wearing villains or heroes. For the rest of us, however, there’s a whole world of graphic novel reading that doesn’t revolve around the same 8 super heroes in outlandish scenarios. *We’re only hating a little bit, to each their own!* As a collective, the employees here at Bookmans Midtown have been geeking out over Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fionna Staples for months now and we were definitely behind the game. Now, after our little minds have been blown, we’ve decided to branch out and open the door to a world of illustrated wonder. We recommend these series to you as beautifully crafted visual tales of adventure and suspense; sure, there may be a cape here or there, but nothing as obscene as the Marvel/DC realm. *cough*

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Well Read Women | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog on 19 Jan by Emme Mullin

As we continue to move into 2017, we thought it important to remember a few of the great works of feminist fiction and non-fiction that have blossomed to light in 2016 that serve as great recommends for the new year. It’s a blooming time for feminine power, acceptance and stance. Last year we said goodbye to some phenomenal women, but all is not lost. We’ve also been gifted with great works for women and men alike. The titles we mention below are only a few stars among a galaxy, so we encourage dipping your toes further into the pool and finding others, but start with these. They’ll have you howling with laughter, crying in fury but also you’ll find sparks of knowledge you might otherwise have overlooked. Enjoy!

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Bookmans Recommends: The Vegetarian

Posted in Bookie Blog on 13 Jan by Emme Mullin

At Bookmans we are all about books that make us feel something good, something bad, or ones that we just plain like. Especially in JanYOUary, we encourage you to read, write, watch and listen to anything and everything that sets your little heart on fire. Looking for something new? Bookmans recommends The Vegetarian by Han Kang of South Korea. It is a baffling, mesmerizing novel that has nothing to with vegetarians or the practice thereof. It’s a small cryptic novel about abstention, how people deal with otherness, and obsession. The Vegetarian, translated by Deborah Smith, is plain in its language and fantastic in it its simplicity. There are three narrators, it was originally published as three novellas, with three different narrators who each has a different view on the namesake vegetarian’s, Yeong-Hye, decision to stop eating meat ranging from anger, fascination, to worry.

the vegetarian

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In With the New, Out With the Old – Keeping It Stress Free | Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 11 Jan by Emme Mullin

The New Year is a time for renewal. For many of us it is a fresh start; a cleansing of our bad habits, attitudes and stress. We reflect on the previous year and what accomplishments we may or may not have achieved. We set new goals and aim for a better version of ourselves and community. It’s a great time to forgive ourselves for the entire box of peanut butter Oreos we ate last month and the birthday card for Gran that never got sent out in April. While these things could have been forgotten months ago, there’s something to be said about watching the ball drop at midnight and feeling a galactic deep breath emerge from the depths of our being. A whole new year waits with open possibilities and challenges. The JanYOUary we want to give you ways to lessen your stress and ring in the new year with a fresh mind and gratitude.


After handling the deaths of so many iconic pop stars this past year, following the election and hurtling one obstacle after another, 2017 couldn’t be greeted with wider arms from any of us. A new great year can’t be hard to accomplish after what we’ve just dealt with. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the race! Now deep breathe, and don’t set the bar too high for the New Year; there’s no way it can’t be better than the past. We want to help ease you into your new goals and ambitions. Don’t get caught up in the frantic craze of GO, GO, GO! Below we offer some of the best “de-stressers” for the New Year: Read More…

Krampus by Brom – An Alternative to Christmas Cheer | Bookmans Review

Posted in Bookie Blog on 23 Dec by Emme Mullin

‘Tis the season to be… punished? While St. Nicolas is stuffing his sack with toys for all the good boys and girls, Krampus is busy at work punishing all the misbehaved children instead. With folk tales from all over the globe featuring this holiday heathen, it’s the adaptation from Brom that has this reader all spun up. In his classic sinister and eerie voice, Brom’s Krampus gives us the backside story of our favorite holiday elf, Santa, and who he might really be instead of the happy go lucky toy maker we all seem to think he is.


How caught up on Norse mythology are you? Baldr, an ancient Norse God and son of Odin was known for his aura of peace, love and light. Little old Santa Clause may just be his reincarnated form, but is our perception of Santa an utter lie? Did Santa capture and incarcerate the Yule Lord, Krampus?! Steal his magic sack and claim it as his own?! Your whole world will be turned upside down as Brom weaves his magic and shows the true colors of our favorite holiday super hero. The lines of good guy/ bad guy are blurred as we learn more about Krampus and his arch enemy. Enslaved for 500 years by Santa and freed only to discover no one celebrates Yule anymore, the battle is on and only one holiday can win. Read More…

Gifts for the Horror Junkie on Your Gift List | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog on 07 Dec by Emme Mullin

We’re thinking of twinkle lights, Nat King Cole and copious amounts of sweets, but there’s always someone on your gift list that is a lover of all things not so typically associated with the holiday vibes, and therefore we’re here to offer some recommendations for the person on your list that would squeal at a new horror fiction compared to cookbook. Feel free to peruse the following list of horror fiction recommendations as a source of gift giving inspiration for the horror junkie on your gift list.

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Gift Guide: For the Artist in Your Life

Posted in Merchandise on 06 Dec by Emme Mullin

Tucson is an artist’s community; with local gems like the DeGrazia studio, The Tucson Museum of Art and with our diverse downtown scene it’s no wonder creative souls gather here. From filmmakers to chalk artists and sculpture geniuses, Tucson has the most unique array of talent. Here to encourage and cultivate the inner artist in everyone is Bookmans! We have the perfect gift for beginners and novices alike.


Our “How-To” sections for crafts, painting and sketching offer the perfect push to get your inner creativity started. Pick up a paper collage book or try your hand at alternative crafting. We have sections for both to make it super easy to shop. Is your special artist more refined? We have painting and drawing books to please even the most classic of artists. Our art sections are no joke, there’s a book for every artist in your life. Read More…

The Perfect Continuation: Avalanches Review – Bookmans Entertainment

Posted in Musical Notes on 16 Nov by Emme Mullin

I remember the first time I heard of The Avalanches. It must have been 2003 because I was just starting to let my hair grow long. My dad was sitting at the computer talking to his Volkswagen buddies, ruminating and conversing about the intricacies between models and small details that the average person wouldn’t notice. When he wasn’t looking for parts or giving advice to newbies he would frequent the rant section of the imageboard. Someone must have posted a link to the video of Frontier Psychiatrist and my dad ended up liking it though he never listened to the rest of the album. He called me over and we watched it together and I was enamored. I had to see what else this group made.


I scourged and scraped, searched the internet until I came upon the video we had watched. He couldn’t remember anything about the video other than it was funny and that he liked it. I think I watched Frontier Psychologist six or seven times and soon after found the video to Since I Left You. I binge watched that as well. I bought a copy while we were in town, somewhat of a treat to someone who came from a small town. We didn’t have a record shop and the only music accessible was what was available at Walmart. Read More…

Arizona Haunts – Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Posted in Uncategorized on 03 Nov by Emme Mullin

Perhaps Halloween is over and we’ve moved into the holiday feels already, but we figure it can’t hurt to bring you now last scary story to make your fall feel a little more like it is supposed to. Visit some of these places before you put your Christmas tree up and squeeze just a tad bit more out of this time of year before you blast the Bieb’s Christmas album and turn to your favorite latte for comfort.

While the rest of the country, or let’s face it, even the northern parts of Arizona, get the luxury of watching the fall colors change, feeling the air begin to turn cold and enjoying fields of pumpkins and apple orchards, here in Tucson we don’t get such luxuries. To celebrate the coming of Fall and our favorite holiday, Halloween, we’re forced to crank up the A/C while pretending it’s freezing outside. We watch countless hours of horror films, read Shirley Jackson until our imaginations don’t allow us to fall asleep and pretend we didn’t just buy those jack-o-lanterns from Trader Joes. A luxury anyone of us can enjoy, however, is visiting some of Arizona’s favorite local haunts. Slaughter House in Tucson does a great job of scaring the you-know-what out of us but for some real scares, we recommend checking out these phenomenal and spooky haunted locations.

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To Review or Not to Review: Victor LaVelle, The Devil in Silver

Posted in Bookie Blog on 14 Oct by Emme Mullin

I’ve felt compelled to write a review of Victor LaVelle’s The Devil in Silver after finishing it two weeks ago. But, for once, I don’t even know where to begin. I spent the first 75% of the book cursing it all to hell. Musing aloud to my coworkers whether I was even going to finish it and then ultimately picking it up again each evening because I couldn’t not find out what happened. Now, having finished it, I feel like I need a support group for the profound sense of “WTF!” I feel.


The story itself is very “A Clockwork Orange”, complete with mental institution politics and a sense overwhelming anxiety. After Pepper is brought to New Hyde Mental Hospital for beating a man up, he’s sentenced to a simple 72 hour “watch,” where his mental state will be evaluated. Why, then, is he still under lock months later? Why do patients keep going missing? Is it really the Devil that’s roaming the halls at night? If Pepper sees him too is he just as insane as the rest of the patients, or are they all unjustly being kept under surveillance? These are just some of the questions that battered my hamster wheel of a brain at night. Each time I thought I could walk away from the book, I just couldn’t. Each time I thought I maybe knew what was happening, I’d rollercoaster upside up and end up scratching my head like a dumbfounded Curious George. Read More…

Play Back: String Recycling Program

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 11 Oct by Emme Mullin

Bookmans is forever dedicated to finding new ways to recycle and give back. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with D’addario, you know, the strings and musical accessories you see all over our instrument departments. Aside from continually encouraging our community to trade their old items rather than taking them to the landfill, (in addition to offering to recycle or donate left behind items) we constantly seek new ways to make an impact. With this new and innovative program we’re helping the environment and giving you a place to dispose of those old musical strings you never quite knew what to do with.


You can follow the link here: and read all about it, but we’ll summarize and let you in on the scoop. With the help of TerraCycle, the amazing organization devoted to helping you find ways to recycle nearly all of your waste, D’addario, ourselves and other local music shops are offering bins to turn in your old strings. Read More…

Historical Hotties Not To Be Forgotten – Bookmans Entertainment

Posted in Uncategorized on 10 Oct by Emme Mullin

It’s easy to walk into a Bookmans store and see an attractive individual on our magazine shelves, movie racks, book covers or even behind our trade counter/register and that’s just a quick physical judgment. What about the historical hotties who weren’t only visually pleasing but also prominent figures in their fields? Pioneers that broke ground for the rest of us? These significant individuals make us swoon not only for their great looks but also for their great minds and capabilities.


When we think of electricity, more often than not Thomas Edison is the first to mind. We frown upon this, but we won’t go into who was a better inventor *cough-Tesla!-cough*. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was not only a babe of physical proportions but my oh my Tesla had the hottest brains. Vastly rare and unique Tesla had an eidetic memory, meaning he could vividly recall images with profound accuracy. This meant while Edison was twiddling with wires and scratching his bum trying to figure out how to make things work, Tesla could literally visualize his inventions in his head and manifest them without a whole lot of sketching or twiddling ahead of time. Tesla was a futurist whose inventions surpassed his years. Known to be charismatic, charming and among a circle of very highly regarded people, Tesla is one historical hottie we wouldn’t mind inviting for dinner.

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Censorship Challenged: Our Top 5 LGBT Titles

Posted in Core Values, Merchandise on 06 Sep by Emme Mullin

In the year 2016 it seems completely preposterous that we’re still talking about books that have been banned, challenged or censored. With nudity and profanity on almost every television ad, magazine cover or roadside billboard, literature shouldn’t be what we focus on when trying to shelter our youth from inappropriate content. A 2014 study released by the Office for Intellectual Freedom showed that “offensive language”, “sexually explicit content” and a general “unsuitability for age group” were the top three reasons behind challenged books. All three of these things could be said about any video game, movie, comic book, or music album. Not to mention the things kids hear out of each others’ mouths. Where do we draw the line in what we allow in schools, libraries or on our own shelves?

Among 24 other reasons for being challenged, “homosexual content” was number seven. While we respect every parents decision to monitor what their child reads, the importance of having access to materials that relate to sexuality, at a very integral time in finding who they are, is a big deal. We all remember what it’s like to be in elementary, middle and high school. Not only balancing school work with family and friends, there’s the daunting task of figuring out who you are as an individual.

Sure, we’re a book store, so we’re biased, but we want all readers to find solace and comfort in the pages of a book. When titles go through the process of being challenged and removed from shelves, we lose access to vital content. As we celebrate censorship awareness this month we want to highlight some titles we consider to be the best among challenged Young Adult Fiction, laden with what is classified as “homosexual content.” These are great reads with much more to their stories than same-gender love. They’re coming of age tales that will bring tears to your eyes, let laughter erupt from your lips and bring an understanding to those who are just trying to figure it out.


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Bookmans Grant Pop-Up Gallery

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Sep by Emme Mullin

*Calling all artists!* Bookmans Grant takes on a pop-up gallery to show talents from every medium, highlighting the importance of fighting censorship and our love for speaking out through art that is inspired by your favorite banned books.

Every September Bookmans takes pride in bringing awareness to topics such as censorship and banned or challenged books. Not only have classics such as All Quiet on the Western Front, 1984 and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn shown up consistently on the list of banned and challenged books each year, children’s favorites like Green Eggs and Ham, The Fault in Our Stars and P.C Cast’s House of Night series have too. These are titles that have been challenged just within the past two years! Can you imagine a world without these magnificent reads? A world where creativity has a limit? We try not to think about it -because that can be just as dangerous.

pop-up gallery

This year we’re pushing the envelope and taking it a step further. We’re calling all artists of any level to participate in our “Challenged ‘Idea’ Pop-Up Gallery”. For a total of four days our Grant & Campbell store will be transformed into a gallery with pieces themed after challenged or banned books. Why not express ourselves while also exposing great titles that have shockingly appeared on the ALA’s (American Library Association) list of books?

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10 Under-Rated Family Films

Posted in Reel Chat on 22 Aug by Emme Mullin

These family films are sure to make you smile, and we all have that one movie from our childhood that we watched over and over again. We’d wear out the VHS tape, drive our siblings crazy with our continual demand to watch it every night and annoyingly quote the whole movie ahead of each line. These movies were the core of our youth. For our Movie Madness month we dredged through the files of nostalgia and called to light some of the movies that don’t seem to get talked about enough. We refuse to let these cinematic treasures fall from the limelight.

family films

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