Author: Jennifer Jones

Find Your #ThirdPlace at Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores on 24 Jul by Jennifer Jones

Arizona is known for its beautiful landscapes, open space, entertaining cities and, of course, radical weather. Flagstaff during monsoon season can be a conundrum. One minute it’s 80 degrees, the next minute it’s kinda snowing. No seriously, that really happens. Flagstaff also has a winter season that frequently sends residents south to Phoenix and Tucson. Conversely, the weather in Central and Southern Arizona is quite dreamy during the winter but excruciatingly hot in the summertime. Between all of us, we take every opportunity to summer or snowbird within this awesome space that is Arizona. If you can’t get away, I offer this advice for escaping the elements – come hang out with us at Bookmans! What better way to seek relief from the heat or stay out of the rain than to spend time at your local Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. No matter what’s going on outside, Bookmans is the perfect third place – not work or home, but an excellent space to hang. Weather (pun intended) it’s a gallery full of treasure hunting delights, an epic LP search or a cozy reading chair for story time, each of our stores has its own something special to share with you. We’ve even compiled a list for your perusal. Check it out!

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Adventures in Listening | Summer Roadtrip

Posted in Merchandise, Musical Notes on 11 Jul by Jennifer Jones

Summer is here and ’tis the season…for road trips! Arizona is just the spot to explore historic landmarks, scenic views, hidden ghost towns and majestic sunsets. Whether you’re taking a day trip or driving a week on an iconic highway, Bookmans has your road trip music supply covered. Our CD collections are a well-curated songfest of travel music memories. No road trip is complete without the perfect playlist, so the first stop on said journey should definitely be Bookmans. We are the place to pick up music that will complete your traveling soundtrack. Check out the following selections, then get out of town and explore the outdoors with righteous tunes. Be sure to stop in to one of our locations along the way, conveniently located all around Arizona. Today, we are highlighting a few tunes to add to your list (if you haven’t already.)

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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores on 06 Jul by Jennifer Jones

Once upon a time, 20 years ago to be exact, a book was released into stores that would change the world of fiction as we know it. Readers’ patience would be challenged like never before. Obsessions would be ignited over the book release dates, who might die next, who would fall in love, and what cape should be worn to book club. Best friendships would dissolve in arguments over which quidditch team was better. Relationships would be tested when one party failed to understand the importance of reading the series multiple times in between viewings of the films in theaters. No, I am not talking about a daytime soap opera or telenovela. I’m describing the phenomenon we now know as Harry Potter. 

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Do You Have Bibliophelia Southwestus?

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 29 Jun by Jennifer Jones

When traveling and adventuring to new places, I always subconsciously bring a reminder of home with me. Always, it is in the form of a favorite book that has been read at least a dozen times and almost always it is by a regional author. I’m sure there is some deep, psychological term for this habit (especially because the books always seem to have a Southwestern flavor to them), but for now I will call it Bibliophelia-Southwestus. I’m pretty sure there is no cure and until there is one, here are a few selections I read while I am on an adventure. You can find most of these titles at your friendly neighborhood Bookmans!

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Six Degrees of Binge Watching Movies

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 15 Jun by Jennifer Jones

Once a month, for movie night, my friends and I like to play a game called “Six Degrees…” An example is “Six Degrees of Marilyn Monroe” or “Six Degrees of Mel Brooks.” The way it works is we choose a movie star and everyone brings a DVD to watch (the cast must include that actor). For the best results, we try to bring some “B” movies or indie films for binge watching. It’s always fun to see how they started out!

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