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Bookmans Recommends: Classic Rock Road Trip

Posted in Musical Notes on 17 Mar by Katy Spratt

It’s almost springtime in Arizona! The weather is beautiful outside and we’re jonesin’ to get out and enjoy the open road. From the San Francisco Peaks to Saguaro National Park, Arizona has quite a few fabulous road trip routes. No road trip is complete without the perfect playlist, so the first stop on said journey should definitely be Bookmans. We are the place to pick up music that will complete your traveling soundtrack. With so many genres from which to choose, we’re counting down ten of the (arguably) most sing-alongable classic rock albums in history. Check out our picks from rock legends, stop by your local Bookmans, then get out of town and explore the outdoors with righteous tunes.

road trip

Bob Dylan • Highway 61 Revisited
“Like A Rolling Stone” is the most classic track on this album and the premier of Bob Dylan’s crossover into electric guitar. Tongue twisting lyrics and masterful musicianship make this album a staple of rock & roll.

Jimi Hendrix • Are You Experienced?
The debut album from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, this masterpiece exhibits some serious guitar skills and dreamy melodic structures. Play this on the way out of town and you’re sure to be inspired.

Van Morrison • Astral Weeks
One of Van Morrison’s greatest albums of all time, Astral Weeks is a dreamy take on folk, blues and soul. In addition to the title track, “Sweet Thing” and “Cypress Avenue” are sure to make your automobile feel more like magicmobile.

Led Zeppelin • Led Zeppelin II
Rockers so unique, they are impossible to ignore. Theatrical lead vocalist, Robert Plant is one of the most groundbreaking performers of his era. This album is right on for hitting the road.

The Beatles • Rubber Soul
Our top pick is from one the greatest bands of all time in the galaxy ever. We like to imagine that sums up what it would be like to spend a couple of days with John and Paul. It’s a perfect choice for getting up early and exploring new surroundings.

Wherever your travels take you, stop by and refuel your music collection at Bookmans. While you’re here, take part in the free and fun events year-round. We’re always happy to help if you’d like a recommendation, directions to the awesome vinyl section or rad conversation. See you this Spring at Bookmans!

Celebrate All Things Art at Bookmans this March

Posted in In Our Stores on 01 Mar by Katy Spratt

When creativity strikes, Bookmans is the place to capture inspiration! March is “All Things Art” month, the perfect time for getting out of the house and discovering what creative hijinks abound at Bookmans. Whether you prefer crafty projects, performing arts, music, drama or writing, we shall be hosting events for all. Stop by your local Bookmans to take part in fun and free activities for all ages. Each store hosts festivals, fairs and workshops sure to add moxie to your March. From local artist extravaganzas to Beauty and the Beast soirees, our event calendar is full of imagination.

all things art
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Love of Reading: Home to Harlem | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog on 27 Feb by Katy Spratt

February is Love of Reading Month and Black History Month, so naturally, with two more days we are celebrating the great American writers of the Harlem Renaissance. These poets and authors revolutionized literature and paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement. Beginning in the 1920s, The Harlem Renaissance was an era of expression and voicing of African-American cultural experiences. Writers, artists and performers spanned the Northeast and Midwest United States – expanding even to Paris, France. At the heart of the movement was New York’s own Harlem. We’re highlighting just a few of the brilliant writers who made American literature a world-class artform.

love of reading
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Love of Reading: Ladies of Literature | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog on 10 Feb by Katy Spratt

February is Love of Reading Month and we’re counting down our top five heroines in literature. These loveable yet powerful characters play an important role in challenging the minds of countless readers and that is in itself is a timeless story. Not only do these characters represent life, love and coming of age, they show the world through the eyes of a young lady. How is it possible to so accurately capture the essence and adventure of growing up as a girl? These protagonists are written by some of the most ground-breaking authors of all time, who are also women.

A Wrinkle in Time Graphic Novel, adapted & illustrated by Hope Larson.
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Ticket Tuesday Giveaway – Arizona Renaissance Festival

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 07 Feb by Katy Spratt


Hear ye, hear ye, gallant knights and fair maidens! Pirates and peasants converge on the magical anachronism of Arizona Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace in effect now through April 2nd, 2017. Full of whimsical and delightful surprises, it’s an experience that can’t be matched in this century. The Arizona Renaissance Festival is a medieval amusement park, a 13-stage theatre, a 30-acre circus, an arts and crafts faire, a jousting tournament and a feast all rolled into one non-stop, day-long, family adventure. The festival is one of the most interactive entertainment shows ever created with wonderful amusements and antics. Enjoy non-stop entertainment including comedy, music and dancing. Sit back and relax or become a part of the action as you are surrounded by over 2,000 costumed characters roaming the festival village. This Ticket Tuesday, we give away passes for the amazing Arizona Renaissance Festival.

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Winner Wednesday Giveaway – Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Tour | Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 01 Feb by Katy Spratt

***Contest Closed***

Calling all those with musical inclinations! Ariana Grande is coming to Phoenix with her Dangerous Woman Tour and it’s not to be missed. Ariana Grande has accomplished great musical feats in her 23 years. As (literally) one of the strongest voices of her generation, she has become a leading lady of song. Experience her incredible talent at Talking Stick Resort Arena on Thursday, February 2nd at 7:30 p.m. From her pop debut, “Yours Truly” to her hit single, “The Way,” you will be singing along all night. Tickets start at $45, but not to worry. This Winner Wednesday we give away two tickets for a night on the town with Ariana Grande.

ariana grande
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Sensational Seussabrations Set Seuss On the Leuss | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog, Core Values, In Our Stores on 27 Jan by Katy Spratt

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. –Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

As part of our Love of Reading celebration, Bookmans locations across Arizona host parties, or Seussabrations to be exact, to commemorate lyrical wordsmith Theodore Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss. Come have a blast with fun activities, story times and art projects as we set Seuss on the leuss. In joy and mirth we shall immerse as we honor this master of meter and verse!

Sensational Seussabrations at Every Bookmans
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#TreatYoSelf for #LoveOfReading Month | Bookmans

Posted in Community Events on 23 Jan by Katy Spratt

It’s the perfect time of year to recharge and really focus on that certain special someone – YOU! Get away from the everyday grind and try a new adventure close to home. Who says luxury has to be expensive and time consuming? Delve into relaxing activities, revel in local retreats, and live it up like a real-life royal. This month, we encourage you to explore the Valley of the Sun’s best rejuvenating hidden gems. We’re counting down the top five local ways to #TreatYoSelf for #LoveOfReading month!


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Bookmans Celebrates YOU in Jan-YOU-Ary!

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Jan by Katy Spratt

The holidays may be over, but a brand new year is just beginning! Discover all the potential and possibility of 2017 at your local Bookmans. This is the perfect time to set ambitious resolutions, try unfamiliar things and reevaluate lofty goals. But remember to put that special someone first – YOU! We celebrate Jan-YOU-Ary all month long at Bookmans with rejuvenating events and activities. Each store hosts free and fun ways to put the spark back in your winter. From crafty vision boards to wellness fairs to ultimate prize giveaways, our Event Calendar has something for everyone. This Jan-YOU-ary, tend to yourself and watch what blossoms!

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Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for BFFs | In Stock at Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 22 Dec by Katy Spratt

It’s holiday gift go-time! If you’re like us, you probably have a lot of cool, smart, quirky and intriguing friends. These folks are a blast to hang out with. They’re full of stimulating conversation and quick with a witty quip. But with great uncommonality comes great gift responsibility. It’s not always easy to find the perfect present for our most fascinating pals, much less our Best Friends Forever. Bookmans is here to help! We understand all those with varied interests and a lust for life. Take a look at the following BFF gift guide and then stop by your local Bookmans to peruse our selection. You’re sure to find the most unique treasures in town.


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Month of Merriment #Mixtape | Bookmans

Posted in Musical Notes on 21 Dec by Katy Spratt

It’s the Month of Merriment – that time of year when the temperature drops and holiday cheer multiplies! Families and friends gather together, delicious treats are ubiquitous and celebratory songs are in the air. Music can really set the mood for any holiday party or long commute to work. Don’t miss your chance to make the most of the hap-happiest season of all! Grab your iPod, smartphone, CD player or turntable, because we’re counting down the top five merry tunes for any occasion with our Month of Merriment #Mixtape.

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Gift #LocalLove This Season! | Local Gift Ideas From Bookmans

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores on 16 Dec by Katy Spratt

This time of year is perfect for being thankful for friends, family and Arizona weather. We like to remember the best parts about being an Arizonan by throwing shout outs to the local organizations that make our communities unique. This holiday season, take advantage of these unique ways to shop local and give local to those on your gift list. You might meet new friends, discover a favorite hangout or find that perfect holiday gift!

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Bookmans’ Guide to Glorious Gifts

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Dec by Katy Spratt

The holidays are fast approaching, and it can sometimes be a challenge to find thoughtful and affordable gifts for the diverse people in our lives. Dads, sisters, friends, aunts, coworkers, brothers, moms and significant others all deserve different yet tailored-to-their-personality presents. Where can one find such a trove of magnificent offerings all in one place, you might ask? Why, your own neighborhood Bookmans has something unique for everyone. We count down our Glorious Gifts for 2016, sure to impress even the most discerning of recipients. Take a look at these selections and then make a beeline for the Bookmans location near you!

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Santa Claus Comes to Bookmans!

Posted in In Our Stores on 30 Nov by Katy Spratt

Santa Claus is coming to town! He’s making a list and checking it twice. Every Bookmans is on Santa’s itinerary this December so be sure to get in on all the merriment. Each store hosts a day of holiday cheer, photos with St. Nick and jolly activities. Whether your home is Northern, Central or Southern Arizona, those eight tiny reindeer head to a town near you. Check out our Events Calendar for all the Month of Merriment festivities!

Santa Claus
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Ticket Tuesday Giveaway: O.A.R. with Blue October & Wrabel | Bookmans

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, Musical Notes on 29 Nov by Katy Spratt

***Contest Closed***

It’s the holiday season and music is in the air! Jam-band music, to be exact. Celebrate the upcoming Month of Merriment with free tickets to see O.A.R. live with Blue October and Wrabel as part of the 96.9 Merry MixMas at LiveWire in Scottsdale. After 20 years together, O.A.R. is once again hitting the road for a tour to promote their latest album, XX. Don’t miss the chance to see these indie rockers in concert on Saturday, December 3rd. Tickets start at $68, but not to worry. This Ticket Tuesday we give away two tickets for a night on the town with O.A.R., Blue October and Wrabel!

ticket tuesday
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A Wonderland of Local Love at Bookmans this November

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 01 Nov by Katy Spratt

Autumn has arrived in Arizona! Aspen leaves up north change from green to fiery golds and oranges. The saguaro and agave enjoy chilly temperatures (of 85 degrees) in southern climes of the state. Though our diversity shines from Ponderosa Pine country to the Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona’s awesome local businesses are a common thread. This November, Bookmans celebrates homegrown Arizona commerce and community. Statewide non-profit organization, Local First AZ shows that just a 10% shift from corporate chains to locally-owned businesses creates millions in economic activity, adds hundreds of new jobs and provides higher wages for workers in our communities. Even better, don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen your local-vore knowledge while you shop! Join Bookmans this month for a veritable cornucopia of fun and local events. Each store hosts free activities to inspire awareness of Arizona non-profits, shops, restaurants and other businesses. Stop by every location for local-themed events that help make our neighborhood better. From the Certified Local Fall Festival to local business fairs, discover what treasures exist in our Grand Canyon State.

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Ticket Tuesday – Jared & The Mill

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, Musical Notes on 13 Sep by Katy Spratt

**Contest Closed***

Celebrate the release of a new album by hometown heroes, Jared & The Mill with free tickets to see this Americana outfit live! Jared & The Mill released the Orme Dugas EP on September 9th along with dates to their three-month national tour. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Jared & The Mill got their start in the summer of 2011 as a fun way to hang out with friends, play music and have a good time. Little did they know that they would soon become a fixture in the local scene, playing with other up-and-coming bands throughout Arizona. After three years of touring, Jared & The Mill is now playing along side legendary acts and some of their most admired musicians. Catch these roots rockers while you still can! This Ticket Tuesday, we give away two tickets to see Jared & The Mill on September 17th at Livewire in Scottsdale with a melange of local Arizona bands.

Jared & The Mill

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Celebrate #ArrestedReading at Bookmans

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 01 Sep by Katy Spratt

Bookmans promotes avant-garde expression all year around, but September holds a special place in the hearts of rebellious readers. In conjunction with Banned Books Week, we focus on the freedom to read, watch, play and listen to whatever media we want. This month, each Bookmans location hosts free events as homages to our favorite banned books, movies, music and video games. Stop by your fave store to snap a #BannedBookMugshot with your book of choice. Liberate literature from the #ArrestedReading displays at each of our locations. At Bookmans, we encourage the right to speak up and speak out. Discovery, knowledge and enlightenment are never crimes. We want you to help us keep it that way.

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Meet Tom Leveen! Local Storyteller & Author

Posted in In Our Stores on 29 Aug by Katy Spratt

An exciting new Story Time is coming to Bookmans Phoenix. Accomplished local author and storyteller, Tom Leveen will be joining us on Tuesday mornings at 10am starting on September 6th for a brand new program called Music & Movement. Bookmans is partnering with Tom and the Phoenix Public Library through a grant by First Things First to extend love of reading to our local community. Tom comes to us with many years of experience in promoting children’s literacy, writing, storytelling and community involvement. We are delighted for the opportunity to work with him!

Tom Leveen
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Ticket Tuesday Giveaway: Poncho Sanchez at the MIM

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, Musical Notes on 23 Aug by Katy Spratt

***Contest Closed***

It’s Ticket Tuesday yet again! Get ready for a soul-touching, musical masterpiece: Poncho Sanchez.

The Los Angeles Times stated, “As Elvis is to rock and James Brown is to soul, Poncho Sanchez is to salsa.” A living legend, percussionist Poncho Sanchez illuminates conga rhythms by expertly blending African beats with Caribbean sounds and a little homegrown California soul. Elements of Latin jazz, swing and be-bop come together with the patented Poncho panache to create a show like no other. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience such a unique and mesmerizing concert! This Ticket Tuesday, we’re giving away two tickets to see Poncho Sanchez live at the Musical Instrument Museum!

Ticket Tuesday
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