Author: Kristina Macholtz

Finding Your Moment(s) of Zen

Posted in Community Events, Uncategorized on 14 Oct by Kristina Macholtz

Much to our chagrin, the month of October is not all about Halloween, horror, and the macabre. October is also about looking inward toward one’s self and finding new ways to handle and express your feelings in a positive way. That’s right, October is National Emotional Wellness month! But how does one focus themselves on being emotionally well? We here at Bookmans want to encourage you in your journey toward enlightenment. Here are some of the way you can fill your emotional cup.

Portrait of a happy young girl with bright makeup over violet background, listening to music with headphones

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4 Ways to Fight Censorship All Year Round

Posted in Bookie Blog, Core Values, In Our Stores on 30 Sep by Kristina Macholtz

Throughout the month of September, Bookmans fought the good fight against banned books and censorship! You might have participated in one of our Banned Book events or even bought one of those mysteriously wrapped books at our stores from our Blind Date with a Banned Book displays. Just because September comes to an end, our rebellion against censorship does not have to. Here are some ways to celebrate resisting censorship all year round.


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