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How to Adopt a Shelter Dog in AZ

Posted in Core Values on 04 Oct by Lori W

October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Did you know that approximately 6.5 million animals enter U.S. animal shelters every year? Did you also know that Arizona has the highest rate of euthanasia in the entire country? Bookmans encourage you to adopt instead of shop for your next family member. Here are some tips to find your dog in Arizona.

Homeless dog behind bars in an animal shelter

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8 Monumental Moments from 1994

Posted in Musical Notes, Reel Chat on 20 Sep by Lori W

Let me set the stage for this one. Coveralls, layers, and scrunchies are in style. So are flannel shirts, sunflowers, and silk pajamas. Those are just a few of the choice wardrobe selections from the early 90s. I recently saw Weezer again (for the millionth time since my teen years), and it caused some nostalgia for the pop-culture of my youth. For me, those feelings coalesce in 1994, the year I started high school.  Here are 8 great moments of 1994 that are cemented in history forever.

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