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Buy, Sell, Trade with Bookmans this Holiday

Posted in In Our Stores on 03 Nov by

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We need to fill our shelves this holiday season and you need to line your pocket, so let’s make a deal. We’ve assembled a list of goodies we’re seeking at each Bookmans location. As you prepare for the holiday season put a box by your front door and fill it with the items from this list to trade in at your favorite Bookmans store. Let’s Buy, Sell, Trade!

Bookmans Flagstaff wants your next generation systems like PS3s and X-Box 360s. They are looking for video games that are blockbusters or top sellers. Bring in your tchotchkes and housewares so we can take a look at them too. We are also looking for musical instruments and the latest books and movies.

Bookmans Mesa is looking for electronics including iPod and related accessories, video game consoles and hardware, flat screen televisions and laptops/computers and digital cameras. We are looking for Blu Rays and new releases. Vintage or retro jewelry and toys do well at our trade counter. Desirable toys include Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, Star Wars or Transformers figurines, HeMan and Barbie. Toys do best when they come in their boxes. Bookmans Mesa is a crafty store so bring in your craft items. As always, we are looking for current bestsellers, classics, teen fiction and sci fi/fantasy books.

Bookmans Phoenix is seeking video game systems and hardware, both new generation and old school. New gen games and harder to find classic games sell well for us, too. We also want your iPods, tablets and digital cameras. Blu Rays and TV box sets are always smiled upon, as are packaged toys, particularly Star Wars and Barbie. We can always use current and bestseller fiction and nonfiction and musical instruments are always welcome.

Bookmans Speedway wants your vintage, unusual and silver jewelry, vintage cookware and kitchen goods, and world ethnic masks, vases and knickknacks. Toys in boxes, especially Star Wars, do well this time of year. Bring in your Blu Rays and Karaoke CDs. We want your documentaries, special interest and box set DVDs. If you’re a crafter looking to rid yourself of hobby magazines, bring them in. We like to see tattoo and bridal magazines as well as High Times. In fiction, Bookmans Speedway wants paranormal and urban fantasy, classics, graphic novels and sci fi/fantasy. In nonfiction, they are looking for crafting books, tarot decks, local interest, and GED/Asvab study guides. In children’s books they are looking for Newberry and Caldecott winners.

Bookmans Ina wants limited edition or collectible toys in the package, newer generation iPods, special edition or high-end board games, Blu Ray and regular DVD box sets. They also would like to see new video games, classic consoles, and unique housewares.

Bookmans Grant seeks funky, modern jewelry and unique, quirky housewares. They need recently published books. Board games, musical instruments are also welcome at our trade counter.

Keep in mind that we can’t make offers over the phone. We want to see you in person! Additionally our needs and stock change daily. While we want these items this week, our list may change in the following weeks. Feel free to drop by anytime to check the boards for specific suggestions about what we hope to see or surprise us with the treasure you have that will delight us.

115 Responses to “Buy, Sell, Trade with Bookmans this Holiday”

  1. steve says:

    What is your “average” price that you will pay for “super clean” used LP’s, CD’s, Music/concert DVD’s and hardback books? I have A LOT and need to down size! Thanking you in advance!

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      I don’t know that we have an average price since there are so many variables beyond condition. These would include what our customers are asking for, which varies by store and over time. It also includes whether or not we have copies and how many of those copies we already have. We also consider how rare an item is. There was a time we could make an offer based on sticker price, but that no longer holds true.

      It’s our policy to provide quotes at our deal counter in stores rather than online or over the phone. Having said that, please call our stores to get an idea of what a particular store is looking for (each store reflects the needs and offerings of the community where it’s situated). Keep in mind if you don’t like what we offer on a particular day in a particular store, that the offer is no reflection on your items. Bring them to another store or on a different day and the deal is likely to change. Finally, what we offer in trade will always be higher than what we can offer in cash. Trade never expires and can be used at any store including Bookmans Sports.

  2. wally denman says:

    looking for old ps3 vedio games.18 wheels of steal,bigrig europe,bus driver.thank you

  3. Angelica says:

    Have a lot of VHS tapes, Xbox games, board games, and some kid books. Can I get store credit for those? What’s the exchange?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Generally speaking, yes. We’re looking for all those items. It’s our policy to provide quotes at our deal counter in stores rather than online or over the phone. You can call our stores to get an idea of what a particular store is looking for (each store reflects the needs and offerings of the community where it’s situated). Keep in mind if you don’t like what we offer on a particular day in a particular store, bring them to another store or on a different day and the deal is likely to change.

  4. Loran Hancock says:

    I have a large number of audio books, both CD and MP3. Can I bring in a box of books and leave them for review or do I need to stay and wait for the review?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      You can leave them, but must retrieve them before we close. We don’t keep deals overnight. It might be a good idea to let the trade counter know your plans.

  5. rob says:

    i have around 30 dvds and they kinda older but in good shape i was just wanting to no if you buy them and how much u give for them if you need a list of them i can give you that before coming in

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      It’s our policy to provide quotes only through our trade counter. We can’t tell you what we can take or for how much until we see the items you bring in. Each store looks for titles that appeal to their customer base and makes offers based on a number of variables (like condition and our back stock). These variables not only change by store, but vary over time as well. We advise people to bring their items into different stores and different weeks for that reason. You can call the stores to ask what titles we’re specifically looking for to get an idea, but even that is no guarantee.

      One last note: Don’t discount the potential of you older titles. Sometimes those are the ones that are harder to find and so demand can build up for them.

  6. Paul A says:

    Do you sell crash bandicoot games the old ones ? Like 1 , 2 , and warped ? Thnxs’ !

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Thanks for the question, Paul. We carry everything we can sell. To learn what a particular store has in stock, you’ll have to call the store directly. The stock changes daily and even hourly, but if they have Crash Bandicoot games, you can request a hold so it’s there when you arrive.

  7. Daniel says:

    Where’s the closest store from surprise AZ?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      You can take the 60 to Northern (head east) where our Bookmans Phoenix location is at the intersection of 19th and Northern. According to Google, it should take you about 34 minutes. Hope this helps!

  8. cathy says:

    i have 4 mib star trek enterprise broken bow commander charles tucker item #85210 by artasylum but driving to bookmans isnt feasible. there is no other way to sell to you than in person

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Our policy is to only make offers over our trade counter. We specifically rule out deals over the phone or online. Having said that, I’ll pass this along to our operations folks in case there is something they can do.

  9. James walters says:

    I have two Fairchild entertainment systems made 1976
    Both work great don’t have original boxes. Mould you be interested enough for me to bring them in for a closer look?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      I’m not sure which store location is closest to you. Each store has different stocking needs that change day by day. You can get a pretty good idea by calling the store. All the contact information is on our stores page. Best!

  10. Grady Henderson says:

    Do you guys except Encyclopedia sets?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      You’ll have to call the stores since we only make offers at our trade counters. Having said that, encyclopedias tend to lose relevancy as time passes and new information is gained. Whereas many houses maintained their encyclopedias in the past, most use the internet to get that information now. Even so, I encourage you to call the stores with the publisher, edition, etc. They will be able to give you a better idea.

  11. Lois vertullo says:

    I have brand new DVD movies of walker Texas ranger 1-6 seasons do you buy them

  12. Lois vertullo says:

    Do you buy movies have season through 1-6 of walker Texas ranger

  13. Jesse says:

    I have some stuff i would like to get rid of for either cash or trade and wanted to see if your stores took these types of items first. I have the old california raisins small figurines, Magic the gathering cards, and old Pewter figurines of dragons, wizards, etc. I also have a couple of cell phones and a router but i figured your stores probably don’t take those but wanted to see just to make sure.

  14. Barbara Duhamell says:

    I have never been in a bookmans but wanting to know if you buy used books fiction in excellant condition. Or, can I trade them in for more books fiction and do you have a good supply of books.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Yes on both counts! We buy used books and we have a good supply of books.

      Our business is set up on the buy, sell, trade philosophy. When you bring your books to us we determine if we can resell them. If they are in good condition, there is a demand for the titles, and we have space on our shelves, we will make an offer. Our offers include a cash amount and a trade amount. Trade credit is always a better value. Our needs vary by store and change daily, so we may not make an offer on a deal one day that we would the next. You can get an idea of what we’re looking for by calling our stores.

      We absolutely have a good supply of books and are more than happy to help you find a specific title. We don’t maintain an electronic database for our inventory, so we suggest you come browse our shelves. We have tons of bookcases and they are all orange! If you can’t find a title you want, our customer service team can call any of the other stores and request a transfer.

  15. Heather says:

    I have several boxes of books. Can I drop them off on my way to work in the morning and then follow up with you in the evening?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      You can, but we don’t recommend it. Anything that is left on our trade counter at closing time gets donated. No exceptions. If you can’t make it back after work, then we will find the books a nice home at a school or library. Also, if our trade counter is full and we need space for a new deal, we move stalled deals out of sight. That means that we aren’t watching them and won’t be responsible for loss or theft of items in that deal. We do want your stuff, so please bring it in, but know that there is risk in leaving it unattended.

  16. Kristy says:

    Hello. I have a bunch of DVD’s to bring in. I know you can’t give quotes without seeing them first, but do you pay cash for items or is it trade only?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Kristy. Anytime we make an offer, we provide a cash amount and a trade amount. The trade amount is always higher and sometimes by more than double what we can offer in cash. You get to choose which offer you prefer. I’m happy to provide any additional information on the process, so please let me know if you have further questions.

  17. haiko says:

    How much can i sell my ipod touch 4gen and what can i trade it for and how do i sell it

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      We only make offers on deals over our trade counter. I can’t speculate online about how much we would offer for your iPod Touch. The only way to know for sure is to bring it in to your nearest Bookmans. When you walk in, you will see a long counter. Usually there will be boxes and the sort of dividers you see at the cash register at the grocery store. All you do is place your items on the counter. One of our people will give you an estimate on how long it will take to evaluate the deal. When you return we will let you know if we can make an offer. If we can, then one offer will be for trade and the other for cash. Trade will always be the better value. You can decide if you like the offer or not. Decisions about what we can use and what we can offer vary over time and by location, so please feel free to try a trade a second time if things don’t go the way you wanted the first time around.

  18. bob says:

    I LOVE YOUR STOR and want to buy gat for a good price 15 to 30 dollars I wanted you to keep one safe for me 😛

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi, Bob. Thanks for the comment. We can’t guarantee merchandise since things come and go so quickly, but please give us a call if you suspect we have Gat. We can put it on hold for you for 7 days. Here’s the contact information for all our store locations:

  19. Steph says:

    Do you guys buy picture frames?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Step! Yeah, sure. Sometimes we do make offers on frames. It depends on what we have in store, the needs of our visual merchandiser and so forth. If you want a little more assurance before you schlep them in, give us a call. Each store can tell you what they are looking for on a given day (and that changes frequently, so call back after a week or so). Thanks for asking.

  20. Bugs E Bunie says:

    I just love it, when it’s a “stay indoors” kind of day and you’ve got a spellbinding book open and you’re lost in world of excitement, thought and reflection.

  21. Sheri says:

    Hi, I have a large assortment of VHS tapes, alot of kids movies, Disney, Pixar, Speilberg. They are older movies. Will you accept these for trade?

  22. Awana Brown says:

    I’m looking for a wii game sytem and a xbox game sytem also. Do carry any?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      We do typically have those on hand, but we don’t guarantee stock so you should call the store you head out. All the stores’ contact information can be found here.

  23. beverly says:

    I have a skateboard and wanted to know if you buy them

  24. Destiny Hernandez says:

    whats the average price to sell the Twilight saga books? for New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Destiny, thanks for commenting. The market for books varies by store and over time, so coming up with an average would be tricky. We don’t give quotes over the phone or online, but you can call any Bookmans location to see if we have room on our shelves for more Twilight books or if to request a book look to check our shelves for the series to save you a trip to the store.

  25. allie says:

    Do you buy high school or college textbooks?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Yes, we absolutely do. We’re working on building the textbook trade page with more information, but generally you will bring your textbooks to any of our entertainment exchanges just as you would with any deal you offer us. Our offers are based on what our distributor wants and if we can take your book we can generally give you a solid cash deal and an even better trade credit deal. Textbook buyback with Bookmans will amp up around December 1. Please call us if you need any additional information.

  26. Shayla Pelton says:

    I have a large collection of DVDs that I purchased from Blockbusters used section, but of course the cases are covered in their stickers. Are these something you guys would be interested in?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      With DVDs our primary concern is title. Is this something rare, not available in other formats, in demand, etc.? Condition is also a consideration, but we can sometimes fix condition. More to the point of your question, we are much more concerned about the condition of the disc than the case. Having said that, a little rubbing alcohol will clean those cases of their stickers.

      On Edit: Having said that, many Blockbuster videos lack special features. This goes back to the rare/available in other formats/in demand point, if your videos lack these special features, then they might not get as favorable a look.

  27. Monique Yslas says:

    So you do take cds right I have alot that I know longer use.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      We do make offers on CDs. They should be new/popular, in demand, or rare titles and the disc/jewel case should be in good condition.

  28. martin munoz says:

    i want ultimate marvel vs capcom for christmas

  29. martin munoz says:

    i also want a wii u for christmas

  30. sheryl says:

    I’m looking for Nintendo NES Games do you guys carry them?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Yes, Sheryl, we do carry NES games. We don’t keep an electronic inventory, so the best way to find out if we have a particular game, please give us a call and we will check our shelves for you. The contact information for each store can be found on our Stores Page. Thanks for thinking of us.

  31. aishah says:

    hi everyone i have some old VHS tapes and will like to sell all of them in exchange for money i also have a lot of kids books they are taking up a lot of space and i will like to sell them

  32. aishah says:

    hey again i also have some old ps2 games all of them are in really good shape we just dont use them anymore because we have a ps3

  33. Angie says:

    I have a TON of cd’s that are all in giant storage leather cases. Wondering if you will take cd’s without their original cases?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Angie, Sounds like you’re a music lover like us. Whether or not we can offer a deal on CDs (with or without cases) depends on the store. Each store has a different threshold. The best way to contact the stores is to give them a call. The contact information for all our stores can be found on our Stores Page.

  34. Daniel says:

    Wow if one more idiot asks ” how much can I get formy 8track collection my Betamax collection. Hay moron read previous comments if you want to know how much you will get take your lazy ass in the store to find out

  35. Tom jorgensen says:

    I was wondering if I could get a quote on a walking dead limited edition zombie skull. I have the original box and blue ray DVDs are unopened .

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Tom, if you only knew how many water cooler chats we’ve had about Walking Dead!

      Company policy doesn’t allow us to speculate deals online or over the phone. All our offers are made over the counter, in store. You can contact your nearest Bookmans location to see if they have shelf space for your WD deal, which could save you a trip. Whether or not we can make an offer on your skull and blu-rays depends on the store. Each store has a different threshold. The best way to contact the stores is to give them a call. The contact information for all our stores can be found on our Stores Page. Thanks for thinking of Bookmans and I hope we can make a trade.

  36. Tom jorgensen says:

    Sorry complete second season blue ray

  37. Mario says:

    I’m 17 can I trade my stuff with just my Id or do I need to be 18?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Mario, Glad to hear you’re already a savvy trader who works out possible kinks before hand. Any transaction involving an item with a serial number and all cash deals require identification, but you do not have to be 18 years old. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Gook luck with your trade!

  38. yaritza says:

    I have three tablets one in perfect condition, just has a crack another is broken from the charging part, and the other has problems with charging but is also in good condition.

    Can you guys buy them off?..

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Company policy doesn’t allow us to speculate deals online or over the phone. All our offers are made over the counter, in store. You can contact your nearest Bookmans location to see if they have have a need for your tablets, which could save you a trip. Whether or not we can make an offer depends on the store (do we have the space, the ability to repair, a buyer, etc.?). Each store has a different threshold.

      Don’t be discouraged if we are unable to take them. A number of other places can offer cash for tablets, even when they are broken. They can also recycle tablets so that disposal has a minimal impact on the environment. I don’t have personal experience with these companies, so you may have to do some research to find one you like.

      Thanks for thinking of Bookmans and I hope we can make a trade on your tablets.

  39. Austin says:

    Does bookmans buy gameinformer magazines?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      We buy all kinds of magazines. Each store looks for different titles, so you may save yourself a trip by calling the store directly. All the store contact information can be found on our Stores Page.

  40. William Temple says:

    How much can I get for an xbox 360 used but great condition slim with 230gb with all the wires approximately?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Company policy doesn’t allow us to speculate deals online or over the phone. All our offers are made over the counter, in store. You can contact your nearest Bookmans location to see if they have shelf space for your Xbox deal, which could save you a trip. Whether or not we can make an offer and how much that offer will be depends on the store. Each store has a different threshold. The best way to contact the stores is to give them a call. The contact information for all our stores can be found on our Stores Page. Thanks for thinking of Bookmans and I hope we can make a trade.

  41. Dave virden says:

    why don’t you have movies and books for looking up online?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Dave, We get this question all the time and the best answer we have is that we see ourselves as your Third Place. We want you to come and hang out with us. We are not an online retailer and even if we were, we’d probably still want to see your face at Bookmans. At the same time, we want to be accommodating, so we will check our shelves for you if you give any of our stores a call. If you aren’t the phone type, you can always shoot your favorite Bookmans location an e-mail and request that we check our shelves. Contact information (both telephone and e-mail) is located on our Stores Page.

  42. BrendaBenton says:

    I have five bags vhs movies how do sent them by mail i dont live in your state.?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Our policy is to make all deals in person, so we can’t accept your offer via the mail. Best of luck finding a local home for your VHS tapes.

  43. BrendaBenton says:

    I have five bags vhs movies most of them are brand new. How do i get to you i dont live in your state.?

  44. nick says:

    I have some somewhat valuable musical instruments I’m looking to sell- I usually see things that are more “student models”- is bookmans interested in higher dollar instruments?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Since each store looks for different items for trade, the only way to know what a store needs is to contact the store directly. You can give them a call to get general information, but the only way we make offers is over our trade counter. Having said that, we do look for musical instruments across the board. You may be seeing entry level instruments because that is what is most readily available, but we definitely buy and sell higher end instruments as well.

      • nick says:

        Thank you- I got a very fair deal (better than pawn shops or music stores) at the Bookmans on Grant! Will definitely recommend people giving you guys a shot when they are looking to sell stuff.

  45. John Ritchie says:

    Hello. Are you guys looking for a classic console like the Nintendo Wii?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Generally speaking, we do buy classic gaming consoles and we do buy Wiis. We only make deals in person, so to know if a particular store can make an offer on your Wii and how much that offer would be, you’d have to let us evaluate that in our stores. If you’d like to see if a particular store is actively seeking Nintendo Wiis, give them a call.

  46. ismael grajeda says:

    What would be the average store credit I would get if I brought my ol gamecube system with some games and game accessories.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Ismael, I wish I could tell you what the average store credit would be, but there isn’t an average. There are too many factors at play. The only way to get an estimate is to meet in person at our trade counter. Our offers vary by store and over time. The condition of the Gamecube and the games and accessories would have to be assessed and, because we are so community dependent, the demand is different at each store. Having said that, video games and gaming systems tend to do well for us, so please give us a call to check on our current stocking needs and take a long view on trading success. If we can’t make you the offer you want now, we may be able to do so next month.

  47. Brandon oorloff says:

    I have a limited edition Star Wars PSP I want to trade in, great working condition. QUOTE?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hello Brandon, It sounds like you have a treasure. We make our offers in person, over our trade counter. There are too many variables for us to account for that makes it difficult to speculate online or over the phone. You can find a store near you on our Stores page. I hope we can make a deal.

  48. Bennie Thomas says:

    My husband have alot of Transformers still in the box. Some is not in the box. They are also Master pieces Transformers and Generations 2013. SO he is trying to find someone or someplace that will buy them.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Bennie, It sounds like your husband has quite a treasure in those Transformers. Rather than having a company-wide purchasing goal, each store stocks their shelves according to their needs at any given time. Give your nearest Bookmans a call to see if they are interested in looking at your Transformers. We only speculate in person, at our trade counter. That means that we can’t say whether or not we will buy them or provide an estimate for an offer online or over the phone. Even so, calling ahead can give you a better indication about if the timing is right for selling. Also note that successful traders take a long view. They wait until the offer is what they like and make return visits. I hope you can find a good home for those Transformers and it would be nice if that is with Bookmans.

  49. lisa alexander says:

    I ordered a book for my husband it is a series, I ordered book 5 of the series and received book 3. I’m returning the book and would like the original book that was ordered sent. I have sent a couple of emails but the server says they are not deliverable. Thank you, Lisa

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Lisa, Did you order the book from an affiliate like Amazon, Alibris or Abe? If so, the address you are looking for is (that’s still Bookmans, even though it’s a funny address). With the monsoon storms, our servers have been knocked out. Since you aren’t having luck e-mailing, I will send your contact information over, but I want to make sure I get the right information to the right place.

  50. Martez fisher says:

    I have a lot of vhs tapes I want to sell 1 dollar for each working tape

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Martez, Please bring your VHS tapes to our trade counter. If you choose to sell them to us, know that we don’t see all VHS tapes equally. For example, a movie that hasn’t been released in any other format will be more attractive than one that is available in many other formats. Any tapes we’d like to take off your hands will come with two offers. We will make a cash offer and a trade offer. Our trade offers are always higher. We only make offers in person, so find a Bookmans near you.

  51. Tyler says:

    I was just wondering if you guys did trade ins for cell phones at all? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I just wanted to trade it for an LG, HTC, or iPhone.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Tyler, The stores have autonomy with purchasing. Generally speaking, we have purchased phones before. To find out if your nearest location is interested in taking a look, give them a call. All our stores make offers in person, so they won’t be able to tell you over the phone or online if they can take the phone or how much they can give in exchange. You will have to bring the phone in for us to take a look. Good luck trading in your old phone and getting a new one.

  52. Yareli says:

    Do you acept books with the front cover unattached

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Condition is a huge consideration when we determine what we can sell. If a book can’t be sold, then we won’t make an offer on it. However if it’s a rare book or out of print _and_ you have the cover _and_ it can be repaired _and_ we can do that and still sell the book to cover expenses, then we may make an offer.

  53. Brady says:

    What about computer components like processors and graffics cards?

  54. Mark says:

    How much will you take for a cracked ipod 1st generation

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Mark, we make all our offers over the counter in person. We can’t speculate online or over the phone. You can call your nearest Bookmans location ( to see if they are currently looking to buy first generation iPods, cracked or otherwise.

  55. dustin saba says:

    Do you guys buy vintage magazine’s

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Dustin,

      We will buy vintage magazines. We make all our offers in person in our stores over the trade counter. We can’t speculate online or over the phone, so I encourage you to call your nearest Bookmans location ( to see if they are currently looking for the particular magazine titles and issues that you have.

  56. Carlos Trejo says:

    I live in Pontiac, Michigan 48341. Do u have any place where I can enter my ISBN number? Also, do u do free shipping?

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Carlos, We sell online through affiliate programs with Abe, Alibris and Amazon, so if you’re looking to shop with Bookmans we will show up in your searches depending on whether or not we have a certain item available through online purchasing. Our brick and mortar stores do not typically ship items.

  57. Binpri says:

    Can I sell kids story books .. And I have many handmade jewellery can I sell that too?? If so what is the procedure ??

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Binpri, We buy both children’s books and handmade jewelry. We make all our offers in person over our trade counter. When you visit any Bookmans, you’ll see a long counter top, usually covered with boxes. You will place your items on the counter and one of our people will give you a claim card. Depending on how busy the store is, it may take some time to get to your items, so feel free to browse. If we make an offer, we will have one amount in cash and another in trade. Trade is always more. Most of your questions can be answered here:

      If you have any additional questions, call your nearest store directly. The contact information can be found here:

  58. Scott says:

    do you have any call of duty black ops 2.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      There is only one way to know what’s on our shelves — check them. We have an old school inventory system. If you can’t make it to your nearest Bookmans, give them a call or email the stores directly. If you locate a COD Black Ops 2, you can request a transfer and a temporary hold. Contact information for every store can be found on our Stores Page.

  59. philip baxter says:


    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Philip, I’ll forward your message. Someone should be in contact with you soon at the email address you provided in your comment.

  60. Destini Martinez says:

    I have alot of old school hot wheels i was wondering if i would be able to trade them for cash.?

  61. Jeanette says:

    Are you still looking for Barbies at the Mesa and Phoenix locations? I have 2 large boxes of them that I would like to sell as I am reducing my collection. These are not high end dolls, mostly pink box Barbies.

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Hi Jeanette, We will purchase Barbies as our stocking requires, however we cannot speculate on offers online or over the phone. You must bring the boxes in so our buyers can see them in person. You can save yourself a trip by making a call to see if Bookmans Phoenix (602.433.0255) or Bookmans Mesa (480.835.0505) are currently looking for Barbies. There is no way to know over the phone if we can make an offer, but we can tell you if we are fully stocked on Barbies and maybe you should try another day. All the contact information (including e-mail addresses) can be found on our Stores Page.

  62. Victoria says:

    i was looking for the dvd movie of folks or old folks and it took me to your web site. Do you have that movie if so how much and where are you located. Thanks

    • Rebecca Ballenger says:

      Are you looking for the movie Folks!? The only way to know what we have in stock is to physically check the shelves. We can do that for you, but you’ll have to call a store. The contact information for every location is listed on our Stores Page.

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