Author Appearance: Derek Barton

Date & Time
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Bookmans Phoenix

Meet Derek Barton, author of the epic medieval fantasy novel, Consequences Within Chaos. His coming works include In Four Days, a horror short story series and The Bleeding Crown, the sequel to Consequences Within Chaos. Join Derek as he speaks about his work and signs copies of his novels. He will be hosting giveaways of the audiobooks for Consequences Within Chaos and In Four Days.

About The Bleeding Crown:

Abducted by her family’s bitter rivals, spirited Princess Letandra finds herself stranded in a foreign land. Alone but confident a rescue will come at the hands of her brother, King Taihven, she focuses all her energy on surviving the unexpected trials she now faces. But before he can save Letandra, she is captured by the sadistic Ebon Queen of the Quietus Dominion. Now, the princess must risk everything to escape and warn Taihven. War is coming not only for him, but the future of all hangs in the balance.

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