Book Speed Dating

Date & Time
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Bookmans Northwest

We’re not exactly matchmakers at Bookmans, but we like to think that we can match you up with a good book at least! We’re showing our love of books this month and we want you in on it. Find your perfect “book” date at our event!

If you’re wondering exactly what book speed dating means, it’s VERY similar to speed dating, but with books. We will have tables set up of different genres. It will range from mystery, romance, sci-fi, horror, etc. (If there’s a particular category you’d like to see at our event email us at and we’ll be sure to include some books specifically for you!) You can sit down at any table — don’t worry you won’t be there for very long. Examine the books in front of you and decide which one will be your “date” for 5 minutes. Choose wisely because you’re stuck with that book for the whole 5 minutes! Imagine your book was a person. How would it feel if your date decided to drop you after 2 minutes because they saw something better?

Once the 5 minutes are over you can either choose to take your “date” with you to the next table or you can break up with your “date”. For this event you are allowed to have as many dates as you want (although, we don’t recommend taking your dates on other dates in real life). If you decide to throw your date back into the pile, that’s fine! You can keep looking for something better at the next table. We’ll continue this ritual until we get through all the tables. Hopefully by then you will have found your perfect date or dates!

The purpose of this activity is to expose readers to new genres and to not judge a book by its cover. You never know what book will pull at your heartstrings. How many times have you picked a book solely based on its cover or a review you read online? During this event it’s just you and the book.

For your 1st date you will get 10% off and every date after you will receive 5% off.

Don’t worry we’ll go through all the rules again at the event! This event is free unless you decide to purchase a date or two.. or three.

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