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In celebration of Septembers Anti Censorship month, Bookmans East is hosting some of Tucson’s best local authors for a Free Though Fest. Join us from 1:00P.M. to 3:00P.M., Saturday September 16th. Literature is all about expression, ideas and the sharing of reality. The brilliance of a great writer is that they can carry the reader into foreign soil, territories only traversed in the mind. The reader becomes an interloper, an explorer, an omniscient being that careens through landscapes of imagination carried by the whims of our creator – The Author. Bookmans stands firmly in the belief that no one has the right to inhibit your travel. Only you should be able to decide how your passport is stamped. So if you are looking for experience, adventure, education and expansion of the mind, help us support some of Tucson’s finest local authors at our Free Thought Fest. Featured authors include but are not limited to; David Lee Summers, Laura Boles, Beverly Ray, Natalie Wright, Edward Leven, Natasha Cover, Paul Loh, Jessica Feinberg and Steve Sutherland. Meet these terrific talented writers and get your own signed copy of their latest works. To learn more about some of the Old Pueblo’s own, check out the links but be sure to attend for your chance to support freedom of speech and your right to choose what books you read, games you play, movies you watch and music you listen to during Bookmans Anti Censorship month.


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