Live From Bookmans! – Guitar 101 Class

Date & Time
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Bookmans Mesa

Join us at Bookmans for a day celebrating the guitar!

This is an introductory class where we will learn simple chords  The guitar”s roots go way back to 15th-century Malaga in Spain. Its engineering was pioneered by a man, who gave just four strings or ”courses” to his guitar. Thereafter, the instrument went through the Baroque and Classical periods before evolving into the six-stringed, modern-day guitar.

Our guest instructor today is Mesa’s very own Lorin Drexler!. Here is a little about Lorin in  his own words..

“I’ve been a writer and musician for over a decade, and have been teaching music lessons for 10 years. I began journaling at 15, mostly free-writing and poetry. This was my segway into guitar and songwriting. Over the years, piece by piece, I’ve gathered many angles to my myriad profession.

I’ll never forget my first singer/songwriter experience when I was 17. I watched my neighbor play guitar and sing on his porch. That moment changed my life and set me on the road I’m on today. Music and poetry can be transcendent when there is truth and love behind it.”

The event is free and open to the public and all ages.  However there is limited seating, so arrive early to guarantee your seat!  Bring your own guitar or pick one up here at Bookmans’ Musical Instrument Department for a low price and join in!

Stop in today and let’s start Rocking!

2 Responses to “Live From Bookmans! – Guitar 101 Class”

  1. Jeanne Nelson says:

    I love music and would love to learn how to play the guitar. I don’t know what to look for when I buy one or which guitar fits the kind of music I want to play or maybe write. I played when I was a kid– guitar, clarinet, and piano but only read music with the clarinet, the others, were sounds or numbers on fingers. but, I have a interest in learning something new and this is something I’ve always regretted in not finishing learning , but its never too late to learn. Right? I think so! Anyhow could you tell me more about your class and sign me in? Can you help me get the right guitar for my body, -BIG-, left handed, and big hands and willing to learn!!! thank you for your time and consideration jeanne e. nelson

    • Valerie R says:

      Hello Jeanne! We’re excited to learn that you’re starting this new musical journey and happy to show you the guitar ropes at our Guitar 101 class – no sign up needed! Just arrive on time for the event and our instructor will show you what you need to know about chords! If you want to come a bit early or stay after the workshop, our music department personnel are there to help you find the guitar that best fits your style, body, and hands. Our music department is staffed from 9 am until 10 pm daily, so you can come in at any time and consult with them. We’ll see you there!

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