Mario Kart Tournament- Ages 13 and Under

Date & Time
3:00 pm

Bookmans Northwest

Our kids Video Game Challenge is open to everyone ages 13 and under! We will be having an all out brawl, with Mario Kart Double Dash! (Gamecube) Get here early, as the top prize is $50 in store credit! Registration begins at 2pm, and there are only 32 spots available.

3 Responses to “Mario Kart Tournament- Ages 13 and Under”

  1. Alex Boxx-Hampton says:

    For the next Super Smash Bros. competition you should do teams so it would be 2 on 2 and then people wouldn’t go home thinking they just died because a box blew them up, they would still have hope because their partners still in. It would also make the game a lot more exciting because it may come out to 2 v 1 and it come out to be a wild battle.

  2. Mary Wray says:

    Thanks for the feedback! We take in all considerations for our events. I will keep this in mind while planning the next tournament.

  3. Donna says:

    Mario Kart Tournament is on which Nintendo system? We had a great time last month. Thank you!

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