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Join Miss Nikki each week for fun songs, stories and sign language! Build bonding and language skills with little ones, essential elements of early literacy. Learn fun tips on how to make storytime at home even more dynamic. Perfect for children ages 0-5 years with a favorite grown-up.

Local non-profit organization, First Things First believes that literacy is a skill that should be developed before kindergarten. Storytime with Sign incorporates elements from the First Things First mission of sparking a love for reading across Arizona. More from First Things First:

The job of getting children ready for school starts the day they are born! In fact, you can predict reading and comprehension levels in 3rd and 4th grade by the general knowledge, attention and vocabulary in the early years. A child’s environment – and the amount of nurturing and care they get from the adults in their lives – shapes their brain development. If you think of the brain as a human skyscraper, a child’s experiences in the early years are how the foundation is built. We all know what could happen if you build a skyscraper on a weak foundation; the same is true for building brains.

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