Join Kids Club for Great Perks All Year Around

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Hey kiddos, join the club of other young ‘uns taking charge of their Bookmans shopping experience. Buy what you want at prices your parents can’t say no to. Are you 12 and under? This is the club for you! Check out our video that paints a picture of the perks and requirements of joining.

To sign up, head to our Kids Club page at

10 Responses to “Join Kids Club for Great Perks All Year Around”

  1. cindee aubry says:

    would like to join kids club.

  2. Azariah Wilhite says:

    My birthday s April 11

  3. Heather says:

    My birthday is march 5

  4. Fernando D. MCcune says:

    My birthday is on Nov. 15 of 2005

  5. Lisa Ferren says:

    I love free things on my birthday I also love free things. It will be the greatest thing in the world

  6. maylene says:

    I love Bookman’s!!!!

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