Bookmans East has rearranged some of our non-fiction sections to make finding the books you are hunting for easier. Some of those sections include topics that are fundamental to the human experience. No, we aren’t talking about taxes. We aren’t even talking about cooking or home maintenance, at least not cooking in the traditional sense. We are talking about sexuality, relationships, marriage and divorce – the BIG 4. It’s something we all have in common, unless you are a monk, but even then you got here somehow. So yeah, sex is a thing.


The problem is how to write about sex and related topics and not be salacious or too clinical. It’s OK to have fun, it’s also OK or even advisable, to have fun in your relationships. So the question is, how do we talk and write about these topics ? It is important for someone to write about them as many of us are simply not as educated on these taboo subjects as others.

Fortunately, the proverbial ice was broken a few years back when Masters and Johnston opened a dialogue that has continued to today. It’s a vital conversation and hopefully a fun one that brings everyone up to speed on not just sex, the subtleties and the mechanics, but also on relationships, marriage and divorce. Most adults will experience a non-platonic relationship in their lifetime and a few tips certainly couldn’t hurt. So let’s turn to the brave, bold and beautiful books on our (newly re-organized) shelves and have a laugh, learn a thing or two and be our best – in and out of bed.

We begin at what could be dubiously termed “the beginning” with two watershed books by researchers Masters and Johnson who teamed up to study human sexuality. Williams H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson co-wrote Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy after doing extensive clinical research at Washington University in St. Louis and continued their work at the Masters and Johnson Institute, which they founded.  Their work was groundbreaking, not just for the clinical findings, but for the social implications that would come from their work. Much of their research was centered around the nature of female arousal which dispelled many myths that had previously been bedrock in the public mind. As important as the medical findings were, the audacity of such a topic being publicly discussed, and by doctors nonetheless, was profound. It could be argued that these brave and intellectually curious physicians paved the way for much of our modern medical research while lessening our sexual stuffiness. It is true that we can and should continue to explore all areas of human experience, but we certainly would not have had the groundwork, the terminology, and the foundational knowledge had it not been for Masters and Johnson.

From there we go to The Secret Body of Language of Girls from Mal Croft and Matt Windsor. Written by boys? Well, they should know. Croft and Windsor cover all of the hidden signals ladies are sending out. Learn how to decipher the subtle ways we communicate to avoid embarrassing situations in order to find the right date for you. If you don’t read Secret Body Language you might find yourself in the friend zone.

Already in the friend zone? Read How to Get Out of the Friend Zone by The Wing Girls. Learn how to turn your friendship into a healthy relationship. Once you’ve found the one, check out Bedroom Games by Mary Taylor. This books takes you between the sheets and behind closed doors for tips and techniques to make love making more exciting. Everyone wants to do that, right?

If monogamy is your goal, and you’re ready to set the date, we have an entire wedding section with tons of tips and advise on creating your special day. Once you tie the knot, you might discover that marriage is work. Check out How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Patricia Love, Ed.D and Steven Stonsny, Ph.D. to find out why they believe that talking isn’t always the best solution.

Our family, parenting, relationships, sex, weddings and divorce sections are brimming with quality titles. Find out how to manage your relationships and have fun with your partner both in the bed and out if it!