Dear Bookmans Community,

Good news, everyone, Bookmans stores will begin to reopen on Monday, May 18th, 2020! Initially, “opening” will be limited to curbside, door-closed services, but we intend to open our doors once again on June 1st. Though we wish we could just go back to the before times, it cannot be business as usual just yet.

Bookmans is a community. Community means everyone, customers and employees alike. We are looking out for you. Bookmans stores closed on March 17th for the safety of all. We will continue to be just as careful as we reopen our stores in safeguarded phases over the next few weeks and months.

On Monday, May 18th, Bookmans is rolling out three new door-closed, minimum contact curbside services. We can’t wait to feed your need for all things Bookmans, and these curbside services will allow us to fulfill your shopping and trade requests in the safest way possible.

Bookmans is taking strict measures to ensure the health of the employees who you will interact with. For our curbside services this includes employees wearing face masks and gloves, touchless trade drop-off and return, curbside payment options, and a new email request system that gives you a personal Bookmans shopper who will bring your purchases right to your car. For details about our door-closed curbside services and to book your service, visit our appointments page.

While closed, we’ve been preparing to let you back in safely on June 1st. We will continue to offer by-appointment trade services and curbside pickup as well. One of the most important ways to ensure our stores are safe is to limit the number of people in the store. This will let you shop our stores and maintain social distancing. We will also be reducing our store hours to allow for pre and post-sanitization regimens and to give our employees the time and space they need to restock and reorganize our stores safely.

In addition to our deep cleaning methods and hourly workstation cleaning, we have implemented health and safety protocols for our employees. These include establishing social distancing measures within the stores and requiring face masks and other appropriate PPE for all staff members.

We are also requiring that all customers wear a face mask the entire time they are within the store. We ask this of our employees, and we know that Bookmans customers, with their demonstrated commitment to the safety and health of their communities and love of Bookmans stores, will gladly do their part. We are all in this together.

We’ve heard from everyone how much you miss Bookmans. We are committed to reopening your favorite place for you. Our goal is to do that in a way that does not force you to choose between enjoying Bookmans or staying safe.

We miss you all very much and cannot wait to get back to geeking out together. We’ll see you at Bookmans!

– Sean Feeney,
President, Bookmans