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march, 2020

15mar12:00 pm2:00 pmSecond Chance Book Fest at Bookmans Northwest12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Bookmans Entertainment Exchange Northwest, 3733 W. Ina Rd.


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Are you like us and super sad that the Tucson Festival of Books was canceled this weekend? Bookmans is showing our support to local and independent authors this weekend so we hope you’ll join us and author Jessica Feinburg and others this Sunday at noon for a second chance at the festival experience. If you are an author and would like to join us on Sunday please email

Stay tuned for more author announcements.

About Jessica Feinberg:

Jessica Feinberg is a quirky creator who is best known for mixing mundane and magic in her paintings of wildlife, trees, dragons, faeries, clockwork, and strange creatures. She writes and illustrates books including field guides to fantastical creatures, coloring books, and more! She has also created decks of playing cards, oracle decks, and games.

Jessica has successfully funded well over 30 Kickstarter projects and also runs a monthly Patreon. Blending traditional media and magic with new technology, she works in watercolor, digital paint, pencil, ink, and more.

She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with coyotes, faeries, dragons, roadrunners, jackalopes, six crazy cats, and her awesome boyfriend.

About Melissa Koberlein:

Melissa Koberlein is an author and professor in eastern Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband and their two daughters. Her passion for stories comes from an imaginative childhood where every day ended with a book.

She enjoys reading and writing about the spectacular, sci-fi, technology, and romance. She embraces her geekiness and enjoys sharing it with the world. Fireflies, a young adult trilogy, melding romance and light science fiction is a fun and quirky allegory for the future of nanotechnology. She’s also written about virtual reality (Deadlock), space (Raven’s Sphere), and androids (Her newest series, Ashwater). But don’t let the sci-fi elements deter you, there’s lots of humor and heart.

About Angel Allendale:

Angel Allendale builds rockets and revelry in between coaching soccer and mobbing her dirt bike across desert tracks. She skateboards with her Siberian Husky in the Arizona sun between wanderlust travels. Her lived experience with bipolar disorder impassions her to write the beauty and battles of the world around her. She believes in Passion and Compassion to conquer all, having worked across four different continents to crush stigma and confront limitations.

Her space opera “Absolute Series” captures characters who face the perils of their mental demons as much as the perils of their purpose in epic social, political, and military star systems. A tempestuous teenager must build her intrepid team of warriors to face the universe’s expectations while battling against a magical drug that ties a Taster to one of the Deadly Sins. Her team is in constant combat with the Systeme of magicians who create the drug from reaping mortal souls.
About Sallie Cochren:
Sallie is a retired middle school teacher she’s been working on my writing for the last few years. She has six novels and one short story collection published. She writes in a wide variety of genres including fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian fiction. A few of her titles are “Alien Cats: No Place Like Home,” “Check Mate,” and “The Hungry Sea.” Find trailers for all her books and descriptions at When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, watching videos and spending time with her cat.

About Bob Fedor:

Movie Muncher: Capsule Films Reviews by an Iconoclastic Engineer is a collection of short movie reviews I’ve been writing since April 2012. If I counted correctly, then there are discussions of 690 narrative feature films (i.e., “regular” movies); 130 non-fiction feature films (i.e., documentaries); 16 TV shows; and a chapter at the end with 23 of my favorite movie quotes, most, if not all, you might never have heard before. The films I’ve reviewed cover most of the history of motion pictures, with release dates from the 1920s through 2019. Slightly less than two-thirds of the films are from this century and probably better than half are independent or foreign-language movies. But I’m not a total snob—I’ve got some ‘70s drive-in exploitation films in there, also. (Being as bipartisan as possible, I keep my contradictory ideas on politics and religion out of the proceedings in all but seven or eight reviews.) If you truly love movies, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book.

Purchase price is a mere $9.95.

A Chicago-native, moved to Tucson almost two years ago after spending the previous twenty-seven years freezing in Minneapolis. A retired engineer with an undergraduate degree in food engineering from Purdue University, Bob holds two U.S. patents related to his work in the food industry, where he spent thirty-seven years, mostly in research and development. But his heart and first loves have always been the fine and performing arts, film, and literature. Back in Minnesota, he made two short films with a colleague that had public showings in the Twin Cities and has written a feature-length, as yet unproduced, screenplay adapted from Somerset Maugham’s Liza of Lambeth. Movie Muncher: Capsule Film Reviews by an Iconoclastic Engineer is his first (self) published book.

About A.J. Flick:

A.J. Flick is a writer, editor and repurposed journalist. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in journalism. Her byline has appeared in numerous news websites and publications across the country, covering everything from news to sports to entertainment. She covered the case detailed in Toxic Rage, her first book, while reporting for the now-defunct Tucson Citizen newspaper. Since leaving daily journalism, she has been working as an author, freelance journalist, book editor, copywriter, screenwriter and campaign communications director. She grew up in Maryland, the Philippines, Indiana and Arizona and loves living in Tucson.

About Bobbi Trudeau Simpkins:  

I have a degree in Elementary Education and have loved art and writing as long as I can remember. My Children’s book, Flitter, is for an audience of 6-10 yr olds.  It is about a bat that goes on an adventure who is befriended by a bumblebee named Bumbly.  Flitter learns about friendship, courage & the importance of listening to their parents.
About Kathryn Humphrey:
Hector the Loneliest Saguaro is a charming and educational fable that will resonate with readers of all ages. In her first published work, though Hector’s personal journey, you will learn not only life’s lessons but also about the rich desert ecosystem of the Southwest. We learn about loneliness, diversity, acceptance, and ultimately the joy of having someone to love.


(Sunday) 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Bookmans Entertainment Exchange Northwest

3733 W. Ina Rd.

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