Bookmans Entertainment Exchange buys, sells and trades used books, music, movies, video games & musical instruments.
Our 6 stores in Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa & Flagstaff are open 7 days a week from 9am-10pm.


    • Bookmans Grant

      1930 E. Grant Rd.
      Tucson, AZ 85712
      (520) 325-5767
      Manager: General Manager

    • Bookmans Ina

      3733 W. Ina Rd.
      Tucson, AZ 85712
      (520) 579-0303
      Manager: Kaia Pfaffl

    • Bookmans Speedway

      6230 E. Speedway Blvd.
      Tucson, AZ 85712
      (520) 748-9555
      Manager: Mazzy Mazzarelli

    • Bookmans Flagstaff

      1520 S. Riordan Ranch St.
      Flagstaff, AZ ZIP
      (928) 774-0005
      Manager: Kathleen Dudine

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Community Relations


Looking to sell your library, a collection, or an estate? Let us help.

(949) 682-5236

Media Contacts

For members of the media.

Sheila Kressler-Crowley
(520) 881-1744 ext. 2104



If you don’t see the appropriate contact listed above, you can e-mail our corporate offices at

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