Core Values


The promise to always be unique is made to ourselves and to our customers, driving our decisions and actions every day. Whether you call it creativity, innovation, good business or basic wackiness, making Bookmans unique every time is one of the important things that sets us apart.

We believe in respect for individuals and individuality, and we make it our job to interact with and understand others as they are. Bookmans makes purchasing decisions based on honesty and integrity and strive to be fair and truthful at all times. Our inviting spaces and vibe include everything from comfy chairs to interesting conversation because we know that everything we do as a business and as individuals have an impact. Therefore, we are dedicated to being a positive influence on the people we interact with and the communities we serve.

Bookmans speaks out against censorship and promotes freedom of expression at every turn.

We acquire the greatest percentage of our products from our customers. Bookmans’ shelves are stocked by traded products, keeping those items out of landfills and giving them renewed life. This defines us and remains a primary business component.

We believe that Bookmans stores are an integral part of the communities we serve and that each store is a contributor to and reflection of its community.

It is never too early or too late to foster a love of reading, and Bookmans is proud to support the literacy efforts of community-based and national programs.