Project Educate


Educators are the backbone of our community. We know you, as an educator, are spending your own money on class materials. Bookmans is proud to support education in our community, so we want to offer you a 20% discount on all of your purchases from our entertainment exchanges when you sign up for Project: Educate. So spend some on yourself, and take 20% off your purchases… not just classroom material, but anything and everything in our entertainment exchanges. It’s just our way of saying thanks for everything that you do.

Bookmans offers educators currently teaching in the classroom a 20% discount on all entertainment exchange purchases with membership in Project: Educate. We do require proof of current employment to sign up for Project: Educate. Bring your confirmation email, a valid ID and your proof to your nearest Bookmans location after signing up.

You must be a currently employed educator, defined as a teacher, librarian, principal, learning specialist, homeschooler, or substitute teacher. Other school staff, including nurses, secretaries, counselors or advisers, good service staff, transportation staff, custodial staff, Sunday school teachers, and coaches are not eligible.

To receive your Project: Educate card, you need to sign up online at You will receive a confirmation email, which you need to bring to your nearest Bookmans location, along with a valid ID and proof of educator status. As proof, we will accept either a current pay stub (within the last 30 days) from your employer/school district, which states your position (e.g. “teacher”) or a current, signed and dated letter on your school/employer’s letterhead stating that you are currently employed in one of the eligible positions listed above. If you are a homeschooler, you will need to bring a copy of your notarized Affidavit of Intent to Home School.

Project: Educate is more than just a discount. Once you're a Project: Educate member, you'll receive information on our annual School Challenge, store tours for your classes, Educator Appreciation Day, and our "Read 10" program. Check out our video for more information:

Read 10
Encourage your classroom to read, with a little help from Bookmans. For every 10 books each of your students read, we'll give them a free book*. When your students have finished their 10 book reports, have them bring them into their
favorite Bookmans and we'll reward them with a free book for all that hard work. This is a great activity for the whole class! What's the catch? They have to write a short report telling us:

- Their name and age
- The title and author of the book
- Why they liked or disliked the book
- They can even include drawings!

*Some terms and restrictions may apply.

For more information on what Bookmans can do for you and your classroom, contact

  • School

  • Educator

  • Mailing Address

If you do not receive a confirmation email up to two days after signing up for Project: Educate, including checking your spam/junk mail, please email with your name and the date you signed up for assistance.