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We’re Already Pining for Next Year’s Pickin’ in the Pines

Posted in Community Events, Musical Notes on 17 Sep by

Every year in early September, music fans in our little mountain town gather to celebrate all things bluegrass at the annual Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival. Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music first held the 3-day festival in 2006 and steadily gathered supporters since. With national acts like the Claire Lynch Band and Flagstaff favorites like Tony Norris, Bookmans, along with the entire community, pines for Pickin’ all year long. Bookmans Flagstaff was more excited than ever to host our instruments booth, enjoy the late summer weather and listen to amazing traditional bluegrass music.

Pickin' In the Pines 2014
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Ticket Tuesdays — Summer Ends Music Festival V.1

Mark your calendar for September 26, 27 and 28! The first annual Summer Ends Music Festival V.1 comes to Tempe Beach Park and promises to be the event of the year. Summer Ends is a three day event featuring top local and national musical artists. In addition to fabulous music, the festival includes food vendors, sponsor booths, arts and crafts. This will be a perfect event for local residents and out-of-state visitors to discover the vibrant arts culture of Arizona. One-day passes start at $65, but you’re in luck! This Ticket Tuesday we are giving away two 1-day passes for the day of your choice to the inaugural Summer Ends Music Festival V.1.

summer ends music festival
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Ticket Tuesdays — 2014 AZ Underground Film Festival VIP Passes

The Arizona Underground Film Festival (AZUFF) is back for its 7th year playing some of the best cult/midnight films from Sundance, Cannes and Tribeca. AZUFF will also show world premieres and North American premiere screenings. Be a part of the entire counter culture experience with this Ticket Tuesday’s chance to win a pair of VIP full access passes that include all screenings for the 2014 festival.

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Exploring Graphic Censorship

Posted in Bookie Blog, Core Values, Merchandise on 15 Sep by

One of the issues nearest and dearest to the heart of Bookmans is free speech, that is why we devoted the month of September to the discussion and exploration of censorship. Many of us have heard that famous novels like Alice in Wonderland and Animal Farm were subjected to censors and considered inappropriate. Hearing that today makes many of us scratch our heads and wonder what people were thinking. Novels are not the only literature to be challenged in court. Comics and graphic novels have also been subjected to scrutiny. One might think that the works being looked at for inappropriateness would include foul language, sexuality or excessively graphic violence, but think again. Let’s take a look at some of the comics and graphic novels facing censorship and the reasons why.

Censored Graphic Novels at Bookmans Speedway
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Bookmans Grant Author Event Connects Writing to Brain Benefits

Posted in Uncategorized on 13 Sep by

Bookmans Grant hosts a local authors fair from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 13. This event got us wondering about how writing effects the mind. What we found made us want to exercise all the parts of the brain that are involved.

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Bookmans Speedway Finds for Enterprise-ing Trekkies

Posted in Merchandise on 11 Sep by

Long ago in a time far far in the past (1966) a man named Gene Roddenbery was touched by God. Well, maybe not exactly touched by God but touched by some kind of super powerful, all-knowing muse who knocked on the door of his imagination and in flew a star ship named The Enterprise. The Enterprise brought along Captain Kurt, Mr. Spock and the rest of his brave crew to give us the show that would change T.V. forever — Star Trek.

Bookmans Speedway Star Trek
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Words and Images Uncensored

Posted in Merchandise on 10 Sep by

Have we got some uncensored material for you! We celebrate revolutionary artists pushing boundaries and taking their art to the streets. They risk it all for the sake of expression, rearranging our world in an attempt to understand and reinterpret that all-allusive reality, the truth. They use all forms and create new ones from classical music to experimental, literature to pulp fiction, glossies to fanzines, fine art to comic lines and film noir to blockbusters.

Fight Censorship Bookmans Speedway
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Meet Miss Jenna of Read to Me Story Time at Bookmans Flagstaff

Posted in In Our Stores on 09 Sep by

Bookmans Flagstaff’s Read To Me Story Time has a new face as we welcome Miss Jenna to the Bookmans family. Story time at Bookmans Flagstaff has always been fun. We enjoy sharing our favorite children’s stories with you and your families. But when Jenna Dickerson approached us with interest in volunteering for story time, we knew she would be a great addition to the team and a valued asset to Read to Me Story Time. Everyone fell in love with Miss Jenna as we launched our new literacy-based story time, complete with songs, a letter of the day and story books for the whole family to enjoy. Get to know Miss Jenna and her plans for Read to Me Story Time with our quick Q&A.

Miss Jenna Bookmans Flagstaff
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Make Sweet Music with Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 08 Sep by

Bookmans is the place for musicians, even if you haven’t started yet! Bookmans Speedway has an unusual selection of instruments, sheet music and tutorials for all types of music and every skill level. Head over to check out our Wall of Sound. Be amazed at not only the array of unique instruments but by the great deals.

Speedway Instruments
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Tattoos of Bookmans Speedway: Part 2, Bethanny

Posted in Bookie Blog, Uncategorized on 05 Sep by

Given that every employee at Bookmans Speedway works in a bookstore, it might seem obvious that we would have literary tattoos. For those of us who have tattoos (not all of us do) it is true that literary tattoos are prominently featured, but never as true as with Bethanny. Bethanny has worked for Bookmans for over 3 years in our Book Department specializing in children’s literature. Her love for and knowledge about books runs deep. Bethanny received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in English Literature.

To Kill a Mocking Bird Tattoo
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Kachina Doll Artistry at Bookmans Ina

Posted in Merchandise on 04 Sep by

One of the great things about living in the southwest is the exposure to a melting pot of different people and cultures. Our desert surroundings are home to a diverse array of people. We live in close proximity to several Native American tribes whose ancestors have resided in this land centuries before it became apart of the United States. Being able to appreciate their diverse cultures and customs up close is an honor for all who to experience it.

Kachina 1
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The Importance of Wicked Words

Posted in Core Values on 03 Sep by

Social media has taught us what society’s hot buttons are. You can hardly log onto Facebook without stumbling across a hot debate in your feed. The subjects of racism, sexual preference and religion are sure ways to get people talking — and arguing. Even the words, “racism”, “sexual preference” and “religion” prickle at our value systems causing us to alternatively throw them around defiantly or handle them with extreme caution. To openly write on these subjects is to make one’s way through a mine field laced with PC bombs, so we choose our wicked words carefully so that someone, somewhere won’t get offended. Unfortunately, this brings us no closer together, it closes off avenues to understanding and inhibits our ability to engage in civil dialogue.

Fight Censorship 2014
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The Rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Posted in Reel Chat on 02 Sep by

With Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy cementing its theatrical place as a cinematic success, one wonders if anyone is all that surprised? It is Marvel. Marvel studios dominates the super hero movie genre, releasing on average two films a year with release dates scheduled up to 2019. Marvel shows no signs of slowing down as it redefines and re-imagines the comic-based film. Marvel’s reach includes T.V. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. soon begins its second season and Daredevil hits Netflix in 2015. What makes Marvel Studios so successful? With phase two coming to a close, where is the Marvel Cinematic Universe going?

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Join Bookmans for Fight Censorship Month

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores on 29 Aug by

Bookmans fights censorship every month, but in September we intensify our focus on the freedom to read, watch, play and listen to whatever media we want. In conjunction with Banned Books Week, we highlight ways to speak up and speak out. The right to discovery, knowledge and enlightenment is never a crime — and we want to keep it that way.

Fight Censorship 2014
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Book Review: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Posted in Bookie Blog on 28 Aug by

By Molly Mitchell

More than one friend of mine recommended Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half since she began the blog in 2009. These recommendations are usually followed by, “You have the same sense of humor.” For whatever reason, I’m turned off by that statement. I actively avoided reading anything Brosh wrote until recently. It was after I heard her interview with Terry Gross on NPR that I became intrigued. She was smart, funny and familiar with depression. That’s my kind of gal.

hyperbole and a half
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Behind the Trade Counter: The Many Faces of Zeus

Posted in In Our Stores on 27 Aug by

August is Jesus “Zeus” Ozuna’s seven-year Bookmans Phoenix anniversary. He started as a fledgling cashier at the age of 18, moved to Customer Service and then on to Electronics where he has worked for the last four years. In addition to being a staff staple, Zeus is a good sport about stepping in to help with events. In the past year alone, he has played Darth Vader (twice), the Easter Bunny and Vincent Vega, for which he won second place in the staff Halloween costume contest. Zeus is also keen to lend ideas that make great video game, comic and cosplay events. He played a key role in organization of the SabotenCon Preview Night and look for his influence on upcoming events. He’s a cool dad to son Noah, and supplies electric bass and vocals for two local bands. What can’t this namesake of a Greek deity do? We’re still trying to figure that out.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 10.32.53 AM
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Book Review: California by Edan Lepucki

Posted in Bookie Blog on 26 Aug by

Reviewed by Darcy Short

Unlike most post-apocalyptic novels, the world doesn’t end with one big disaster in Edan Lepucki’s new novel California, it ends with many. A poor economy, numerous natural disasters, weak government and poor resource management collide to crumble society as we know it. Desperate to escape an increasingly dangerous and desolate Los Angeles, Cal and Frida retreat to the woods, eking out a meager and comfortless existence. Despite their isolation and difficult existence, they find relative happiness. This foundation is shaken when Frida discovers that she is pregnant. Faced with impending parenthood, the couple seeks civilization to facilitate raising their child.

California by Edan Lepucki
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Music in Movies: Best Soundtracks

Posted in Reel Chat on 25 Aug by

Images synchronized to music create a perfectly balanced symphony of visual and aural delight. Musicals are great literal interpretations of this concept, but movies about music are a whole different story. It’s truly an art to engineer a brilliant film with a killer soundtrack. For Movie Madness Month, we count down the top five movies about music. And good news, you can find these classics and their soundtracks in your neighborhood Bookmans’ Music and Movie Department.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.56.39 PM
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Family Bonding Films

Posted in Reel Chat on 22 Aug by

We think family time is so important that every Bookmans store offers product lines and free events to enrich the time families to spend with each other. Whether your family is into playing board games, going on nature hikes or cooking together in the kitchen, come to Bookmans when you need inspiration for that bonding time. One easy way to relate as a family is watching movies together. We carry a large volume of movies that can be used to strengthen the relationship you have with anybody in your life. Inspired by this, some of our folks at Bookmans Ina came up with their picks for the top family movies of all time.

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How To Watch a Movie When You’ve Read the Book

Posted in Reel Chat on 21 Aug by

Hey, hey friends. Is the book-to-movie trend getting you down? Do you feel sad when you’ve read the book and the movie just doesn’t compare? Are you still reeling from a certain character’s absence (e-hem, Madge Undersee)? Let Bookmans help. We developed a fool proof step-by-step program to avoid cinematic disappointment after watching a movie when you’ve read the book. You can like both. The practice of adapting novels to film makes it almost impossible for bookish movie goers to see a movie based on a book they haven’t already read. Sometimes the movie version of a beloved book thrills our inner fan and sometimes it overwhelmingly disappoints. Once you’ve imagined the characters, setting and the entire world of a book, opening up to the imaginings of others gets dicey. We get it; we understand this hardship. You can take steps to prevent feeling let down. Bookmans will help you move on because, let’s face it, the page-to-screen trend will never die because book writers tell the best stories. Follow these guidelines and you will once again enjoy the theatric experience.

Book to Movie
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