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Geek Games 2015 Recap

While our Mesa and Phoenix brethren attended Phoenix Comicon in all its geeky glory, we up north put on a geek culture celebration of our own — Geek Games 2015. The first annual Geek Games took place with all the tournaments, activities and competitions we could squeeze into 72 hours. Partnering with fellow nerds and local Flag businesses like Cab Comics and The Geekery, Bookmans Flag hosted a slew of events reaching unheard of geeking out levels.

Geek Games 2015

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Survive Phoenix Comicon or Any Other Comicon

Posted in Community Events, Play: A Gamer's Blog on 22 May by

By C’Loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Comic and pop culture conventions are gaining in popularity. Con season heads into full swing with Phoenix Comicon on May 28-31 and many others right around the corner. Once a niche market, geeks are now a dominant force in the entertainment industry and conventions are booming as a result. There is an abundance of things to see and do, so here are some basic tips and points of etiquette to help you survive Phoenix Comicon or any convention!

Geeking Out at Phoenix ComiCon
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The Perfect Memorial Day in Flagstaff

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores on 21 May by

Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of the summer season. As we welcome sunny weather, creek days, summer concerts and afternoons sipping cool beverages on the patio, let Bookmans set you up with the perfect start. This year, we encourage everyone to head to Flagstaff. We took a very serious poll among Bookmans Flagstaff employees and customers to determine what would be the perfect Memorial Day. There is no shortage of fun activities and cool places to see in Flagstaff, but here are just a few suggestions in our guide to the perfect Memorial Day.

Geek Games
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Wii World Awaits You

Posted in Merchandise, Play: A Gamer's Blog on 21 May by

Bookmans is proud of our electronics departments stocked with the most popular and new video game titles, gaming accessories and consumer electronics. Bookmans Speedway recently acquired a killer collection of Nintendo Wii games and Wii U games, all in great condition.

wii games
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Time Travel Pop Culture at Bookmans Flag

We love things old and new. That’s why we buy, sell, trade things like vinyl and VHS tapes. We fill our shelves with items that can’t be found at your everyday department store. We geek out over limited edition. We swoon at the sight of the vintage and the hard to find. We reach maximum nostalgia levels when we spot something retro. That’s why we are so excited to launch our time travel displays for May. Bookmans Flagstaff takes you through time to admire the books, movies and music of yesteryear. Time travel pop culture with Bookmans. There are plenty of geek-worthy decades, but to keep this post from turning into a novel we highlight two of our favorites.

Time Travel Pop Culture

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Seeking Focus Group Participants in Phoenix and Mesa

Posted in Uncategorized on 19 May by

We want to hear from you. Bookmans Entertainment Exchange seeks customers in Phoenix and Mesa for a focus group about our stores. You love Bookmans, or maybe you don’t. Time to tell us why. Please complete the form below to apply for our 2015 Focus Group. If you are from Flagstaff or Tucson and wish to sign up for future opportunities, you can use this form as well. Participants will be compensated for your time with trade credit. The location and time for the focus group has yet to be determined.

Focus Group
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Ticket Tuesdays — Rebirth Brass Band

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 19 May by

Whether seen on HBO’s Treme or at their legendary Tuesday night gig at The Maple Leaf, Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band is a true New Orleans institution. Boasting a mastery of their signature “heavy funk” sound, their album “Move Your Body” pushes and swings, leaving behind an 11 track thumbprint of a sultry Tuesday night spent dancing on their home court at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans. For this Ticket Tuesday, we are giving away a pair of passes to see Rebirth Brass Band at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 21 at The Rialto Theatre.

Rebirth Brass Band
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Free Summer Kids Events 2015

Posted in In Our Stores on 18 May by

Bells rang and classes dismissed. Parents are left entertaining young ones for three hot, exhausting months. We love our kids. Their smiles intoxicate us as they cuddle in our arms. Little is as satisfying as watching children as they get that “aha” moment. Even so, occupying a child with educational and engaging activities all day, every day can be exhausting. There are amazing people for that and they’re called teachers. If you dread endless hours of toys and tears, look no further than Bookmans. Like a caped super hero swinging in to save the city (like a boss, like a teacher), we hope to preserve your sanity with our free Summer Kids Events.

Summer Kids Events
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We Want Your Used Tools

Posted in Merchandise on 15 May by

Bookmans now buys, sells and trades vintage and slightly used modern tools. Dad and Mom (because we’re all about woman power) have something else to browse while the rest of the family gets lost in our kids room, DVD section or rare books cabinet. Read on to find out more about which tools we are looking for and which we may already have on our orange shelves.

Used Tools
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Magnificent Magazines

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 14 May by

How many times have you been in a waiting room, only to find nothing to read but a 10-year-old copy of Golf Digest — and you aren’t a golfer?! Bookmans peeps can’t understand this when we have hundreds of super interesting magazines to read and enjoy, even if you aren’t in a waiting room. Magazines are under-rated and over looked these days. These quick reads are excellent sources for the most current, already condensed information available for student research. Unlike online magazines, they are better edited and allow for more relaxation. They have tested tutorials to help readers learn anything from a new craft to how to rig your sailboat (because we have so many boating opportunities). No matter what you are into, there is a magazine devoted to the subject. We probably have a copy that you can select using your trade credit.

Speedway magazines
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Travel Tucson with Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 13 May by

Summer fast approaches and this means it’s time to plan your family summer fun. The hardest part is coming up with ideas that keep the whole family entertained and laughing while those hot rays beat down. Get your summer on with Bookmans. We’ve got everything you need to spark all your creative summer fun — starting with our Travel and Outdoor section.

Travel Tucson
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Ticket Tuesdays — Church of Beethoven

Posted in Musical Notes on 12 May by

**CONTEST CLOSED**Church of Beethoven-Tucson is the Old Pueblo’s only chamber music and spoken word concert series. We suggest you secure your best plus one as the historic Club Congress plays host to the Church of Beethoven at 7 p.m. on May 18. We so want you to have the “music for friends” experience of the Church of Beethoven, that we grabbed free passes for two lucky readers.

Church of Beethoven
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Behind the Trade Counter: Mario Derderian

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Is there a certain subject in which you consider yourself an expert? When this topic comes up in conversation does your heart rate increase? When you learn someone you know shares this interest, do you automatically like them more? If you answered yes to these questions then, congratulations, you are officially a geek. Fandom keeps Bookmans alive and that is why we celebrate the geek in all of us. Geeking out isn’t just for our customers, we have been known to get geeky as well. When we asked Mario Derderian, a member of the the Bookmans Grant Book Department and a floor manager, what makes him geek out, he happily explains.

mario derderian
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Sell Textbooks

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 08 May by

It’s May and the weather is beautiful. The sun shines and the birds chirp. Even better, school joyously screeches to a halt and will soon be a thing of last semester. But what to do about those cumbersome and pricey school books? You can sell textbooks at your local Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, of course! We caught up with real life college student*, Rhett J. Bookcestershire, IV, to answer a few of his questions about selling and trading with Bookmans. End of semester can be a confusing time, we know. We’ve been through it too. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you through the textbook trading experience.

sell textbooks
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Cowabunga! A Ninja Turtles Tutorial

Posted in In Our Stores on 07 May by

Bookmans Ina hosts geek-tacular crafts for our weekly Craft-A-Palooza! Whether it’s Doctor Who that gets you going or Adventure Time, we’ve got something in store for geeks of all stripes. Have you always wanted your own golden snitch like the one in Harry Potter? Or maybe you want a light saber but don’t want to spend the money. Stop by each week for a different character themed craft! Here’s our Ninja Turtles tutorial to get you started.

Nina Turtles Tutorial
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Geek Out Groove

Posted in Merchandise on 06 May by

Join us as we get our geek on! We buy, sell and trade just about every game, movie, music, action figure, RPG, craft and collectable to help you refine your tastes and collections. We are super proud to hang out with our geeky customers, community, neighbors and friends. In that spirit we celebrate all your fandoms because Geeking Out is half the Fun! Here are a few ways to love what you love and a few gems to add to your collections.

Geek Out
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Porcelain Dolls at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 05 May by

Bookmans Speedway gets the most amazing housewares from customers! Every day our buying counter is chock full of interesting and unique items folks bring us to sell for cash or trade like these porcelain dolls. Most of these delicate beauties are still in the box with their original packaging new, no matter how vintage they were.

Porcelain Dolls
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Discounted High Quality Guitars

Posted in Merchandise, Musical Notes on 04 May by

One of our favorite Geek Outs at Bookmans Speedway is Music. To celebrate we marked down some of our most precious instruments so you can get in on the fun. One of the most costly and difficult to control consequences of making a life in the Southern Arizona desert is the damaging effects our super-dry climate has on fine, solid tonewood stringed instruments. We can only do so much to protect and maintain our high end instruments given the enormous (and dry) open space of our beautiful store! This does allow us to periodically and drastically reduce instrument prices. Fortunately for you, not only do instruments left too long on our floor come to you at discounted prices, they have gone thru our professional Luthiery and Repair Shop staffed by Master Luthier James Tanguey and his trusted apprentice Eli. Neither has met an instrument they couldn’t repair brilliantly and at our low prices. To make it an even sweeter deal, you can pay for your repair services with Bookmans trade credit! This month we feature a small, select group of high quality, top end guitars drastically reduced due to weather worn damage. While they are fully playable and sound great, you can see their surgical scars. Because all repairs are guaranteed, you can own a hand crafted in Spain Loriente Marieta Classical guitar made of Cedar and Rosewood or a Cordoba Gypsy King Limited Reissue Flamenco guitar or a AAAA Spruce and Mahogany Eastman at a fraction of what the least expensive ones sell for on eBay. Take a closer look at the guitars offered at Bookmans Speedway.

discounted high quality guitars
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Geeking Out with Bookmans

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores on 01 May by

May is Geeking Out Month at Bookmans! This month, we celebrate all the superfans, the gamers, the Whovians and Hobbits. Express your love for whatever it is that you’re into. We have your back. Engage in dynamic events at each Bookmans location and around your local community. From Geek Games to Star Wars parties to Phoenix Comicon, our event calendar has something for everyone. Head to your nearest Bookmans this May and let your geek flag fly!

Geeking Out
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Trade Used Textbooks at Bookmans

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Low is the life of a poor college student. Never having clean clothes because laundry is hard and, if you’re supposed to separate your darks from your lights, then by the old gods and the new, where do you put your gray Cardi Avengers sweater!? Most importantly, what do you do with all those backpack busting used textbooks you were forced to buy even though your professor never once referred to them?

We have no answers for your laundry quandary, but we do have a suggestion in the matter of your used textbooks. Bring them to Bookmans, yo! We take your used movies, music and instruments so why wouldn’t we consider your copy of Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers? Well, if it’s covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust, we might pass. Even so, a lot could be gained by bringing your textbooks to Bookmans, like these five cool things!

Used Textbooks
Too sexy for your textbooks like Robert here? Bring them by Bookmans for trade credit.
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