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Happee Birthdae Harry

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores on 04 Aug by

In 1997 a tattered paperback made its way among the students in my forth grade class at Hansen Lane Elementary. When the book finally made it into my grubby hands, even though everyone demanded I read it, I dismissed the book. A few weeks later sister forced it on me and because I was bored I finally began the journey into the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Happee Birthdae Harry

I was not a reader growing up. I despised the activity and when I miraculously found a book I enjoyed, I determined the experience was an exception not the rule. Harry Potter was one of those exceptions. I devoured our class copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. We can talk about the success of the series in dollars and cents. We can talk about how it climbed best selling list and made this amount opening weekend. OR we can reminisce about how we waited for our letter on our 11th birthday and how our hearts broke when we finally accepted that we were not wizards and would not attend Howgarts. I refuse to believe anything other than that my letter was lost in the mail or perhaps the owl assigned to deliver it croaked on the way over. Poor bird.

Happee Birthdae Harry

July 31 was Harry’s 35th birthday. To celebrate Bookmans Flagstaff hosted our second annual Very Potter Party in honor of the boy who lived. I’d like to say this event was solely for the benefit of our customers, but in all honestly it was also for the Bookmans family. We’re a company of Potterheads. J.K. Rowling created a phenomenon when she wrote these books. An entire generation grew up with Harry, Hermonie and Ron. We experienced all of life’s milestones with the boy wizard. When the opportunity came up to dust off our Sorting Hat, cosplay as Moaning Myrtle and FINALLY deliver those long awaited Hogwarts acceptance letters, of course we took full advantage. On rare occasions does a book touch that many people. On even rarer occasions does a book touch that many young people. Harry Potter created a generation of readers and for that we are forever grateful.

Happee Birthdae Harry

Things kicked off at our Very Potter Party the only way to kick off any Potter-esque event — with the sorting hat of course! Many have been plagued with the age old question, “Am I courageous like a Gryffinor or cunning like a Slytherin?” With the help of Bookmans staff and our DIY Sorting Hat we put that question to rest. From there guest got their Hogwarts letter, complete with a school supply list. If you found your way to Azkaban and managed to escape, your picture was taken for the Daily Prophet. Many fun activities took place as we partied it up with Moaning Myrtle, made our way to Platform 9 ¾ and steered clear of the Chamber of Secrets in the Bookmans women’s restroom. As things quieted down, guest relaxed as we enjoyed Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in the Kids Corner and collectively cried at the sight of Professor Snape and Albus Dumbledore. So. Many. Feels.

Happee Birthdae Harry

Harry may only have a birthday once a year, but the world Rowling created can be celebrated every day. Bookmans carries everything from the seven Harry Potter books to the movies to Harry Potter Clue. Stop in your local Bookmans to check out what we have in store. We can not guarantee stock so call ahead if you want to be sure your local store has what you are looking for. HAPPEE BIRTHDAE HARRY!

Happee Birthdae Harry

Catch Movie Madness at Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, Reel Chat on 03 Aug by

Lights, camera, action! Join us for Movie Madness Month at Bookmans as we celebrate the cinema with fun events and giveaways. Stop by every location for movie-themed activities inspired by the silver screen. From Movie Nights to Superstar Photo Booths and even a Jurassic Popcorn Party, catch movie madness with us. Get ready for your close up and have a blast at Bookmans this August.

Catch Movie Madness
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The Exploitation of Lost Manuscripts and Stagnation of Art

Posted in Bookie Blog on 31 Jul by

Something has irritated me for some time now. It happens every year. It’s time to call out the practice of dragging out “lost manuscripts” that magically appear about the time someone can make a pile of money. Yes, I mean the recent and controversial release of Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set a Watchman. We need to retire the nostalgia that pushes us to devour unfinished or deliberately shelved manuscripts and move on.

Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman
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Bookmans Recommends: Warriors by Erin Hunter

Posted in Merchandise on 30 Jul by

One of the most popular young adult series is going strong and expanding. The Warriors series by Erin Hunter is available in several formats. This multi-tiered series follows the adventures of four clans of wild cats, ThunderClan, ShadowClan WindClan and RiverClan, in their forest and lake homes. SkyClan, the forgotten fifth clan, is later introduced in the series. There are currently six sub-series, each containing six books. The titles can be enjoyed independently but we recommend that you read from the beginning, starting with the first novel Warriors.

Warriors by Erin Hunter
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Skyrim Glitches Make for Hilarity

Posted in In Our Stores, Play: A Gamer's Blog on 29 Jul by

By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Everyone who plays The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on PC, XBOX 360 or PS3 knows that some of the most memorable and hilarious moments come from unexpected glitches in the game. Dragons flying backwards and shooting fire out of their rears, floating corpses and whole body parts missing from characters make the game a more amusing experience. Skyrim glitches multiply through the use of fan made mods on PC to change the way the game looks or plays. Mods are fun but don’t always work flawlessly and so can also result in hilarious glitches.

Skyrim Glitches Make for Hilarity
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Ticket Tuesdays — Grace Potter

**CONTEST CLOSED**Good news! Stateside and Danny Zelisko present Grace Potter live on August 8 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Celebrity Theatre is known for its intimate setting and theatre in the round staging. Tickets to see such a talented artist up close are a rare treasure. This Ticket Tuesday, we give away a free pair of tickets for you and a special someone to see Grace Potter.

Grace Potter
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Kids Squeeze in Summer Fun at Bookmans Flagstaff

Posted in In Our Stores on 27 Jul by

Free Summer Kids Events nears the end at Bookmans Flagstaff. As hard as it is to say goodbye, we couldn’t be happier about the time spent in the Kids Corner learning about space, birds of prey and all the cool things living in the Colorado Plateau. We enjoyed our community partners like the Arboretum at Flagstaff and Lowell Observatory and must share the summer fun we had and the exciting things we learned.

summer fun
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Pet Adoption Agencies in Mesa Share Paw Power

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 24 Jul by

If you have never owned an animal or you are currently in the market for one, NOW is the time to act. The are many rewards to adopting a new animal, but the road to finding your perfect fur ever friend may be a long one. You start with a lot of  questions. Why is adoption so important? Where should I adopt from? What are the pros and cons of adopting from shelters as opposed to breeders? We collected some of our favorite pet adoption agencies near Bookmans Mesa to help you find the right pet for your family.

Pet adoption agencies often stop by our stores with animals available for adoption.
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Stoke Your Dino Fever

Posted in Merchandise on 23 Jul by

Dinosaurs and dinosaur lore have fascinated the public consciousness for centuries. The publication of Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton in 1990 added fuel to a fire that continues to burn brightly today. Little in the earth sciences has so thoroughly captured our imagination as these complex prehistoric creatures. The recent release of Jurassic World is a testament to their enduring popularity and stokes our dino fever.

dino fever
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Behind The Trade Counter: Bookmans Mesa Electronics Manager Gus

Posted in In Our Stores, News on 22 Jul by

If you have been in Bookmans Mesa in the last week or two, you likely noticed some changes. What kind of changes? Even better products! Even better customer service! How is this possible? To find out, let’s go behind the trade counter with Gus, our newest Electronics Manager.

Behind the Trade Counter with Gus
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Ticket Tuesdays — Stephen Stills or John Mellencamp

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 21 Jul by

**CONTEST CLOSED**Two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, two classic Phoenix venues, two different dates in July, two big winners! This Ticket Tuesday is a double header as we give away two pairs of tickets, one pair to Stephen Stills on Sunday, July 26 at Celebrity Theater and a pair to John Mellencamp on Wednesday, July 29 at Comerica Theater. Ticket prices range from $40 to $100, but you’re in luck! Today we give you the opportunity for tickets to attend the concert of your choosing.

This Ticket Tuesday, will it be Stephen Stills or John Mellencamp?
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Back to School Carnival

Posted in In Our Stores on 20 Jul by

Each year Bookmans hosts our Summer Kids Events Series that includes weekly activities for young people to keep them busy during the dog days of summer. These events are open to all kids, feature new events each week, are super fun and totally free. As our season winds down our Tucson stores have one more left — our Back to School Carnival.

Back to School Carnival
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Bookmans Recommends: Man with the Hat by The Coltranes

Posted in Musical Notes on 17 Jul by

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in the intensity and rawness that surrounds the genre of punk rock and hardcore punk. I grew up in the punk rock lifestyle due to family members being prominent figures in the Tucson scene. At 14 years old my loved ones introduced me to bands such as The Adolescents, Bad Brains, Black Flag and other loud, politically/emotionally charged bands of the Reagan era. Coming from a background of eccentric individuals, this is where I want to be until the day I fall of the face of the Earth.

The Coltranes Man with the Hat
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Hoping Harper Lee Delivers in Go Set a Watchman

Posted in Bookie Blog on 16 Jul by

After a 40 year hiatus and with much controversy about legal ethics, Harper Lee blessed us with another novel. We look forward to hearing the charming voice of Scout Finch once more. Already making its way up the best seller chain, Go Set a Watchman picks up years later when Scout goes home to visit Atticus in his old age. While reviews indicate this new book portrays Atticus in a not so positive light, we’re stoked to see a copy come across our counter so WE can be the final judge.

Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman
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Pluto Has a Heart and Other Cool Facts

Posted in Community Events, News on 15 Jul by

Pluto has a special place in the hearts of Flagstaffians. After all, we discovered it. Okay, we as a community aren’t responsible for what once was considered the 9th planet in our solar system, but it was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory. So yeah, we may try to claim a bit of credit. What can we say? We’re proud and we don’t have any sports teams. Recently our beloved Plutoid has been the topic of conversation as the New Horizons spacecraft finishes its 9-year-long trek and passes Pluto. Coming within 7,800 miles of its surface. Not since 2006 when Pluto’s planet card was vetoed has Tombaugh’s discovery been more popular. We are unapologetic fanatics for what is very much a full blown planet in our hearts. Here are five fun facts about Pluto to help you understand why.

Astrology Books
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Beastly Bands to Liven Up Your Roadtrip

Posted in Musical Notes on 14 Jul by

From the San Francisco Peaks to Saguaro National Park, Arizona has quite a few fabulous road trip routes. Of course, no road trip is complete without the perfect playlist. Our core value of Animal Welfare takes center stage for us each July and so we count down our favorite beastly bands to complete your traveling mixed tape. Some argue that only the best bands have an animal reference in their name, and this might be true. Check out these more obscure picks from rock legends and popular songs from underdog groups. (Pun 100% intended.) Dodge the Dog Days of Summer by getting out of town and into new scenery with righteous tunes.

Animal Welfare
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Clara Barton and the American Red Cross

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 10 Jul by

Aside from selling the best used stuff in town, Bookmans has a slew of core values we like to promote within our stores and communities. While being the best used bookstore is rad, we also want to partner with other progressive organizations who hold similar ideals. The American Red Cross is one such organization. Their founder, Clarissa (Clara) Harlowe Barton, is one of the most badass women we can think of.

Clara Barton
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Henri Recommends Books about Dogs for Humans

Posted in Bookie Blog, Core Values on 09 Jul by

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog. Never was there ever a more faithful companion than that of a canine. Loving, loyal and able to give the best snuggles known to man, a dog is everyone’s best friend. Henri, short for Henrietta, an adorable border collie, is my best friend. Not only does Henri work the floor for Bookmans Flagstaff, she was adopted here. What better way to celebrate Animal Welfare month at Bookmans than to ask this Bookmans baby her fave books about dogs? Enjoy Henri’s book recommendations for humans.

Henri the dog

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Explore the Latest In Science Nonfiction

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 08 Jul by

Nothing in our wardrobe feels better than our smarty pants. Geeking out is as natural to us as breathing and it makes perfect “science” that our geekery would attract other geeks. Our nonfiction sections have become more popular than ever across every age group. One area in particular has seen an influx of interesting new titles and changing perspectives — science. More than ever, writers are exploring scientific ideas and theories. Toss out your 8th grade snooze-fest science texts because these titles are engaging and fresh, funny and thought provoking. They are also accessible, no Ph.D. required to read, understand or enjoy them. Select any subject on the scientific spectrum and there is a recent title to help you explore it. Let’s look at some of the latest science nonfiction.

Science Nonfiction
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Animal Rescues and Tall Tails from Bookmans Speedway

July is Animal Welfare month for us and Bookmans Speedway ramped up their show of support for our furry, feathered and scaly faced friends. Each weekend Bookmans Speedway brings in animal rescues to heighten awareness about a variety of animal welfare issues. We have everything from Any Rat Rescue to Arizona Greyhound Rescue. Starting in August we welcome our newest rescue, Hermitage Cat Shelter. Read on to learn more about our animal rescue events and the tall tails we keep on our orange shelves.

Tall Tails
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