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Skylanders, Infinity, and Dimensions, Oh My! | Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 18 Jan by

It’s Christmas, 1964. The first “Action Figure”, G.I. Joe, is on every boy’s wish list, the popular doll “Barbie” on every girl’s.  Fast-forward 26 years to Christmas of 1990, where action figures and dolls have been replaced with the latest video game console, the “Super Nintendo”. This trend, the replacement of traditional toys for their digital counterparts is a trend that continues to this day.

So here’s a question: What if you could buy action figures that would come to life and offer the same interactive experience as a video game? Well, thanks to developments in RFID technology, now you can. Toy brands like Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Lego Dimensions, all offer similar features that promise to do just that.

Part action figure and part video game, all three of these brands share the same basic premise. Each brand has it’s own version of a “portal”, a set of figures, and a game-disc. The way it works is simple: Your figure is placed onto the portal and the game disc is inserted into your console of choice. Your selected figure is then loaded into the game, where you can control the character and take him/her on various adventures. Each character has it’s own set of abilities, meaning that each figure opens up new styles of play (and in some cases, new areas of the map).

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Bookmans Giveaway: Tix To Arizona Ren Fest (JanYOUary 15-21)

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, In Our Stores on 17 Jan by

Huzzah! It’s JanYOUary! Chilvary is alive and well! If you are in the market to try something different this month, stop in store anytime between JanYOUary 15th and the 21st to enter to win tickets to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The ultimate 16th-century European fantasy village, is complete with royal court, dueling knights, an artisan marketplace, singing minstrels, mermaids, gypsies, torture chambers, animals and MORE!


What do these passes include? Free parking, all entertainment shows, including the Tournament Jousting and Birds of Prey show. You may choose to purchase arts and crafts items, food or beverage, or enjoy some rides and games (costs vary). Read More…

R.L. Stine meets Marvel, with Man Thing | Bookmans

Posted in Uncategorized on 16 Jan by

R.L. Stine is back again and as per usual, doing the thing just as good as he ever has. Bookmans is a die-hard R.L. Stine fan, and rightfully so. Goosebumps was too cool for school and his other works makes us fall into dreamy states of book obsession, and you’d be hard pressed to resist those feels with this new addition.

Do you remember the comic book character the Man Thing? The Man-Thing is/was a large, slow, swamp monster that arose in Marvel Comics in the early 70’s. With the help of the R.L. Stine, The Man-Thing will now be getting his own comic book mini series! R.L. Stine is the famous author of the 90’s children series Goosebumps and a few other horror series. Prior to then, Stine was already a fruitful creator of joke books, making me think he will do a trilling job at comic writing. Stine may have written stories that haunted us, but now they might be making our dreams come true.

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Bookmans Recommends: The Vegetarian

Posted in Bookie Blog on 13 Jan by

At Bookmans we are all about books that make us feel something good, something bad, or ones that we just plain like. Especially in JanYOUary, we encourage you to read, write, watch and listen to anything and everything that sets your little heart on fire. Looking for something new? Bookmans recommends The Vegetarian by Han Kang of South Korea. It is a baffling, mesmerizing novel that has nothing to with vegetarians or the practice thereof. It’s a small cryptic novel about abstention, how people deal with otherness, and obsession. The Vegetarian, translated by Deborah Smith, is plain in its language and fantastic in it its simplicity. There are three narrators, it was originally published as three novellas, with three different narrators who each has a different view on the namesake vegetarian’s, Yeong-Hye, decision to stop eating meat ranging from anger, fascination, to worry.

the vegetarian

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Go Retro Without Breaking The Bank

Posted in Merchandise on 12 Jan by

With the release of the “Nintendo Entertainment System – Classic Edition” earlier this year, Nintendo successfully propelled it’s classic retro video game console back into the headlines. This smaller modern “reboot” of the NES was wildly popular upon it’s release this November, due to limited supply, stores who were lucky enough to get any of the consoles were sold out within minutes.  

Now that the holidays are over, the systems are slowly becoming more readily available, but at a high markup. The NES Classic Edition is currently selling at upwards of $150 dollars on auction sites like Ebay, and around $190 on marketplaces like Amazon.

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In With the New, Out With the Old – Keeping It Stress Free | Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 11 Jan by

The New Year is a time for renewal. For many of us it is a fresh start; a cleansing of our bad habits, attitudes and stress. We reflect on the previous year and what accomplishments we may or may not have achieved. We set new goals and aim for a better version of ourselves and community. It’s a great time to forgive ourselves for the entire box of peanut butter Oreos we ate last month and the birthday card for Gran that never got sent out in April. While these things could have been forgotten months ago, there’s something to be said about watching the ball drop at midnight and feeling a galactic deep breath emerge from the depths of our being. A whole new year waits with open possibilities and challenges. The JanYOUary we want to give you ways to lessen your stress and ring in the new year with a fresh mind and gratitude.


After handling the deaths of so many iconic pop stars this past year, following the election and hurtling one obstacle after another, 2017 couldn’t be greeted with wider arms from any of us. A new great year can’t be hard to accomplish after what we’ve just dealt with. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the race! Now deep breathe, and don’t set the bar too high for the New Year; there’s no way it can’t be better than the past. We want to help ease you into your new goals and ambitions. Don’t get caught up in the frantic craze of GO, GO, GO! Below we offer some of the best “de-stressers” for the New Year: Read More…

The Moon is Wrong: Astronomy 101 | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 10 Jan by

If you are anything like a typical Bookmans employee you stand out in your yard at 3am and wonder what is wrong with the moon. This behavior could also be linked to growing up in Tucson. Little desert kids spend lots of time looking up, or laying on the ground staring at the night sky, possibly because there is so much to look at. Arizona has long been a hub on astronomical research with the University of Arizona’s Flandrau Planetarium and Kitt Peak. In lieu of deeper psychological exploration which might expose our potentially embarrassing fascination with standing in our yards late at night we will just say it’s typical for Tucsonans. We do things like this.


Folks from Michigan go fishing, we stand around getting a kink in our necks. We therefore notice things, things that aren’t right – like the moon. Just before the new year, around Dec. 18th, some of you might have also been standing in your yard noticing that the moon was wrong. Totally wrong. It was getting smaller like usual but it was disappearing from the top down. Initially it looked like cloud cover was simply obscuring the top quarter of the Moon but NOPE. It kept doing this strange thing night after night. It actually was waning (your first technical term; it means getting smaller, yeah I had to look it up to be sure) from a horizontal position. Wrong. No, no, the moon is supposed to get smaller – or larger – from left to right or right to left, depending upon the phase and where you are on the planet. We will try to cover all of this but it gets messy. Read More…

Bookmans Giveaway: Now Through JanYOUary 14th – Admission to MIM and a Ukulele

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, Merchandise on 09 Jan by

The holidays may be over, but a brand new year is just beginning! Discover all the potential and possibility of 2017 at Mesa Bookmans. This is the perfect time to set ambitious resolutions, try unfamiliar things and reevaluate lofty goals. But remember to put that special someone first – YOU! We celebrate Jan-YOU-Ary by helping you get motivated, all throughout Jan-YOU-ary, we want to encourage you to get out and try something new!#TreatYoSelf!

How can we help YOU?  Stop in Bookmans Mesa anytime between NOW and JanYOUary 14th and enter to win Admission to The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) and a Brand New UKULELE! One lucky winner will win both!


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Bookmans Game Night – Catan

Posted in Uncategorized on 06 Jan by

Need a new game to play? Itching to find the perfect thing to do this weekend? Search no more! Bookmans recommends Catan to obsess over this weekend. Plans made: check.

Klaus Teuber’s Settlers of Catan was originally produced in 1995. Catan (as it is called in recent years) was quick to find a fond place in the hearts of game enthusiasts and casual players alike. The game has won many awards since it’s debut and has been often acknowledged in popular culture, including TV shows like South Park. 


Catan is won by scoring Victory points, which can be earned by building settlements and cities around the map. Players receive resources each turn and core gameplay centers around managing those resources in a way that will allow you to further expand your empire. Unlike many other strategy board games focused on colonization (e.g. Risk), Catan is pacifist friendly, meaning there are no combat mechanics in the game. One might be inclined to think that a lack of combat would make for a conquest game with few ways players unable to meaningfully interact, but with Catan this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Read More…

Bookmans Recommends: Critical Role by C’loni Bailey

The creeping crud has been going around and I spent the last week bedridden with little to do but watch videos on my phone. Fortunately for me, a week in bed is the perfect amount of time to catch up on my current geeky addiction, “Critical Role”.

critical role

For the uninitiated, Critical Role is a show on Geek and Sundry that features famous voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. Dungeon Mastered by Matthew Mercer, the voice of McCree in Overwatch and huge D&D enthusiast, he and a group of his voice actor friends play through his original campaign every Thursday. The main cast features Liam O’Brien (Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft), Laura Bailey (Jaina Proudmoore in World of Warcraft), Travis Willingham (Thor in Avengers Assemble animated series), Sam Reigel (Donatello in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series), Taliesin Jaffe (Blanka in Street Fighter IV), Ashley Johnson (Patterson in Blindspot), and Marisha Ray (Batgirl in Batgirl: Spoiled). In addition to the regular cast, the show also often features many famous guest players such as The Name of the Wind author Patrick Rothfuss, Wil Wheaton, Chris Hardwick, and many more. Read More…

Fisher, Michaels, Cohen: Legendary Losses | Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores, Merchandise on 03 Jan by

What a year. So many of our beloved luminaries, entertainers, and writers have passed. It’s mind boggling and leaves us feeling almost numb, but not numb enough. There are simply too many fantastic creative intelligent people who have passed in 2016 to cover here. We do want to begin though by giving a special nod to Gwen Ifill of PBS and broadcasting fame as well as writers Harper Lee and Richard Adams who wrote the famous To Kill a Mockingbird and Watership Down respectively. All three gave us so much and they leave behind a legacy of intelligence and excellence in their fields.



Now we will turn to those three we have decided to remember here in slightly more depth, although the task impossible. It would take infinite volumes to cover not only their works but their lives, which were equally interesting and unique. Read More…

Bookmans Celebrates YOU in Jan-YOU-Ary!

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Jan by

The holidays may be over, but a brand new year is just beginning! Discover all the potential and possibility of 2017 at your local Bookmans. This is the perfect time to set ambitious resolutions, try unfamiliar things and reevaluate lofty goals. But remember to put that special someone first – YOU! We celebrate Jan-YOU-Ary all month long at Bookmans with rejuvenating events and activities. Each store hosts free and fun ways to put the spark back in your winter. From crafty vision boards to wellness fairs to ultimate prize giveaways, our Event Calendar has something for everyone. This Jan-YOU-ary, tend to yourself and watch what blossoms!

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New Year’s Eve DIY Masks: A Tutorial | Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, Uncategorized on 30 Dec by

It’s basically 2017, but that mean New Year’s Eve is TOMORROW and we couldn’t be more excited to ring in the new year with open arms. We’re sure your plans are full of bubbly and poppers but we wanted to give you a last minute craft idea to make tomorrow festive, fun and over the top. We bring you: DIY masks! Whether it’s for a masquerade or you just want to be the coolest one at Congress – here’s a simple way to make New years Eve a blast.

You can make your mask from things you probably already have around the house with only a few items easily purchased at your local dollar store. Not only will you save money putting your New Year’s Eve mask together but you can turn this into family fun time for the little ones not going out to celebrate. You’ll all have a great time as you look back on the memories of 2016 and get ready to be part of a new year and a new you!

New Year's Eve

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2016…Nuf’ Said | Bookmans

Posted in News on 29 Dec by

We want to say goodbye to 2016 respectfully. It was another 365 days that helped shape who we are and how we view the world, and although some things might be shaping those perspectives differently than you imagined – we’re here to provide you with some perspective regardless of where you are on the spectrum.

We wouldn’t be the bookstore you know and love if we didn’t recognize the good parts of 2016 but we realize a lot of people are feeling drabby, crappy and poopy. For the sake of making 2017 a bit more shiny and less turd-like for those of you on that end, we give you a list of things sure to let you harness your inner frustration, know that you’re not alone and laugh out the craptastic feelings and for those of you not shunning 2016: a list of things you can surely be thankful for.


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Long live XO, Welcome “Starboy” (The Weeknd) | Bookmans

Posted in Musical Notes, Uncategorized on 28 Dec by

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (known as The Weeknd) returns to deliver his third album. Prior to the release he knew that the legends of electronic dance and Daft Punk he would be featuring had minds spinning. Luckily The Weeknd didn’t disappoint and left us shook up and unable to get enough. Cue binge listening. This is The Weeknd that I have been anticipating and it’s more interesting that with each record his music keeps evolving. An album packed with drippy gooey disco-ish vibes and mysterious vocals made way to the ears of many and right straight into our reviews (obviously).

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Krampus by Brom – An Alternative to Christmas Cheer | Bookmans Review

Posted in Bookie Blog on 23 Dec by

‘Tis the season to be… punished? While St. Nicolas is stuffing his sack with toys for all the good boys and girls, Krampus is busy at work punishing all the misbehaved children instead. With folk tales from all over the globe featuring this holiday heathen, it’s the adaptation from Brom that has this reader all spun up. In his classic sinister and eerie voice, Brom’s Krampus gives us the backside story of our favorite holiday elf, Santa, and who he might really be instead of the happy go lucky toy maker we all seem to think he is.


How caught up on Norse mythology are you? Baldr, an ancient Norse God and son of Odin was known for his aura of peace, love and light. Little old Santa Clause may just be his reincarnated form, but is our perception of Santa an utter lie? Did Santa capture and incarcerate the Yule Lord, Krampus?! Steal his magic sack and claim it as his own?! Your whole world will be turned upside down as Brom weaves his magic and shows the true colors of our favorite holiday super hero. The lines of good guy/ bad guy are blurred as we learn more about Krampus and his arch enemy. Enslaved for 500 years by Santa and freed only to discover no one celebrates Yule anymore, the battle is on and only one holiday can win. Read More…

Didn’t get what you want? Trade it in at Bookmans!

Posted in In Our Stores, Uncategorized on 22 Dec by

We’re past the hall decking, and we’re maxed out on Elf references – but we’re still full of reasons to celebrate the season: number one being a fantastic opportunity to trade in your unwanted gifts at Bookmans! Bring us the weird, awful, kind-of-creepy gifts and trade them in for our infamous trade credit (or cash)! You get what you want (i.e. books, movies, fun stuff, lovely stuff, neat stuff, nerdy stuff, useful stuff) and we get a store full of funky things because that’s what we do best. After all Bookmans does the weird, funky and amazing prrreeettttyyyy preeetttyyyy pretty well. (Name that movie!)

You came in as shoppers looking for those wild, quirky, fun and fantastical gifts for others and now you can come back as traders – using the system efficiently and making up for how bad some of the things you got really are.


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Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for BFFs | In Stock at Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 22 Dec by

It’s holiday gift go-time! If you’re like us, you probably have a lot of cool, smart, quirky and intriguing friends. These folks are a blast to hang out with. They’re full of stimulating conversation and quick with a witty quip. But with great uncommonality comes great gift responsibility. It’s not always easy to find the perfect present for our most fascinating pals, much less our Best Friends Forever. Bookmans is here to help! We understand all those with varied interests and a lust for life. Take a look at the following BFF gift guide and then stop by your local Bookmans to peruse our selection. You’re sure to find the most unique treasures in town.


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Month of Merriment #Mixtape | Bookmans

Posted in Musical Notes on 21 Dec by

It’s the Month of Merriment – that time of year when the temperature drops and holiday cheer multiplies! Families and friends gather together, delicious treats are ubiquitous and celebratory songs are in the air. Music can really set the mood for any holiday party or long commute to work. Don’t miss your chance to make the most of the hap-happiest season of all! Grab your iPod, smartphone, CD player or turntable, because we’re counting down the top five merry tunes for any occasion with our Month of Merriment #Mixtape.

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We Have ALL the Things | Buying Gifts is Easy at Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 20 Dec by

It’s a common adage that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, or whatever. No one has ever put a prohibition on shopping while crazy though and that is a relief because the heat is on to find those perfect gifts. Fortunately, we make it easy! The mad dash for the checkout lines has begun and those of you who put off your Holiday shopping until the last minute are feeling the strain. Please don’t ‘mall’. It’s unnecessary.

You need not torment yourself (and your credit score) trying to battle with the festive hordes. Here is what you do: take a deep breath and listen…the answer is Bookmans. It works like this: you collect all those past presents that you where too nice or too busy to return, put them in a box and bring them to us. We evaluate them for resale and then make offers either in cash or Trade Credit to buy YOUR stuff. That’s right folks, Bookmans will pay YOU to shop for your holiday gifts. That isn’t crazy, that’s amazing. It’s even more amazing when you realize that you can buy all of your holiday gifts here with said Trade Credit. And if you think that is the best part, then you haven’t gone crazy shopping here yet.


We have everything. No…literally everything. Bookmans stores are famous for having the most unusual, quirky, unique, one of a kind, handmade, vintage, new, weird and absolutely perfect items that will make the season of giving gifts merry and bright…not crappy and dark.  Read More…

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