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Crafty Customers Wanted at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 23 Jul by

Bookmans Speedway is full of crafty customers. You might be one! If you are talented with your hands, creative and daring, let us know, we are looking for your special skills. Bookmans Speedway has a full to bursting crafting department with books, guides, how-tos and supplies. We love to support the artist in everyone and everyone has the ability to create something amazing and truly unique. Sometimes we need help getting started or a hand learning a specific technique. One doesn’t need to be solo to tap into creativity. Social crafting is catching on. What better way to meet interesting people than at an event where others share your interests?

Speedway Crafts
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Ticket Tuesdays — Peter Murphy: “Lion” North America Tour 2014 at The Rialto

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 22 Jul by

People who love dark and dreary music love Peter Murphy, who provided the vocals that linked 70s glam punk to 90s industrial music. Murphy himself has evolved into quite the crooner and Tucsonans will get a chance to hear his new music and a few oldies with a show starting at 8 p.m. on Friday, July 25 at The Rialto Theatre. Our generous partners at The Rialto are offering a pair of passes to this concert to readers!

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Bookmans Summer Kids Events Recap (July 7-11)

Posted in In Our Stores on 21 Jul by

Bookmans Summer Kids Events are going strong. Get out of the warm weather and cool off with fun and fabulous events. Check out what we did and don’t miss our upcoming awesome events. For the full schedule, visit our Events Calendar. Here’s to more good times!

elsa and evie
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Entertainment for Road Trips and Sunny Days

Posted in Merchandise on 18 Jul by

It doesn’t take much looking around to know it’s summer. The kids are out of school looking for some fun, the malls are full, the dogs (and cats) are panting and everything and everyone is melting. Maybe your family has decided to get away. It is vacation time after all. With the expense and hassle of flying, more families are taking road trips or having stay-cations. Both are wonderful options to the blinding heat of another Sonoran summer, but both have drawbacks. Road trips are fun right up until the first, “Are we there Yet?” Stay-cations often turn into long hours in front of the TV or computer.  Never fear, Bookmans is here! We have all the activities to keep your kids entertained in the car or living room.

Summer Activities
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Break from Summer Blockbusters with Mind Movies

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 17 Jul by

Everyone loves a good movie but a really, really good movie starts with a great story. In the olden days, families gathered around a fire and listened to the clan story teller weave an epic tale of daring do to captivate listeners. Times changed with printing and even later radio became the new story teller, holding listeners in thrall. Radio stories are wonderful because they include sound effects and skilled actors to weave the tale. Eventually, all this gave way to cinema. It sometimes seems as if nothing can compare to the way films transport us, taking us to other worlds and other places. Unfortunately modern films often rely too much on special effects, drowning us with elaborate visuals but leaving us drenched in CGI. We crave the story that transports us by allowing us to use our imaginations.

Speedway Audio Books
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Book Review: Carsick by John Waters

Posted in Bookie Blog on 16 Jul by

Review by Darcy Short

Cult trash film director John Waters hitchhiked from his home in Baltimore, Maryland to his apartment in San Francisco in 2012. This book details his journey. Carsick is made up of three parts; first he fantasizes about the best that could happen on his trip, then the worst, and finally what actually transpired. I found each part captivating.

Carsick by John Waters
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Ticket Tuesdays — The Book Club Play


Check out this opportunity to see The Book Club Play at a reasonable price — free. The Actors Theatre presents this literary comedy at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 19 at the Black Theatre Troupe Building, 1333 E. Washington St. in Phoenix. The Book Club Play is a contemporary comedy for book lovers. Watch what happens when a new member is welcomed into a book club, only to sabotage the longstanding relationships of existing members. The Book Club Play is a clever examination of social groups, ritual and the true nature of friendship.

book club play
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Dog Days of Summer Pet Adoption

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 14 Jul by

Bookmans Flagstaff was all about the fluffy and cuddly as we continued our animal welfare month with a Dog Days of Summer Pet Adoption. Partnering with local pet rescues like Coconino Humane Association and Paw Placement of Northern Arizona, Bookmans customers checked out all these awesome pets in need of forever homes!

Bookmans Paw Logo 1
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Bookmans Summer Kids Recap (June 30 – July 4)

Posted in In Our Stores on 14 Jul by

Summer Kids Events at Bookmans are halfway over and everyone is getting ready to go back to school. Everyone enjoys our free indoor events. Don’t miss out on what’s going on this July. For the full schedule, visit our Events Calendar.


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Recycled Fishy Craft for Summer Fun

Posted in In Our Stores, Uncategorized on 11 Jul by

Summer vacation is the perfect time to reflect one what is on everybody’s mind here in Arizona — water! Whether you have dreams of a cool dip in a pool or sitting beach side as the waves roll in, water is the focus of desert rats leading up to monsoons. If you can’t make it to the water this summer, the next best thing may be to stay indoors to create aquatic dreams. With water on our mind, we wrote up this fishy craft tutorial. Because we are always trying to live green, we made sure to use recycled materials where possible.

Summer Fish
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Paws Recommends Five Films About Man’s Best Friend

Posted in Reel Chat on 10 Jul by

Meet Bookmans Flagstaff favorite four-legged friend Paws. Paws was adopted from a shelter by dog lover and Bookmans electronics buyer Cali. Paws never leaves her mom’s side and even comes to work with her. On any given day you can find Paws assisting Bookmans employees at the trade counter or helping a customer find their favorite book, cementing her place as a valued member of the team! What is not as obvious about this sweet little border collie is that she is a film fanatic. From comedy to drama, Paws loves her movies and wants to share with all of you her top five favorite films about man’s best friend.

Dogs of Bookmans
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Mega {Manga} Mania with Pima County Library

Posted in Community Events on 10 Jul by

Geek out at Pima County Library’s Mega Mania event at Pima Community College’s Downtown Campus Library. Join Bookmans along with a host of other attendees from 2 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 12 for a comic extravaganza. The list of activities for Mega Mania 2014 is seemingly endless.

Mega Mania
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Dogs of Bookmans Speedway

Posted in In Our Stores on 09 Jul by

It’s the Dog Days of Summer here at Bookmans, a time for us to show our love for our four-legged friends. We welcome plenty of dogs visit Bookmans on a daily basis, many of them capture our hearts and add fun to our day. In the spirit of the season, we shine the spotlight on our favorite customers — the dogs of Bookmans!

Dogs of Bookmans
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Ticket Tuesdays — Arizona Rollergirls July Bout

Rising temperatures just make the Arizona Rollergirls skate harder. Season 4 has been hot, hot, hot. Bookmans invites you to cool down with us at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 12 as The Ship Wreckers take on The Cadaver Crue. The Arizona Rollergirls skate at The Broadway Rec Center in Mesa and tickets are available at all Bookmans locations.

Roller Derby July 12>
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Find Books On Pet Care at Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog, Core Values, Merchandise on 07 Jul by

We love pets of all kinds at Bookmans; whether it is a loyal dog, a feisty cat or a slithery reptile friend, we support all animals! In July each year, we take the time to recognize our best non-human friends and focus on the animals that bring joy into our lives. We have many animal related events in each of our stores all year-around plus extra special events each July, which you can check out via our Events Calendar. We have other ways to help care for your pets — books!

Animal Shelves

Each of our stores have an abundance of books that provide information on the care of animals. We offer books on pet care that span from your pet’s infant years all the way into their senior years of life. With patience, care and education, the possibilities that lie within your animal are endless. You absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks!

Pet Care Books

Our books are not limited to traditional household animals. We have sections for reptiles, snakes, exotic fish and more. We even have books on living with livestock and chickens. With the books you can find at Bookmans, you can learn not only how to care for your animal, but how to care for their environment as well. Keeping your pet’s cage or tank well maintained and clean increases the health and wellness of your treasured critters. By improving the knowledge you posses of your pets, you will increase their life quality. After all, a pet is with you only part of your life, but for all of theirs.

Pet Books

We’d be a sad lot without our pets. With care and maintenance, you can give them the standard of living that they deserve. With the books available in our stores, you can learn all the information you’ll need to keep your pets happy and healthy. Give back to your pets by taking the time to teach yourself the proper care for them. After you’re done reading, give your pets an extra hug with love from Bookmans!

Bookmans Celebrates Diversity at Pride In the Pines

Posted in Community Events on 03 Jul by

The 18th annual Pride in the Pines festival took place this weekend as many from all over Arizona gathered among the pines in Flagstaff for a celebration in cultural diversity. Our friends at Northern Arizona Pride Association put on quite the party and we were all too eager to be apart of it!

Pride in the Pines 2014
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Bookmans Summer Kids Event Recap (June 23-27)

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Jul by

Cool off at Bookmans Summer Kids Events! We’re having a great time escaping the warm weather with fun and fabulous events. Check out what we did and don’t miss our upcoming awesome events. For the full schedule, visit our Events Calendar. Here’s to more good times!

Summer Kids Events 2014
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Bookmans Summer Kids Event Recap (June 16-20)

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Jul by

Summer is in full swing and so are Bookmans Free Summer Kids Events. The third week in June, we focused on the Earth and outer space by creating recycled works of art and looking into the great beyond. Kids and families made cool crafts to take home and enjoyed fun activities. Every week is a blast at Bookmans Free Summer Kids Events. Check out our Event Calendar for a fun and free event near you.

Summer Kids Events 2014
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Bookmans Celebrates Awesome Animals

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 01 Jul by

July is Animal Welfare month at Bookmans! Every location is celebrating humans’ best friends, whatever species they may be. Stop by your neighborhood Bookmans to check out local animal welfare groups and meet adoptable creatures great and small. Visit our Event Schedule for all the furry, feathery and scaly happenings.

Dog Days 2014
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Kids Read, Write and Repeat at Bookmans

Hey, Students! School’s out and you’re itching to have some fun. How does this sound; Bookmans will give you credit for your book reviews. It’s a sweet little program we call Read 10 and it’s super simple. Read 10 books, write 10 book reviews, bring them to your nearest Bookmans location and we will give you $10 off your next purchase. Cool, right?!

Read 10
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