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Exploring the Great Outdoors with Alpine Leadership Academy

Posted in Community Events, Core Values, News on 21 Nov by

Alpine Leadership Academy is anything but your average center for learning. This 2013 Bookmans School Challenge winner is a 2-year magnet learning program based out of Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff. In the 4 years since its inception, Alpine successfully created a curriculum focused on experiential learning using outdoor expeditions and community service projects. With their five core values of inquiry, community, stewardship, critical thinking and reflection, Alpine takes the classroom to natural spaces. Students enjoy numerous expeditions exploring the Colorado Plateau and the Coconino National Forest.

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Wake Up Joel at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in In Our Stores, Musical Notes on 20 Nov by

Bookmans Speedway enjoys introducing Tucson to musical talent in our community. Wake Up Joel is pure local, born in Sierra Vista and Tucson. Band creator Roderick Stevens began his music career young. As many toddlers, Roderick began playing the drums at 4 years-old, but quickly showed a greater aptitude than most. He quickly moved on to other instruments including guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, ukulele and finally vocals.

Wake Up Joel at Bookmans Speedway
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Mata Ortiz Pottery at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 19 Nov by

Our partnership with the potters of Mata Ortiz brings us pride year after year. We offer selections of their work to Tucsonans as well as host pottery workshops. Bookmans Speedway recently hosted one such event and happily reports that a new selection of Mata Ortiz works are available.

Mata Ortiz Pottery at Bookmans Speedway
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Ticket Tuesdays — Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

**CONTEST CLOSED**Good news! Stephen King, John Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett conspired to create a Southern Gothic, supernatural musical and it’s coming our way. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is touring across North America and stops at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 3 at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Phoenix. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is in Phoenix courtesy of Danny Zelisko Presents and AEG Live. Tickets start at $39.50 and can be purchased online, but you’re in luck! This Ticket Tuesday we are giving away a pair of tickets to see this marvelous and macabre production.

ghost brothers
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Shop Local, Give Local In Flagstaff

Posted in Community Events, News on 17 Nov by

This November Bookmans stores across Arizona ask customers to be a part of our Shop Local, Give Local campaign. As all six of our entertainment exchanges partner with local commerce in our communities with the intent to promote shopping locally this and future holiday seasons. Bookmans Flagstaff has actively reached out to our friends in the form of book signings with local authors and partnering with Flag staple businesses like Animas Trading Co. It’s simple to shop and give locally. All you have to do is get out there and SHOP! Before fighting crowds at the mall and major retailers, take part in the experiences awaiting you in your own backyard. To help you get started, Bookmans Flag compiled a list of some of our favorite local businesses in this mountain oasis. From buying gifts at the Old Town Shops to getting drinks exclusively brewed in Arizona at The State Bar, this town is full of opportunities to support Flagstaff’s and Arizona’s local economy.

Shop Local Give Local 2014
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Booker Leaves Legacy of Animal Shelter Donations

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 14 Nov by

For our Shop Local/Give Local campaign, Bookmans Speedway partnered with I’m Not a Monster and Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) to help promote their Holiday Pet Supply Drive. I’m Not a Monster began humbly, with a loving Pit Bull named Booker who was confiscated in a drug bust and sent to the animal shelter. What looked like the end for Booker turned out to be just the beginning!

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Shop Local Works at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 13 Nov by

November is a month for giving and thanking. Bookmans Speedway does lots of both! This month we focus on Shop Local/Give Local and, let’s face it, getting ready to get ready for the holiday season. All of our stores have moved into high gear with many local organizations hosting events with us. We also have the absolute best in local art and gifts. Take a look through Bookmans Speedway and you will see an eclectic blend of original, one-of-a-kind items for you and the special people in your life. These artists cleverly use recycled and up-cyled materials to create beautiful items that support local small businesses as well as helping the environment. In this way we not only make our community stronger but interesting and unique.

Shop Local, Give Local
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Home (Cooking) for the Holidays

Forget Halloween. The scariest season has begun — “the holidays”. It’s a time when stores are bustling, trees are pointy and the music that plays stick in your head for months to come. A big part of the holiday season is spending time with friends and family. It can be stressful, but it is also a chance to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. One way to do this without spending tons of money is bypassing restaurants in favor of cooking at home. Last month Bookmans Grant hosted Chef David Solorzano who taught a class on the benefits of cooking at home. His tips hit the spot and he generously allowed us to share them with you.

David Solorzano
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Ticket Tuesdays — Another Chance at the Marvel Experience

**CONTEST CLOSED** Step into hyper-reality with The Marvel Experience: The World’s First Hyper-Reality Tour! This exclusive national tour launches at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale this December. The Marvel Experience is an unprecedented interactive event that spans over two acres. Be the star of your own comic as you swing with Spider-Man, smash with Hulk and fly with Iron Man in next generation hyper-reality. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster, but you’re in luck! This Ticket Tuesday we are giving away a pair of tickets for a select day of The Marvel Experience.

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Retro Game Spotlight: Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo)

By C’Loni Bailey Electronics Manager at Bookmans Mesa

I was about ten years old when my mom bought me a Super Nintendo for Christmas. (It was supposed to be a surprise, but I spotted it hidden in our patio storage closet.) One of the first games we got for it was Secret of Mana by Squaresoft.

Secret of Mana Super Nintendo
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Indulge In a Retro Game Geek Fix

Bookmans is the place to get your geek fix for vintage gaming and game systems. Gamers, you know the scene. Right now certain games are scarce! If you like retro gaming, we have all the hard to find titles available for purchase with Trade Credit.

Bookmans Speedway Video Games
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Sedaris Seeks Amoxicillin but Delivers for Devotees

Posted in Bookie Blog, Community Events on 07 Nov by

David Sedaris might have a sinus infection or a tooth ache and possibly needs a root canal. Pre-cancer is a contender as well. But none-the-less, the hysterically funny satirist takes the stage at NAU’s Ardrey Auditorium on November 4 and is welcomed by an adoring audience. With a number of New York Times bestsellers under his belt and popular contributions to NPR and BBC radio, David Sedaris’ dedicated following fills seats.

David Sedaris 2014
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Celebrate Autumn at Certified Local Fall Festival

Posted in Community Events on 06 Nov by

One of our favorite collaborations is with Local First AZ on the annual Certified Local Fall Festival. This free, family-friendly event celebrates all things local to Arizona. Join us from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 8 on Portland Parkway in Downtown Phoenix next to Roosevelt/Central Ave. Light Rail station, between Third and Central Avenues. Entrance includes crafts and activities for kids and families. Local business vendors will showcase gifts, treats and treasures. Guests can also purchase raffle tickets and bid on items at the silent auction.

Certified Local Fall Festival
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Bookmans Speedway Wants Your Crafty Talent

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 06 Nov by

Bookmans Speedway is looking for Crafty Customers to sell their creations and to lead crafting workshops  for the public. Bookmans loves creativity and we love re-purposing and upcycling. Tucson artists are highly skilled in these two areas. So, what is your talent?

Speedway Crafts
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The Geeking Out Corner at Bookmans Mesa (And Why You Should Check Us Out)

Posted in Merchandise on 05 Nov by

Have you wondered what it is like to be as close to paradise as humanly possible? If you haven’t been in our stores lately, girl, now is the time to come back. Whether you are a collector, birthday shopping or most importantly upcoming holiday shopping, we have you covered. Let us tell you about what you’ll find in our Geeking Out corner at Bookmans Mesa.

Geeking Out Corner of Bookmans Mesa
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Bookmans’ Gallery Is Where It’s At

Posted in Merchandise on 04 Nov by

Bookmans has awesome stuff. From vintage books to cult movies, our place is a playground. The Bookmans Gallery is full of collectibles to turn your place of residence into a home. Gathering items from the community, our buyers are on the look out for rare items to add to our shelves and insuring that there is something for everyone. Are your walls feeling drab? Display a psychedelic poster commemorating your favorite Beatles album. Could your porch could use some excitement? Check out our colorful ceramic pieces sure to spruce up any outside seating area. Peruse our Gallery and you will definitely find something to suit your home décor needs.

Star Trek
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Shop Local, Give Local in November

This November, Bookmans celebrates homegrown Arizona commerce and community. Stop by every location for local-themed events that help make our neighborhood better. Each store hosts free activities to inspire awareness of Arizona organizations. From the Certified Local Fall Festival to Movies in the Parking Lot, discover what treasures exist in our Copperstate wonderland.

Shop Local Give Local 2014
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A Graveyard Smash at Bookmans Flagstaff

Posted in In Our Stores on 01 Nov by

We don’t want it to end, but sadly it must. October, the spookiest month of the year is coming to a close. Before we pack up the cobwebs, skeletons and other forms of Halloween paraphernalia adorning Bookmans Flagstaff, let us reflect on the fun we had celebrating the beloved holiday.

Halloween Fun at Bookmans
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Buddha, Birds and the Joker in Tarot

Posted in Merchandise on 31 Oct by

The history of Tarot, both its origins and the term itself, is as mysterious as is the future it foretells. With Halloween, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead being celebrated, October is the perfect time to explore the mysterious and Bookmans Speedway has a magical selection of tarot cards in all types and for all tastes.

Speedway Tarot
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Employee Recommends: Haunted Lit at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 30 Oct by

Indulge in your love of horror with spooky stories, ghost tales and paranormal romance to celebrate the season. Bookmans Speedway’s well-read employees have a keen eye for the best of the scariest. All such selections are on our Employee Picks Horror display. Our wide range of fiction and nonfiction titles to choose from will set your heart racing.

Speedway Horror
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