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Growing Waldorf Education with Desert Marigold

Posted in Community Events, Core Values on 19 Dec by

We recently caught up with Bookmans School Challenge 2013 finalist and $3000 winner, Desert Marigold School (DMS). As a public charter school inspired by Waldorf education, DMS focuses on giving students a world-class education, complete with arts, crafts, music, movement and experiential learning. Their popular DMS Winter Faire is a perfect example of how this school blends creativity with interactive education. This annual event took place on Saturday December 6 and is a chance to enjoy a magical and anachronistic winter wonderland complete with Medieval knights, craftmaking, feasting and holiday shopping. Please visit the Desert Marigold School website to find out more about their incredible model for learning.

School Challenge Winner DMS
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Top 5 Last Minute Gifts at Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 18 Dec by

Amidst the December holiday whirlwind, finding a thoughtful and affordable gift presents a challenge. You are up for it, however, because your neighborhood Bookmans has something for everyone. We count down our Top Five Last Minute Gifts, sure to impress even the most discerning of recipients. Take a look at these selections and then make a beeline for the Bookmans location near you!

Ukuleles Make Great Last Minute Gifts
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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Reads

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 17 Dec by

While the holidays are a great time to snuggle on the couch and watch your favorite seasonal films (see Bookmans Recommends: Christmas Movies to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit or Have Yourself a Vintage Television Holiday), we at Bookmans Ina tend towards cozying up with a great holiday book. It’s easy to forget the seasonal classics when movies like Elf are on, but what about a yearly read of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Remember ‘Twas the Nigh before Christmas, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman? All of these stories are available in book form and are classics no child or (let’s be honest) adult should go without reading this season. We also encourage you to go beyond the expected holiday reads.

Holiday Reads
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A Brief Gift Guide for Classic Books

Posted in Bookie Blog on 16 Dec by

Bookmans has an ever-changing selection of classic books. They tell stories of love, tragedy, heartbreak and redemption that have a way of never getting old. These books are classic because no matter when they were written, they maintain relevancy. While many lists cite the “Top 100 Classics” or “The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time”, it can still be difficult to find the right one for you and even harder to find the right one for a gift. That is why we came up with a go-to gift guide to help you navigate that expansive journey that is our fiction section.

Classic Books Gift Ideas
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Geeking Out with Board Games

Posted in Merchandise, Play: A Gamer's Blog on 15 Dec by

Nothing brings family and friends together like a good board game, especially during the holiday season. While we’ve all wasted countless hours playing a game of Monopoly or Life and wet our pants a little as we laughed during games of Quelf and Cards Against Humanity, Bookmans Ina recommends a few more obscure board games, games that tug the strings of our “geeking out” hearts.

Board Games
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Santa’s Secret Is Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 12 Dec by

Santa has a secret weapon. It’s a place he can go to stock up on all his Christmas supplies, and he doesn’t even need cash because he can get it all with Trade Credit. Santa’s secret is Bookmans Speedway and it can be yours too!

New toys at Bookmans Speedway is Santa's secret
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Have Yourself a Vintage Television Holiday

Posted in Merchandise, Reel Chat on 11 Dec by

[The post in which Todd, visual merchandiser and social director for Bookmans Mesa, explains his love for vintage television in the form of the holiday variety specials.]

To me, the magic of the season is being at that age living in the snow drift hills of the Midwest, nestled in my pajamas by 7 p.m., enjoying frozen pizza and gathered around to watch the magic of holiday television. The trees were lit up and the lights twinkled as I sat patiently for my holiday variety specials to begin. As I’ve gotten older, some of these classics found their way into the digital age to be released on either DVD or Blu Ray. You may know old and new Christmas classics such as Rudolph or Elf, or maybe one of the movies on Megan’s awesome list, but I’ve compiled a few lesser known vintage television classics that will take you back to the good ol’ days.

Vintage Television - The Carol Burnett Show
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Winter Accessories for Winter Wishes

Posted in Merchandise on 10 Dec by

Old Pueblo residents appreciate our good fortune to live with such lovely weather! National news reminds us that many communities are knee deep in wicked weather. We feel for you Buffalo, NY! Even so, we can’t help but pine for at least SOME snow. We are wishing for winter, any indication that it’s the holiday season. This is especially true at Bookmans Speedway because we received a winter wonderland of snuggley hats, scarves, mittens, gloves and socks. We will take any excuse to wear these winter accessories.

Fun Winter Accessories Include Snow Mask and Gloves
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Ticket Tuesdays — Bebel Gilberto at The Rialto

The multi-Grammy-nominated Bebel Gilberto performs at 8 p.m. on Saturday, December 13 at The Rialto Theatre in Tucson. Her new album Tudo, which means “everything”, showcases Bebel’s ethereal vocals and wistful, dreamy song writing. Bebel’s sultry tonality is constant throughout Tudo as are the warm and playful Brazilian rhythms that include the berimbau, wood bongos and shakers. The melodies are shaped by touches of electronica and Bebel’s intimate vocals hint at a fantastical Rio de Janeiro. This Ticket Tuesday, Bookmans and The Rialto offer a pair of passes to Bebel Gilberto’s Saturday performance.

Bebel Gilberto
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Bookmans White Elephant Gift Guide

Posted in Merchandise on 08 Dec by

Lo, the white elephant. Legend goes that a king of Siam would bestow upon those who displeased him an albino elephant in hopes that the upkeep would run them into the ground. What began as a malicious way to ruin enemies is now a celebrated holiday tradition. Cementing its place at office parties alongside spiked eggnog and secret Santas, white elephant gift exchanges provide for a lively giving experience if not a coveted gift. Finding the perfect white elephant gift can be fun but also daunting for shoppers during the holiday season. Though Bookmans in no way recommends you bring a large albino animal to your next ugly sweater party, we can assist you in acquiring a more appropriate substitute.

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Achieve Party Perfection with Cookbooks and Kits

Posted in Merchandise on 05 Dec by

The party season is here and for the giver of the party, this means tons of work and no small amount of stress. The most difficult aspect of party hosting is originality. Bookmans Speedway has an idea, hundreds in fact, to help you make your home the most festive of the season. What kind of party do you want to have: ethnic, outdoor, potluck or fancy? We have party guides and cookbooks to cater to each taste.

Speedway Party
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Christmas Gifts Galore

Posted in Merchandise on 04 Dec by

Like a thief in the night, aging and taxes, Christmas is sneaking up on us! Some of us are still taking a breather from the festivities of Thanksgiving. Don’t stress. Bookmans can cover each and every person on your gift list. Forget Santa’s workshop, our employees have been busy at work making sure you have an unbeatable selection of uber-cool, one-of-a-kind, unique and quirky presents.

Christmas Gifts
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Early Close Hours Set for Employee Holiday Party

Posted in In Our Stores, News on 03 Dec by

Continuing our old school recognition of the holidays, we’re partying with our peeps. Please take note of early store closing times that allow us to have company parties:

* All Tucson locations will close at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 3.
* Bookmans Flagstaff and Bookmans Phoenix will close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9.
* Bookmans Mesa will close at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 10.

Month of Merriment

We hope your Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus season will be merry and bright. Please remember to shop local.

Bookmans Recommends: Elf

Posted in Reel Chat on 03 Dec by

By Corinne, Event Liaison at Bookmans Grant

When people ask me what my favorite holiday movie is I used to have trouble coming up with an answer. Gremlins is great but it used to give me nightmares as a kid. Polar Express is a beautiful story but it gave me nightmares as an adult. “Does Die Hard count?” I would ask after a long pause. After many seasons of self reflection, it finally hit me. One movie encompasses everything I want in a holiday film. Christmas songs sung by a girl with a voice smooth as silk, a story that highlights an unconventional family and the stress of modern day living, and a grown man trying to hug everyone. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time you gathered up your loved ones and watch Elf.

Christmas Movies
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Helpers of the Community Day at Bookmans Ina

Posted in In Our Stores on 02 Dec by

In the spirit of the holidays, Bookmans Ina hosts Helpers of the Community, a day for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Youth On Their Own, the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona and Toys for Tots to set up outside our store. Each group will provide information on the services they offer our Tucson community. These organizations rely on volunteers and generosity of the southern Arizona collective to provide their services.

Bookmans Partners
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Bookmans Recommends: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Posted in Play: A Gamer's Blog on 02 Dec by

By C’Loni Bailey, EEC Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest installment in the hit fantasy video game series. Set not long after Dragon Age II, Inquisition opens with a huge magical breach in the sky, unleashing all manner of demons onto the already fractured world of Thedas. As the main character, you are tasked with finding a way to close the breach by forming the Inquisition and bringing together warring factions to focus their energies on the breach.

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A Month of Merriment at Bookmans

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores on 01 Dec by

From the winter wonderland of Flagstaff to the urban oasis of Phoenix to the saguaro covered foothills of Tucson, the holiday season in Arizona is unlike any other. This December we celebrate a Month of Merriment. Oh, what fun! Each store hosts free activities with holiday flair. Arts and crafts abound, pop culture reigns and Santa is coming to your town. Our Event Calendar bursts with wonderful things to do, so be sure to check it twice. Discover delight and holiday cheer this December at a Bookmans near you.

Month of Merriment
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Graphic Novels at Bookmans Flagstaff

Posted in Merchandise, News on 28 Nov by

Bookmans Flagstaff has acquired a huge collection of graphic novels. A Bookmans patron brought in an astounding collection to our trade counter and, though Bookmans has carried graphic novels and comic books for a long time, the addition of his 20-year collection put us on a whole other level. This collection includes popular titles like Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, pristine and well cared for. Our comic book aficionados were allotted 20 minutes for geeking out before deciding what would make it to our shelves. The customer walked away relieved of all 200 issues he brought to trade and after hours cataloging, we added those to our already impressive stock of graphic novels.

Graphic Novels at Bookmans Flagstaff
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Pets Last Chance at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Core Values, In Our Stores on 28 Nov by

Last weekend Bookmans Speedway had a very special and extremely important event. Pima Community College’s Veterinary Technology College and the student’s animal rescue For the Love of Paws hosted an emergency adoption event. For the Love of Paws was founded by the students of the Vet Tech College and rescues animals from the Pinal County Animal Pound. The rescue currently has six dogs and two cats who are in desperate need of adoption. These animals have a deadline, much like the students of the vet college who are currently in mid terms. The end of this semester will mean everything to them.

For the Love of Paws
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Bookmans Recommends: Christmas Movies to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Posted in Merchandise, Reel Chat on 27 Nov by

Xmas Movie Recommends by Megan Maiden, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

I am unapologetically Christmas Crazy. I live for this time of year! Not that I don’t give Thanksgiving a chance, I just like to eat my turkey while I stare lovingly at my already decorated Christmas tree. My co-workers know that the music is coming (both piped in from above and sung at the top of my lungs) but, in my house the movies have already begun. Much like Santa, I love a good list. This is my list of favorite Christmas movies to get you in the mood for the season.

Christmas Movies
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