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The Art CDs And Why They Still Matter

Posted in Musical Notes on 28 Jun by

With all the updates on streaming music services, people are starting to wonder if purchasing physical copies of albums have now become obsolete.  Let’s be honest when was the last time you purchased an actual CD? What use to be the norm with most us having collections of CDs in our home, cars and bags has now turned into some albums ONLY being available digitally. And while convenience makes a good argument for buying an album online, we are firmly on the side of the CD. Like what has now been deemed the Vinyl Revival we are cheering for CDs to be the next comeback kid. Here are a few reasons why physical copies still matter. 

Grant 10-15 Lo Res CDs

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Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary

Posted in Reel Chat on 27 Jun by

When I was a kid growing up in Boston, I watched the syndicated reruns of the original Star Trek series and was entranced by the adventures the crew endured aboard the USS Enterprise. Though I loved all the characters, Spock was my favorite with his unflappable personality and logical way of thinking. In fact, somewhere there is a 5th grade class photo with a young Paul Lee sporting a Spock shirt complete with the Enterprise emblem and gold officer bands. Flash forward to 2016 and my addiction to Star Trek is back in full force. Star Trek Beyond, the 50th anniversary celebration and the new series have awakened my inner treckie. I am in the depths of an all out Star Trek binge, consuming all of this beloved sci-fi series properties including once again watching the original series in all its glory.

Star Trek

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Making A Splash With Moon Mermaid!

There are many legends about mermaids and even a few dozen historical claims of supposedly “real” mermaid sightings. Hundreds of years ago, sailors and residents in coastal towns around the world told of their encounters with sea-maidens. One particular story dating back to the early 1600s, claimed that a mermaid had entered Holland through a dike. Injured in the process, she was taken to a nearby lake and was soon nursed back to health. Some researchers believe that sightings of human-size ocean animals such as Manatees and Dugongs might have inspired many merfolk legends. These animals have a flat tail and two flippers that resemble stubby arms — traits that may make them resemble merfolk. They don’t look exactly like typical mermaids or mermen of course, but many sightings were from quite a distance away and since they were mostly submerged in water only parts of their bodies were visible. A glimpse of a head, arm or tail just before it dives under the waves might have spawned at least some mermaid reports. Hollywood has their own take on Mermaid lore with such finery as “Splash” and “Mako Mermaids” However, we can assure you, real they are.


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Geeking Out With Ready Player One

Posted in Bookie Blog, Reel Chat on 23 Jun by

There’s one book that currently has every Bookmans employee geeking their socks off. It’s everything we love about the 80’s, science fiction and the thrill of a great competition. Earnest Cline’s first novel, Ready Player One has quickly gained top spot on the Bookmans Recommends list. Wade Watts, an overweight loner who’s only escape from the crumbling reality around him is plugging into a virtual reality game known as OASIS. Imagine the internet 10x and also on steroids and you’ve got the game that all of humanity is itching to play. When the multi-billion dollar genius behind the creation of OASIS dies and leaves the sum of his inheritance to the winner of a competition of his own making, all of the world plugs in. A grand hunt soon takes place as many, including Wade search for clues picked personally by OASIS creator James Donovan Halliday.

ready player one

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Stay Out Of The Heat With Summer Movies

Posted in In Our Stores, Reel Chat on 22 Jun by

With Summer in full force the heat can be oppressive. All of us are trying to find fun ways to relax and wait until the sun goes down. Many kids are out of school in need of a diversion and something to do. Movie theaters are a great escape but if you have a family it can be quite costly. Never fear, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange has solutions. New releases and timeless classics make their way to our shelves daily.  These Summer movies can be purchased with that trade credit that’s been burning whole in your pocket all spring. Don’t sweat it, literally. We have plenty Summer movies including blockbusters, cult classics and family friendly films sure to help you stay cool. .

Summer Movies

Summer Movies

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Ticket Tuesday: Fitz and The Tantrums

Posted in Contests & Giveaways on 21 Jun by

*****Contest Closed*****

They can make your hands clap. They can make you jump around. And now they are coming to Tempe’s Marquee Theatre Wednesday, July 27th. Who are they you ask? Why, none other than Fitz & The Tantrums! Oh, here we go! These tickets are going for $20-$30 online, but we are offering 2 tickets for general admission to one lucky winner completely free, courtesy of Bookmans. We can assure you that this is more than just a dream. It’s a Ticket Tuesday!


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Joe Coleman: Artistic Madman or Genius

Posted in Bookie Blog, In Our Stores on 20 Jun by

The Book of Joe about the contemporary Artist Joe Coleman made its way to the trade counter of Bookmans Flag. Two hundred and twenty three pages of Coleman’s macabre and brilliantly detailed paintings are sure to either delight some art fans and nauseate others. Coleman’s paintings are the work of a talented madman who has a singular vision and doesn’t care what art critics think of him. He creates bizarre compositions with damaged characters, historical figures and some thoroughly disturbing images that can shock even the most open-minded viewer.

FullSizeRender (1)

Self-portrait of Joe Coleman

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Sid Cedargreen: Art In The Southwest

Posted in In Our Stores on 17 Jun by

By: Frank Solano, Bookmans Outside Buy Coordinator.

Bookmans has acquired a significant collection of paintings by lauded Arizona artist Sid Cedargreen. Sid Cedargreen was a mid-century painter who’s art beautifully depicted the desert southwest. In 1958, Mr. Cedargreen was part of an art collective that transformed Tubac into an art colony. While in Tubac, he founded the Tubac Center for the Arts and the Santa Cruz Art Association. During this time, he was the winner of the distinguished Master Mead award for depicting the Southwest. His paintings are beautiful landscapes featuring areas in Arizona and all around the American Southwest.  He continued to live in Arizona and paint its beauty for several years. In 2011, Sid Cedargreen passed away at the age of 89.

photo 1 (1)-2


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Gushing About Gwen Stefani

Posted in Musical Notes on 16 Jun by

It’s no secret that Gwen Stefani has topped the charts. Ever since she first hit the music scene 1986 with No Doubt this ska chick from Anaheim turned pop diva has consistently produced hit after hit. She has not only maintain rocksteady status, she has become a fashion icon, actress, mother, and world traveler. Underneath it all, she’s just a girl but to the rest of the world, she’s an icon. A song writer with such amazing lyrics that almost anyone who listens to her albums, both solo acts and with No Doubt can relate in some way. An incredible lyricist, Stefani’s songs emulate her own life experiences. With no fear and killer abs at age 46, Gwen Stefani has earned her way to the top.


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Bookmans Recommends: Above and Beyond

Posted in Musical Notes on 15 Jun by

I fell in in love UK trance group Above and Beyond after first hearing the Group Therapy album. Consisting of  DJ’s, Tony, Paavo, and Jono, Above and Beyond, tap into the human condition through lyric and melody. I’ve experienced many different music festivals/shows but seeing an A&B show is one I know I will never forget. It was much more than just the DJ’s appealing to the crowd in a hype club environment.  The venue was utterly packed with thousands of passionate, happy, friendly and devoted fans from all over the world. The bottom floor section was loaded with people packed like a can of sardines and the top area of the venue turned into a dance floor. Crowded with people moving in every direction. The space was airtight, but everyone kept to the PLUR culture.

Junes Tunes 2016 FB Icon-2
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ComicCon 2016 Cosplayers Brave The Heat And Have A Blast

By C’loni Bailey  (Asst Manager Bookmans Mesa)

Phoenix Comicon 2016 was the busiest one to date, with record-breaking attendee numbers as well as record high temperatures. Even being blasted with a heat wave that cranked the temperatures up to 115° didn’t stop the masses from converging on Phoenix Convention Center for the largest Phoenix Comicon ever. Attendance was estimated a to be nearly 100,000 – a dramatic leap from the 75,000 that attended the convention last year. Fortunately, although the crowds were visibly larger, they remained orderly and the volunteers did a wonderful job at keeping everything organized. Comicon 2016 registration was moved into the North Ballroom and was a well organized affair. There was a minor hiccup with one of the day’s lines winding up outside in the heat, but con organizers quickly realized their mistake and made the necessary adjustments to make sure the rest of the days lines were kept indoors.


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Meeting Brandon Sanderson at Phx Comicon

Posted in Bookie Blog, Community Events on 13 Jun by

With blistering, above average 110+ degree weather and thousands-I mean thousands-of cosplayers lining the Phoenix Convention Center floor, Phoenix Comicon was an absolute success. We had duck duck goose with Spidermans, Deadpools and Cher. There were meet and greets and panels with some of pop culture’s finest. Hands down, Phoenix Comicon 2016 went above and beyond my expectations. Aside from the fun to be had inside the Bookmans Youth Room and the awe-inspiring geekery that took over downtown Phoenix for three whole days, I was able to meet the one and only Brandon Sanderson.admin-ajax


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Summer Kids Events Highlight- Puppets Amongus

Posted in Community Events, In Our Stores on 10 Jun by

Our Bookmans Tucson stores kicked off the first week of Summer Kids Events with a puppet show from local puppet theater, Puppets Amongus. The show was a rousing success with a puppet rendition of the classic children’s tale The Silk Princess by Charles Santore. The Silk Princess is based on the story of Leizu a legendary Chinese empress and wife of the Yellow Emperor. According to tradition Leizu brought silk to the Orient with her invention of the silk loom.

Summer Kids Events Header 2015

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Fun for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up on June 19th, Bookmans is the perfect place to not only get out of the heat and have some fun but also to find the perfect gift for Dad! No matter what Pops interest, you are sure to find something unexpected and perfect for dear ol’ dad. From fave films of the past to cool grill guides, Bookmans is your one stop shop for unique gifts for the dad or dads in your life.

Father's Day Gifts

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View on “Views” by Drake

Posted in Musical Notes on 07 Jun by

We have to say Drake has an amazing talent for spinning his most raw thoughts, anxieties, feelings and insecurities into an immense revelation. In his music he confronts his hardships and you feel a commonplace of both vulnerability and confidence radiate when listening to his tracks. Now there is a thin white line between self enlightenment and self absorption But the rapper has without a doubt straddled that border. Inside his recently released 4th album Drake continues his confessional style of writing and gives us a closer look at the deep emotional pool of self- reflection.

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Graphic Novels With Girl Power

Posted in Bookie Blog on 06 Jun by

If you haven’t heard by now we’re here to tell you graphic novels are all the rage. Marvel, DC, Image, Top Shelf, Dark Horse and their characters are only the tip of the paneled iceberg. There are more graphic novel distributors, stories and film adaptations than we know what to do with. An important nugget of information to keep in mind about these illustrated little gems is, girls read them too! Crazy, right? What’s not quite so well known are the slew of amazing titles  with awesome female characters that totally kick bad guy ass. Hearing about Batman, Ironman and Superman is getting a little old. Where’s all the girl power? We’ve compiled a list of a few incredible graphic novels full of noteworthy women.


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Getting Creative at Bookmans

Posted in In Our Stores on 04 Jun by

Do you love to paint? Maybe you like to draw, make music, or even whittle wood. Personally, I love paper crafts. I’m a stationery hoarder by nature and anything made of paper that looks remotely cute, creative or artsy is something I’m interested in. After taking a watercolor workshop, I realized I really enjoyed the medium and it gave me another excuse to shop for paper and fun paints.  Here’s a colorful painting made on watercolor paper found at Bookmans.


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Freebie Friday-Harkins Summer Movie Fun Season Passes

Posted in Contests & Giveaways, Reel Chat on 03 Jun by

***Contest Closed****

Try to find the ultimate baddie with Minions. Learn the secrets of kung fu and noodles with Po the Panda. Or see a beloved children’s story come to life with Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Harkins Summer Movie Fun offers a variety of family movies geared towards keeping your family cool all summer long. For over 35 years, Harkins Theatres has offered fun family films to enjoy with your loved ones. Beat the heat by cooling off at the movies, where icees and popcorn are a plenty. Bookmans Phoenix will be giving away season passes to Summer Movie Fun at the Metrocenter 12 location. With ten movies playing over the course of ten weeks, the hot summer months of June and July have never felt more cool. Tickets are usually 7.00 a person, but with season tickets courtesy of yours truly, you and yours will be able to see every film featured. From Spongebob to Hotel Transylvania with 2016 Summer Movie Fun season passes you will be able to see all ten!


To enter our Freebie Friday giveaway, tell us in the comments section below about your favorite activity to do as a family during the summer. We will allow twenty four hours for commenting and  select a winner using Winners will be notified by e-mail Monday, June 6th. Comments are moderated and may take some time to appear so refrain from commenting more than once. Visit Harkins Metrocenter 12 to redeem your season ticket voucher before June 30, 2016. Check out the Summer Movie Fun website for more information on this great summer event.

Get out of the heat, grab some popcorn and hang with the family at the movies summer! This only happens one time a year, and we want to make sure you get to experience it. Enter today for a chance to take home 2016 Summer Movie Fun season tickets!


B. Bookington: A Books Life At Bookmans

Posted in Bookie Blog on 02 Jun by

So you’ve just traded in some of your beloved books to one of our six Bookmans stores. And as you start to walk away carrying your new haul of sweet finds you purchased with trade credit, your mind can’t help but wonder. Where are they now? Do they have new homes? Are they loved and well looked after? Have you ever wanted to know what a book’s opinion might be about our buy-sell-trade business model? You’re in luck! Recently we caught up an insider source and heard all about a books life at Bookmans. From when it lands on the Bookmans trade counter to the moment it’s clutched by a new happy owner. We’re going behind the shelves to give you an all access, cover to cover exclusive on the life of a typical book. From our shelves to yours.



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Viper: A Unique Take On A Classical Instrument

Posted in In Our Stores, Musical Notes on 01 Jun by

Years back, when I was a Bookmans Mesa customer an unorthodox violin named Viper had caught my eye. Shaped like a contoured Flying V guitar with almost no resemblance to a normal violin, Viper was intriguing to say the least. Where traditional violins have four strings, Viper exceeded that number with a low fifth string.  Though I was awestruck at this interesting take on a classical instrument I’m no violinist and was content with admiring Viper from a far.

Unique Classical Instruments

A close-up of the Viper Violin showing its 5-string awesomeness.


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