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How To Watch a Movie When You’ve Read the Book

Posted in Reel Chat on 21 Aug by

Hey, hey friends. Is the book-to-movie trend getting you down? Do you feel sad when you’ve read the book and the movie just doesn’t compare? Are you still reeling from a certain character’s absence (e-hem, Madge Undersee)? Let Bookmans help. We developed a fool proof step-by-step program to avoid cinematic disappointment after watching a movie when you’ve read the book. You can like both. The practice of adapting novels to film makes it almost impossible for bookish movie goers to see a movie based on a book they haven’t already read. Sometimes the movie version of a beloved book thrills our inner fan and sometimes it overwhelmingly disappoints. Once you’ve imagined the characters, setting and the entire world of a book, opening up to the imaginings of others gets dicey. We get it; we understand this hardship. You can take steps to prevent feeling let down. Bookmans will help you move on because, let’s face it, the page-to-screen trend will never die because book writers tell the best stories. Follow these guidelines and you will once again enjoy the theatric experience.

Book to Movie
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Mad for Movies at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 20 Aug by

Bookmans Speedway has all your favorite movies from past and present. The history of cinema is long and varied; it all began in the 1890s with the invention of the first motion-picture cameras. Simple single scene shots dominated the field, some of everyday life, some staged and others captured the acts of the ever popular Vaudeville. Travelogues brought the wonders of far flung places and cinema quickly became the most popular form of entertainment in the Victorian Era. Stereopticons were paired with hand painted glass slides, live performance or sound recordings made the first illustrated songs to promote the sales of sheet music. The market ploy was successful so it was used as filler material preceding films and during reel changes.

Speedway Movie Madness
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We Miss You, Mork from Ork

Posted in News, Reel Chat on 19 Aug by

The world recently said a bitter good-bye to one of our beloved performers, Robin Williams. Bookmans Speedway joins our community in grieving for this tremendous genius. We took a moment to reflect on the career and brilliance of an artist whose work spanned multiple generations and who touched literally millions of lives, but a moment isn’t nearly enough.

Robin Williams
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Volunteer for Tucson Meet Yourself

Posted in Community Events on 18 Aug by

By Amelia Reyes-Crozier, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator for Tucson Meet Yourself

I first experienced the Tucson Meet Yourself festival as a child in the 1970s and for many years attended the festival as a spectator. Several years ago, I was asked to present a booth introducing a foreign exchange student program. A year later, I found myself volunteering alongside students from France, Germany and South Korea. These foreign exchange students agreed that volunteering at the festival was one of the best experiences they’d had while living in Tucson. This feeling is shared by many of our volunteers and my family too.

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Bookmans Recommends: 5 Classic Films Everyone Should See

Posted in Merchandise, Reel Chat on 18 Aug by

With August being Movie Madness here at Bookmans, we feel it’s fitting to highlight some of the greatest classic (pre-1970) films of all time. This includes everything from the Silent Era to Hollywood’s Golden Age. These stories are timeless and continue to influence film makers. Where would all those blockbuster thrillers be without the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock? You may be a classics connoisseur who hangs with the likes of Robert Osborne or you may be completely new to this genre but are eager to experience some of these cinematic masterpieces. Whatever level of familiarity you have, we can agree that certain classics stand the test of time and maintain relevance long after they left theaters. These are the films we present to you. Grab your popcorn and Raisinets because this is Bookmans Recommends: Five Classic Films Everyone Should See.

Movie Madness 2014

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Elvis Lives at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise, Musical Notes on 15 Aug by

The King reigns at Bookmans Speedway. The appeal of Elvis Presley never faded; if anything, he is more popular now than ever. If you yearn for some real rock-’n-roll and can’t get enough Blue Suede Shoes, head to Bookmans Speedway. We have an entire collection of Elvis memorabilia that includes everything from collectable plates to shot glasses. Elvis is represented in all his incarnations from humble beginnings to glorious Las Vegas reign.

Speedway Elvis Presley
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Movie Magic at Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise, Reel Chat on 14 Aug by

Movies are magical. They bring our favorite stories, characters and far off lands to life. Movies tell enchanted stories within one cinematic adventure, which allows for a fantasy to become a short lived reality for the audience. Movies allow people to escape the real world for a short period of time to become caught up in the drama and imagination of a story. In a sometimes mundane world, movies are a source of inspiration to any one who seeks adventure or fantasy.

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Puzzling for Brain Health

Posted in Merchandise, News on 13 Aug by

How fit is your brain? When was the last time you worked out with a puzzle or word game? Most Americans are familiar with the benefits of physical fitness, but new studies show that brain health is just as important. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. with an estimated 5.4 million Americans living with this debilitating condition. The hopeful news is that one possible prevention for the progression of Alzheimer’s is fun! People who exercise their brains by reading, writing, working crossword puzzles and/or piecing jigsaw puzzles are less likely to have the bad brain plaque seen in Alzheimer’s patients.

Speedway Puzzles
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Getting Instrumental at Bookmans Flagstaff

Posted in Merchandise, Musical Notes on 12 Aug by

If you have visited Bookmans Flagstaff recently you probably noticed some changes to the layout of the store. Gone is the small corner dedicated to Bookmans new and used instruments. In its place you will find our vinyl collection and posters for your favorites movies, comic books and T.V. shows. Those instruments had to go somewhere. Where are the shiny new guitars? The trombones, trumpets, drums? What about violin strings and sheet music? Fear not, young Bachs, Beethovens and Becks, Bookmans is still the ultimate location for your musical needs. We found a better and bigger home for all the lovely melody makers. When entering Bookmans Flagstaff you will find the entire stock of instruments, at least most of it, on the back wall neighboring the DVDs.

Electric Guitars
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Movie Madness Month: Best Friends on Film

Posted in In Our Stores, Reel Chat on 11 Aug by

The highlights of summer include swimming, cold drinks, vacation, beach reads, wearing flip-flops, eating popsicles and, of course, blockbuster movies. August marks two of the most interactive observances of the season: International Day of Friendship and Bookmans’ Movie Madness Month. How better to celebrate than with the all-time greatest on-screen buddies? Grab some chums and watch one of the following film-friendships for a social movie night.

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Geek Zone at Bookmans Speedway

Posted in Merchandise on 08 Aug by

Let us take you to a very special place, your Happy Place! It is a wonderland of treasures where everything you love is there and everyone is smiling. We don’t have lemon drops, but, boy, do we have the toys! Bookmans Speedway is happy to announce the arrival of our newest play land, Geek Zone.

Speedway Geek Zone
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Super Captain Comic Book Man

Posted in In Our Stores, Merchandise on 07 Aug by

A flash of red flames against a dark skyline, a caped figure leaps into the frame, muscled, face hidden behind a mask but carefully exposing a chiseled jaw. Who is this unknown hero? Has he come to save the day or is he part of the Dark Side? Maybe he isn’t a he at all.

Speedway Comics

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Once Upon a Time at Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise on 06 Aug by

Once upon a time, in an arid land, where the sun rained heat and the wilted inhabitants sought a precious piece of shade, school was back in session early and younger siblings and their caregivers grew bored. Never fear gentle lords and ladies, Bookmans Speedway is your knight in shining armor who carries the golden challis of entertainment. Nothing calms the bellowing hoards of children loosed upon the land freed from the constraints of apprenticeship or soothes the the frayed nerves of their guardians like a good fairy tale.

Speedway Fairy Tales
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A Very Potter Party at Bookmans Flagstaff

Posted in In Our Stores on 06 Aug by

These days it’s common knowledge that July 31 is Harry Potter’s birthday. We are all a little crazed for the boy wizard. It’s safe to say that as a whole, the Bookmans family is made up of full-blown Potter heads. Bookmans Flagstaff celebrated the famous wizard’s birthday and kicked off August Movie Madness month with a Very Potter Party. We transformed the entire store into our version of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. We encouraged customers to dress up like their favorite Harry Potter character and had plenty of Potter-themed activities.

Harry Potter
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Bookmans Had a Barkin’ Good Time at Rescue Roundup

Posted in Community Events, Core Values on 05 Aug by

As Animal Welfare month came to a close, Bookmans Flagstaff couldn’t think of a better conclusion than to spend a day in the sun at the 8th annual Rescue Roundup. With over thirty pet rescues and shelters in attendance Rescue Roundup takes the title as the largest rescue event of Northern Arizona.

Bookmans Paw Logo
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Visit Bookmans for Back-to-School Band and Orchestra Instruments

Posted in Musical Notes on 04 Aug by

Everyone knows we are your local resource for back-to-school used English Lit. books, but we are also your musical instrument headquarters! Children who are exposed to music and those who play an instrument do better in school than those who don’t. Exposure to music may benefit a child’s reading age, IQ and the development of certain parts of the brain. Additionally, when you play a wind instrument, such as the flute or clarinet, you get the added benefit of improved lung capacity. Bookmans Grant is highlighting woodwinds in our glass case to help you find the perfect instrument for a strong start to the school year.

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Catch Movie Madness at Bookmans

August is Movie Madness Month at Bookmans as we celebrate the silver screen (and all the other movie screens)! Stop by every location for movie-themed events that are sure to be cinematicly awesome. Each store hosts free activities for all ages. From Muppet shenanigans to a Frozen screening and even an ode to The Big Lebowski, don’t miss any of the Movie Madness. Get ready for your close up and have a blast at Bookmans this August.

Movie Madness 2014
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How to Buy Musical Instruments for Novices

Posted in Musical Notes on 01 Aug by

Your kid wants to learn the cello, but cellos take up space and cost a pretty penny. Plus, there’s a chance s/he won’t stick to it. With a quality used instrument (purchased or rented) from Bookmans and a few pro-shopping tips, you can support every instrumental whim. We consulted with music instructors at Allegro and researched other sources to come up with the following tips for providing all budding musicians solid instruments that inspire and support their efforts.

1939 Martin 00-18
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Tattoos of Bookmans Speedway: Part 1, a Survey

Posted in In Our Stores, Uncategorized on 31 Jul by

Bookmans Speedway employees have a lot to say, sometimes we say it through images — images on our bodies. Tattoos tell a story, share a belief, or evoke a memory, but mostly they are fun and meaningful. The employees of Bookmans proudly display our body art. Take a look at the fleshy side of Bookmans, a peek under the sleeves and into the lives of the individuals who make Bookmans an interesting place to be.

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Book Review: Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman and Paul Clark Newell, Jr.

Posted in Bookie Blog on 30 Jul by

Reviewed by Darcy Short

Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman and Paul Clark Newell, Jr. is the true story of Huguette Clark, daughter of copper baron and corrupt Senator W.A. Clark. At the time she died, Clark was one of the richest women in the world. She owned hundreds of millions of dollars in property including mansions in Connecticut and California, as well as apartments in one of the most exclusive buildings in New York. Yet she spent the last 20 years of her life confined to a hospital room, perfectly healthy but unwilling to leave.

Empty Mansions
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