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Gamers Score at Bookmans

Posted in Play: A Gamer's Blog on 24 Apr by

By C’Loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Are you a gamer looking for the latest video game releases? Maybe you’re a collector looking to fill out your retro Nintendo cartridge collection or find some rare Playstation JRPGs. Perhaps you simply want a cheap and entertaining video game system to occupy the kids. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it and more at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange!

Video Games
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To Read or Not to Read Classic Literature

Posted in Bookie Blog, Core Values on 23 Apr by

To read or not to read? Such unfairness exists in classic literature. Like Hamlet’s query, this one begs the knowledge of whether the pain of reading a classic is greater than the pain of never having read the classics. The summer prior to my freshman year at the UofA I received a required reading list and assigned myself the task of reading the classics. I reasoned that I had not read enough of them in high school and that it would be a good idea to be familiar with as many of them as possible. My reading continued well into the school year. I hit a low point when a friend asked me what I thought about my current selection, Moby Dick. I answered, “When does the bit about the fish end?” My pal changed the subject. I never finished the novel.

Classic Literature
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Help Wanted: Musical Instrument Sales

Posted in Job Postings on 22 Apr by

We’re looking for a person in Musical Instrument Sales for Bookmans Grant and think it might be you. You must enjoy a newbie scratching out Für Elise on a violin as much as the wailing of a near-Jimi Hendrix level guitar genius. Our ideal candidate knows how to pair musicians of all levels and styles with the right musical instrument.

Apply online now or read further for more details.

Bookmans Badge of Honor
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Help Wanted: Visual Merchandise Coordinator

Posted in Job Postings on 22 Apr by

We’re looking for a Visual Merchandise Coordinator for Bookmans Grant and think it might be you. Bookmans Grant is our only location with a huge display window, which looks out on the busy intersection of Grant and Campbell in Tucson. All of Midtown will see your installations.

Apply online now or read further for more details.

Bookmans Badge of Honor
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Help Wanted: Bookmans Flagstaff Café Staff

Posted in Job Postings on 22 Apr by

We’re looking for someone for the Bookmans Flagstaff Café and think it might be you. This person leads and promotes a customer-friendly café atmosphere by providing exceptional customer service experience while sharing with our customers a passion for world-class beverages.

Apply online now or read further for more details.

Bookmans Badge of Honor
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Free ASL Classes at Bookmans Mesa

Posted in In Our Stores on 21 Apr by

ASL (American Sign Language) is the third most used language in America. To help young people learn this practical and beautiful language, Bookmans Mesa hosts Sing, Sign and Play every Thursday at 10 a.m. Our free ASL classes are aimed at small children, but we welcome anyone from any age group. Class instructor Miss Jessika Murphy says sign language has always been a part of her life.

free asl classes
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Find Your Musical Instruments at Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise, Musical Notes on 20 Apr by

We know how important finding the right instrument is. When you are trying to create a signature sound coming close won’t do. It has to be just right. Whether it is a germanium fuzz pedal or a Native American flute, that perfect instrument is out there and we want to help you find it. That is why when we buy, sell and trade musical instruments and accessories we make variety a priority. From folk band to school band to rock band, come browse our offerings.

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Young Reader Favorites

Posted in Bookie Blog, Merchandise on 17 Apr by

The success of many Young Adult novels that have been adapted for film has brought more attention to books for kids and teens. Young reader favorites like Twilight, Hunger Games and Divergent bring kids, and their parents, into bookstores looking for the next great story. Each Bookmans has a fully stocked Children and Young Adult Department and extremely knowledgeable staff to help navigate it. Our inventory runs the full spectrum of ages and reading levels, with every genre for every taste.

young reader favorites
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Make Music Yours at Bookmans

Posted in Merchandise, Musical Notes on 15 Apr by

Tracks in wax, album rock, vintage cassettes or the latest thing, the Bookmans Music Department has what you’re looking for. Together, our customer base of avid music fans and our staff with great taste, compiled a rare and alluring collection of tunes. Discover vinyl, CDs and cassette tapes in our menagerie of music. Ask a friendly Bookmans team member for recommendations. We’re happy to help! John Lennon said, “Music is everybody’s possession.” Make music yours at Bookmans.

Make Music Yours
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Ticket Tuesdays — Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

This contest has ended but tickets are still available. Ticket information included at end of post.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy arrived on the scene over 20 years ago. Having secured their legendary residency at the Derby nightclub in Los Angeles, they reminded the world that it is still cool to swing big band style. Today the high-energy, nine-piece ensemble continues the party with the release of Rattle Them Bones, urging their millions of fans worldwide to shake and move to their inimitable grooves while expanding their horizons with new musical inspiration and influence. One lucky reader will win a pair of passes to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 17 at The Rialto Theatre in Tucson.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycled Roses

Posted in Core Values, Uncategorized on 13 Apr by

One Earth Day doesn’t cut it for us here at your favorite neighborhood used media store. We devoted a whole month to celebrating our planet (and all year striving to practice what we preach) with free in store events and environmentally minded displays. Naturally, we reduce, reuse and recycle to honor this lovely blue marble we call home. We also hope to create conversations about climate change and our environmental impact. But we’re still Bookmans and want to have fun too. We regularly host cool crafts using materials that anyone can find in their own home. Today we show you how to make one such craft — Reduce, Reuse, Recycled Roses. With just a few items and a ton of toilet paper rolls, you can make a gorgeous bouquet to decorate your home. They may not smell the same, but after reading The Hunger Games who can really stomach the smell of roses anyway?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycled Roses

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Top 5 Shows for Series Binging

Posted in Merchandise, Reel Chat on 10 Apr by

There’s nothing like spending the day horizontal and binging on an entire season of your fave TV show. Yeah, maybe it’s not the healthiest activity and, sure, being outside or reading a book are better alternatives. But sometimes you just need to stuff your face with potato chips and devote five plus hours to Walter White and company. We are all about all forms of entertainment and just as we have book recommendations at the ready, we can also name five series that kept our eyes glued to the tube. This is Bookmans Recommends: Top 5 Shows for Series Binging.

Series Binging
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Bookmans Recommends: WildStar

Posted in Play: A Gamer's Blog on 09 Apr by

By C’Loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

As an MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) junkie, I’ve played everything from World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy XI to Guild Wars 2, but my current MMO of choice is WildStar. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this vivid, multi-layered game, WildStar is a sci-fi adventure MMO that takes place on a newly inhabited planet called Nexus. Players choose between two factions (Exiles or Dominion), eight races (four per faction), and six classes.

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Top 5 Instruments for Beginners

Posted in Musical Notes on 08 Apr by

Some people have music in their hearts but never had the opportunity to let their inner musician play. At some point we get the idea that we are too old to pick up an instrument, and in any case wouldn’t know what instrument to play if they did. In the first case we call B.S. and in the second we know what you mean. The choice of instrument can make or break your music playing dreams because instruments have different learning curves. Some are great for beginners while others require more time for fluency. If you are ready to start playing, let Bookmans help with this list of the best instruments for beginners.

Electric guitars make excellent instruments for beginners.
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Gallery Offers Haute Housewares and Accessories

Posted in Merchandise on 07 Apr by

Make your living space truly you and truly original without reaching your credit card limit at Bookmans. Do the same for your person. In our Gallery, you can find plenty of cool items to decorate your personal space and your person. Show off your originality with housewares and accessories carefully screened by our buyers. We carry items that we buy for cash or trade, so bring in the items that you no longer use for someone else to enjoy.

Bookmans Housewares
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Easy Lorax Flowerpot Tutorial

Posted in In Our Stores on 06 Apr by

Throw a kid-friendly Earth Day party the right way — with a Lorax celebration! Provide guests with floofy, yellow mustaches and put on your DVD of The Lorax. Afterward, use this Lorax flowerpot tutorial from Bookmans Grant to create gifts to take home.

Lorax Flowerpot Tutorial
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Seeking Focus Group Participants in Tucson

Posted in Uncategorized on 02 Apr by

We want to hear from you. Bookmans Entertainment Exchange seeks customers in Tucson for a focus group about our stores. You love Bookmans, or maybe you don’t. Time to tell us why. Please complete the form below to apply for our 2015 Focus Group. If you are from Phoenix, Mesa or Flagstaff and wish to sign up for future opportunities, you can use this form as well. Participants will be compensated for your time with trade credit. The location and time for the focus group has yet to be determined.

Focus Group
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Spring and Green April Events

Posted in In Our Stores on 01 Apr by

Springtime is here! We have plans to get outdoors, engage with the community and renew our environmental efforts. With Earth Day right around the corner, we expose our Green Heart. Additionally, each store hosts free and fun events get the most of Spring Celebrations and embrace Mother Earth. From colorful egg-stravaganzas to Wonkapalooza parties to conservation workshops, our April Events Calendar is packed. Please join us!

April Events
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Our Shelves Are Orange but Our Hearts Are Green

Posted in Core Values on 01 Apr by

Bookmans takes caring for the planet seriously. We work to find green business practices that reduce our carbon footprint, starting with the basics — our business model. Every buy, sell or trade conducted with Bookmans Entertainment Exchange extends the reduce, reuse, recycle chain by reducing consumption of new items and reusing items that may otherwise find a place in landfills. Items that once brought joy to you now make others happy and eliminate unnecessary, harmful waste. Shopping for used media at Bookmans has been green for more than 30 years. Our earth-friendly customers do their part by sharing books, music, movies, magazines and games with the Bookmans community. Behind the scenes, we conduct even more green business practices that you may not be aware of.

Green Business Practices at Bookmans
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Bookmans Flag Attends Capi 2015

Posted in Community Events on 31 Mar by

Bookmans Flag received an invitation to attend the 28th Annual Capi Conference. Northern AZ Pride in partnership with LA Pride hosted the Annual General Meeting in Flag on March 19 through the 22. Pride organizations from all over the Southwest gathered at the High Country Conference Center to gain knowledge and inspiration from their peers. We couldn’t have been more excited about Capi 2015. Due to scheduling conflicts, we could only attend attend a couple of the workshops but, boy, were they rewarding.

Capi 2015
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