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***Contest Closed***

**Heareth ye, heareth ye all bookmans fans beholdeth! A contest liketh nay oth’r we presenteth f’r thee. Looking f’r an uplifting valorous timeth? It’s easy! Taketh a trippeth backeth in timeth to the wildly popular and ent’rtaining Arizona Renaissance Festival. Ent’r the w’rld of kings, queens, knights and mermaids.. Locat’d at 12601 e. Us highway 60 gold canyon az 85118. The annual faire begins at 10 am ev’ry Saturday, Sunday, and on Presidents’ Day Monday, from February 11th thru April 2nd.

ticket tuesday

This festival transp’rts visiteth’rs to an European style fair did fill with an agreeable rabble of knights, rogues, royalty and craftsmen, all roaming throughout a 30 acre village did fill with delectable sights and sounds tantalizing the senses.

Thee may has’t been in st’re f’r our knighting c’remony ‘r becameth enchant’d with the tales of the st’rytell’r this month, anon is thy chance to exp’rience t in p’rson f’r free! We art giving hence (2) tickets to this magical kingdom.To ent’r our ticket Tuesday giveaway, bid us in our comment section about thy fav’rite thing at the Ren Faire? Is’t the oh so valorous food, the gl’rius ale, ‘r the heart stopping joust fighting. We of course, loveth t all! we shall selecteth a winn’r using by fate. ‘rg. We’ll alloweth 24 hours f’r commenting. Winn’rs shall beest did notify by e-mail sometime on Wednesday, Marcheth 1st! comments art mod’rat’d and may taketh some timeth to appeareth. Prithee doth not resubmit thy comments — one is plenty.

Anon valorous squires! Receiveth a moveth on and ent’r thy comment f’r a chance to winneth free passes. Wouldn’t thee liketh to beest a guest at this magical nonce? Hip-hip-huzzah!**


Hear Ye, Hear Ye all Bookmans fans behold! A contest like no other we present for you. Looking for an uplifting good time? It’s easy! Take a trip Back in Time to the wildly popular and entertaining Arizona Renaissance Festival. Enter the world of Kings, Queens, and Knights at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Located at 12601 E. US Highway 60 Gold Canyon AZ 85118.

The annual faire begins at 10 am every Saturday, Sunday, and on Presidents’ Day Monday, from February 11th thru April 2nd. This Festival transports visitors to an European style fair filled with an agreeable rabble of knights, rogues, royalty and craftsmen, all roaming throughout a 30 acre village filled with delectable sights and sounds tantalizing the senses.

You may have been in store for our Knighting Ceremony or became enchanted with the tales of the Storyteller this month, now is your chance to experience it in person for Free! We are giving away (2) Tickets to this magical kingdom.

To enter our Ticket Tuesday giveaway, tell us in our comment section about your favorite thing at the Ren Faire? Is it the oh so good food, the glorius ale, or the heart stopping joust fighting. We of course, love it all! We will select a winner using random.org. We’ll allow 24 hours for commenting. Winners will be notified by e-mail sometime on Wednesday, March 1st! Comments are moderated and may take some time to appear. Please do not resubmit your comments — one is plenty.

Anon good squires! Get a move on and enter your comment for a chance to win free passes. Wouldn’t you like to be a guest at this magical event? Hip-hip-huzzah!

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71 Responses to “Ticket Tuesday Giveaway: Winneth Tickets to Arizona Ren Fest | Bookmans”

  1. Jon M. says:

    Ale, ale, and more ale!

  2. Tim Walker says:

    Verily the most hearty of food is the best in the land. Everything from roasted turkey legs to the sumtious great feast. I greedily eat it all. Sendeth me to heaven one glutinous bite at a time.

  3. April Gardner says:

    My favorite things are the costumes and the entertainment. How can you not love all of the skits and plays they put on. Amazing!

  4. Christina Fortier says:

    My children enjoy Twig and the Fire Whip show very much! Every year is a treasure hunt for wonderful new things to bring home.The smells, the merriment… it’s all wonderful!

  5. gabrielle wade says:

    Eat and shop till I drop…

  6. John Paxton says:

    Watching raptors do their thing.. that and watching the glass artists at work

  7. Matthew Passmore says:

    A turkey leg in each hand and a gaggle of squires with fine mead and beer of root to quench my thirst while I bound about being entertained like a king!!!!

  8. Daphne says:

    Gotta love the food!! Not that I don’t love seeing people in costume, but the food is amazing 🍻🍗😁

  9. Amber says:

    Would love to win! Our favorite thing is all the shows!

  10. Hannah says:

    We love the different shops, whether it be henna tattoos, clothes, home decor, mugs, jewelry, clothes, etc. We also love seeing the band Tartanic live!

  11. Jennifer Y says:

    The yummy food

  12. Marylyn Cottle says:

    The shows, the Nuns, whip, the jousting. The food..

  13. Brent G says:

    Hark, what be the greatest part of ye ole faire? The food is quite good (especially the turkey legs), the shope sections are full of wondrous wares that harken to a cross between Diagon Alley and a stroll through Queen Elizabeth’s open aire mall and the shows doth be quite amazing and entertaining. The favourite part though is the escapism for being able to emerse thyself in the fantasy of the Medieval/Elizabethan era and get away for a few hours.

  14. Henry G says:

    The turkey legs of course! So good!

  15. Alyssa H says:

    I like the atmosphere and the food the best!

  16. Lilly clark says:

    My favorite thing is the shops! I can’t wait to take my little girl to her first fair!

  17. Marissa says:

    The question is what’s not to love the faire? We love supporting our talented traveling artisans! We love eating fair food until we’re full! We love that our cups (or in this case, goblets) runneth over with mead! It’s one of my favorite times of the year! Huzzah to the faire!

  18. Donna Shepard says:

    My favorite is the Cast. How everyone is so engaging and makes it a fun time for my family.

  19. Haylee B says:

    My favorite thing is escaping to another time. Just like reading a good book or watching an amazing film but it’s tangible. I get to spend time with my loved ones and escape for a day!

  20. Heather says:

    ‘Tis those jolly Angels, Heroines in Disguise, who entrance audiences with their tales of daring and drinking.

  21. Dawn Crawford says:

    Why there are too many options to decide on just one! We go for the experience. We loveth the Pleasure Feasting, the Jousting and the shopping. The jugglers, musicians and acrobats have all grown dearest to our hearts. Verily, we love the entire Festival!

  22. Jenni says:

    I love the shopping and the whip crack show!

  23. Nancy Higginson says:

    A great time to put on a costume and be someone else for the day.

  24. Randi Stephens says:

    It is most definitely the food!! My second favorite is the torture exhibit walk through. A little morbid, but great fun!

  25. Aimee says:

    Hats! The wide selection of glorious hats!

  26. Heather Duncan says:

    What ISN’T my favorite thing about the Ren Faire?!
    I love the food, the shows, I love it all!

  27. Sarah Snyder says:

    I doth require a new parasole, and the Lord of the house must feast upon a leg of Turkey, verily does he require the largest in the land to satiate his hunger!

  28. Erin Paxton says:

    Our favorite has to be all the shows.

  29. Ryan Slater says:

    Mine heart soareth on the wings of the musical entertainment. The ministrels doth provide heavn’ly sound with their bagpipes, horns, and drums! With a lovely bit o’ ale in hand hearing it just about makes mine lovely damsel and m’self happier than all the world!

  30. Janine Kemp says:

    The food!!!! Turkey leg, funnel cake, crêpes, yum yum yum!!!😊

  31. Andrea Luna says:

    I love that our family can come together and travel back in time and eat to our hearts content and spend quality time.
    It’s our thing to do!!

  32. Jaime M says:

    The only things better than this post are the Turkey legs and ale. My daughters love Twig.

  33. Bridget Magee says:

    The foodith! : )

  34. Emily Y. says:

    What do I love besides the shopping, food, entertainment, torture museum, and fanciful folk in costumes? I’d have to go with the underrated chocolate booths! The free sample of warm, gooey chocolate is delicious and then I have to get some chocolates for my family members who didn’t go to the festival- and of course, a treat or two for me. But seriously, how good are their chocolate covered (more like drenched) strawberries??? 😍😍😍

  35. Cecalie Fort says:

    Thou canst deny that the faire ist grand. (fairest faire of them all) I doth enjoy the fire whip performance and I prithee all whomst can fly quickly to the faire and watch this performance.

  36. Israel Magallon says:

    All the different things to enjoy! Yes, that includes the food and the day drinking.

  37. Rebecca Quintero says:

    Avast, me hearties, it be me pirate brethren at the ren faire that make me squeeee. And the grog too o’ course.

  38. emily watts says:

    first date/first meet with my boyfriend and the turkey legs! YUM!

  39. Elena says:

    The food, the costumes, the everything!!

  40. Kerri krauss says:

    My favorite thing is just being with friends and family and beig abke ti escape reality.

  41. Cameron Holmes says:

    We love the shows and especially the bagpipes!

  42. Stacie Miller says:

    Such a fun place! We love all the entertainment! So many great shows and demonstrations. The food is amazing and so are all the crafts and souvenirs!

  43. Paola says:

    The best thing at the fair are the men in kilts! Including my own man who will take his kilt out of storage if we go this year 🙂

  44. Sally Berberena says:

    The Tortuga Twins!!!

  45. Lindsey says:

    We love everything about the Ren fair! The food is fantastic and abundant! There are shows to make you laugh, cry and laugh again! We look forward to this event every year and we plan our weekend ahead as we love to see The Dead Bob Show and Tartanic (and sooooo many more!). It’s a time to dress the part and have a blast!!!

  46. Erika plante says:

    The only thing I love more than books is the delicious festival food and all of the beautiful birds at the show!!

  47. David Quintero says:

    My favorite thing about ren. fest is the mead. Unfortunately I haven’t been to the one here in Arizona but have made it a point to go this year.

  48. Kristen Culliney says:

    Ive never been to the Ren Fair so I’m excited to go and learn more. I think my kids will really like the jousting and all the costumes. Hope we win!

  49. Candi Juarez says:

    My family’s favorite thing about the ren fest is all the great shows! They are so entertaining and we always leave full of good food and great new memories!

  50. Sergio Burciaga says:

    I haven’t been to it yet, but it’s on my and my fiancées bucket list to go together. We want to have a turkey leg and a bread bowl, get some nice jewelry or weaponry, and see a joust! I really hope I win.

  51. Loriann Clouse says:

    My favorite thing is Cast in Bronze it is some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear

  52. Cory Shapiro says:

    I love the whole experience from the turkey legs and jousting tournaments to the funny nuns and other shows!

  53. Lynda G. says:

    The best part is being with so many people having fun!

  54. Adora says:

    We were married there and I have been every year for 20 years! Love everything about it!

  55. Raj says:

    The thing i love the most is the wooden sword battles where me and my classmates team up to defeat highschoolers.

  56. Chris Dennis says:

    It’s gotta be the turkey leg

  57. Lori S says:

    If I were to win, this would be my first RenFest!

  58. Natasha Voss says:

    I love all of the costumes! I love seeing different cultural aspects in Renaissance based costumes as well as people dressed up from different video games such as Assassin’s Creed or legend of Zelda!

  59. Jen says:

    My favorite thing? I have yet to find out! I’m hoping to change that. 🙂

  60. Valorie Bruffy says:

    Tho’ a knave, Dead Bob does make the me laugh in a most un-lady like manner & Zilch the Torrey Steller doth cause me to cry “huzzah” ! most heartily.

  61. Jayne Diaz says:

    I love seeing Twig and also shopping at all the little shops.

  62. Devon Marcus says:

    Love going to the Ren faire, always go to the torture exibits, browse the shops and enjoy the food. Especially going and dressing up!

  63. Norma Occhiline says:

    I love the magical feeling when you enter the faire. Everyone stays in character to help keep that experience during your visit.

  64. Anna says:

    Turkey legs and broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl! 🙂

  65. Laura Kravec says:

    I’ve actually never been, so I don’t know!

  66. Vlad says:

    All the glorious food~

  67. Jason Kisto says:

    The ale! The artwork! The entertainment!

  68. Sue Mills says:

    I’ve never been, so I would love to find my favorite Ren Faire thing!

    • Katie Branson says:

      Sorry Sue, the contest ended at 12pm yesterday. Stay tuned for more though, we seem to like to give things away 😉

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