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Jhené Aiko’s new album, Trip is an inside perspective on her journey of healing. From love to heartache, she talks about growing as a mother, the overwhelming grief of losing her brother to cancer, and the thought that she might have actually found real love. This album is more than a surprise, it’s a revelation with light airy beats whirling around in a familiar atmosphere. Here to help unpack this newly released album, I will be highlighting my top three favorite tracks.

Track # 4. Moments ft. Big Sean
It’s all about the moments in which nothing else matters. No matter what makes your moment, take the time to own those moments, lose yourself and enjoy it.

Track #7. Sativa
Sativa features peaceful tidal beats. This is one of my favorite songs because of the tranquil, oceanic quality of the music.

Track #8. New Balance
Jhené’s drippy vocals are like a spoonful of sweet syrup taste. This track has to be one of the most relatable songs on this album. Don’t forget there is something delightful waiting for you through all the bitterness.

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