We know the value of family and we honor the moms and dads who we see in our stores every day. We celebrated Mother’s Day in May and now that Father’s Day is approaching, it’s time for dads to shine. Why do we love dads? Let us count the ways.

father's day photo

1. Dads love to joke around.
Nothing’s better than a good ol’ fashioned dorky dad joke (e.g., Q: What do you do when you see a spaceman? A: You park, man.)

2. Dads are strong.
Do your feet hurt? Dad will carry you on his shoulders. Did that car ride put you to sleep? Dad will carry your deadweight to bed. Note: this treatment becomes less frequent the older you get. The piggy-back-ride-sneak-attacks will probably have to cease after your 12th birthday. Trust me; I had to learn this the hard way.

3. Dads have fun in the kitchen.
Maybe Mom has all the recipes and knows how much salt is enough, but Dad isn’t afraid to experiment. Who needs recipe books? Not Dad. He’ll throw on that apron and come out of the kitchen with the most sinful grilled cheese you’ve ever had.

4. Dad gives great advice.
Dad wants you to be happy. He also wants you to make good decisions. Dad knows how to balance logic and emotion to reach the best conclusion. You don’t know if you want the red Hot Wheel or the blue? Dad can help. Your first high school boyfriend just broke up with you? Dad’s an expert on boys, and he knows you can do better.

5. Dad keeps you safe.
Whether he’s installing a new security system or giving your new sweetheart a stern talking to, Dad has your safety in mind. He wants to keep you from harm’s way at all times. Sometimes this feels overbearing, but you’re his baby and he wants to make sure you’re in good hands.

6. Dad loves to play.
Whether he’s building a pillow fort, playing Chutes and Ladders for 2 hours straight, coaching your soccer team or playing video games with you past your bedtime, dads wanna have fun. Nothing makes dad happier than the sound of his child’s laughter and he’ll do anything he can to make that happen. Having a kid was a great excuse for him to finally play Candy Land again.

7. Dad will play dirty.
Did someone say mud pie? Dad is so down. You want to go jumping in rain puddles after a storm? Put on your boots! Wanna make a concoction out of every condiment in the refrigerator? Dad is game. Just be sure to clean up the mess before Mom gets home!

8. Dad’s a softy.
While he may sport a macho exterior and yell at the athletes on T.V. from time to time, Dad is warm and mushy on the inside. Dad looks forward to reading you bedtime stories and he secretly loves tea parties. He can’t wait to help you pick out your tux for prom and has waited his whole life for that father-daughter dance. He has as much fun putting on puppet shows as you do. (Don’t mention that to his buddies.)

9. Dad goes big.
Whether he’s ordering the largest pizza they offer or wearing full-body paint at your little league games, Dad is bold. Dad knows that life is too short to order small fries and he instills that belief in you by spoiling you in every way he can.

10. Dad will always love you.
Dad was there when you were a screaming, pooping, mashed potato-throwing, snot-nosed terror. And, look! He’s still crazy about you! He’s watched you grow into the person you are today and he is so proud to call you his. Dad has been there through it all and he wouldn’t want it any other way. Dad knows he’s lucky to have you, as you are to have him.

Show Dad how much you appreciate him this year. While black socks are great (and probably much-needed), our stores are full of other great gifts from that book he’s been meaning to read to that guitar he’s had his eye on. Did he just take up a new sport and is short on equipment? It’s a good thing Bookmans store credit is good at all our locations, including our new Bookmans Sports! There’s something for every dad at Bookmans. Let us help you find the perfect gift.