If you come to Bookmans Flagstaff then you probably know Fritschie. He’s the tall guy with the beard singing some cheesy song and having the time of his life. Now our Assistant Manager, Fritschie helps run this store efficiently while making sure the whole Bookmans family is in on the fun. He has returned to us after a year away and, for how much we missed him, you’d think the guy was a unicorn. He is, in fact, a majestic creature. That’s right, a unicorn now runs Bookmans Flagstaff. Don’t believe us? Fine. Come by and meet him yourself. Meanwhile, here’s a little introduction to the brilliance that is Fritschie.


How did you get your start with Bookmans?
I moved to Flagstaff working as a Manager for Hastings, so I had already had 6+ years in the used retail business. Traveling throughout the Midwest working for them, I had never run across a store like Bookmans. As the manager of the the competition, which was just a couple doors down the way, I would check out Bookmans to see what my customers were experiencing over there. It made me jealous. Everyone, from employees to customers, seemed to enjoy themselves much more in the Bookmans environment than they did the the store I was running. After a year and a half in Flagstaff, and many years of not being happy with where the company I was working for was headed, I quit and applied at Bookmans. Shortly after, I was hired and trying to work my way up from the bottom… again.

What made you decide to return?
It wasn’t an easy decision. I enjoyed being close to family again after so many years away, and after the many trials and tribulations my family endured in the meantime. But even with the help of friends and family, starting a new life in a small town can be difficult. Over the past few years, there have been some additions to my family in Arkansas that provided more support for the people I love. When the opportunity came up for me to come back to my home in Flagstaff and try to make a difference at the Flagstaff Bookmans, which had made such a difference in my life, I felt like it was the right thing for me. I hope to make it the right thing for future generations of Bookmans shoppers and employees, too!

What’s your favorite part about working for Bookmans?
The overall philosophy seems to be that if you’re going to be somewhere 40 hours a week, it should be fun and interesting. It is all of that. It is a job and it does come with its challenges and stresses, as with any job. It has perks and benefits that the competition just does not offer. Bookmans does better than any other company I’ve worked for at taking care of its employees, which, I think, allows the employees to take better care of themselves and the customers. Also, over the years I’ve made some of my best friends here at Bookmans. I’m lucky enough to have the family that made me in Arkansas and the family I made here at Bookmans in Flagstaff!

Favorite Book?
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. It’s not just a great Sci-Fi story with heroes and aliens and such, but a challenge to modern philosophies regarding everything from politics and economics to moral norms. Worth reading many times. It’s helped change and shape the way I view a lot of things.

Welcome back Fritschie from everyone in the Bookmans family!