By Jody Parker

We will celebrate anything, but sometimes something happens that truly deserves celebration. Bookmans Ina Administrative Assistant Lindy recently clocked in her 20th year with Bookmans. We like to say she turned 20 because an anniversary is considered your Bookmans birthday around here. Naturally we held a party with food, fun and plenty of Bookmans stories, because that’s what we do.


I caught up with Lindy to learn more about the Bookmans/Lindy match made in Heaven.

What’s the best part of your workday?
The best part of my day is the early morning – counting, sorting and doing data entry. (Does this make me geeky?)

Yes, but that’s okay. What do you want to do when you grow up?
It’s tough to narrow this question down to one thing so I will name a few:
a) Professional hiker,
b) Dragon rider,
c) White water river raft guide,
d) Cat whisperer, so I can play with kitties all day.

What’s your favorite kid’s book?
There are so many wonderful kid’s books. I will say Dick & Jane and Ant and Bee, as I learned to read with these books. Being able to read is so very important and fun too.

What inspires you?
Good people inspire me. Mother Teresa, Caesar Milan, Dalai Lama, family, friends….

What plans do you have for the next 20 years?
What I mentioned before.

Congratulations, Lindy! We are so fortunate to see you every day at Bookmans Ina. Here’s to 20 more years with you!