Hey there, crafty knitters! Fall is officially around the corner. Though it’s barely starting to cool down, if you’re like me it’s already time to get your knitting on. Whether it’s one skein projects like chunky hats and mittens or a full-on cozy blanket for snuggle sessions in front of the TV, knitting is an awesome craft with practical results. I absolutely love it!

Bookmans has a plethora of crafty how-to guides. From knitting to jewelry making to paper crafts, we’ve got you covered. The internet is full of awesome patterns and websites like Ravelry. They make it especially easy to find cute projects. But if you’re like me you like having books to give a more practical step-by-step guide to ensure your project turns out Instagram-worthy. Here are just a few fave books both novice and masters knitters will enjoy.

Slow Knitting by  Hannah Thiessen

Slow Knitting is all about taking a step back and being more thoughtful with your knitting projects. Think minimalism for knitters and making sure your materials are eco-friendly. It’s all about being a responsible knitter.

This book is great for knitters who want to graduate from the acrylic fiber projects to some locally sourced organic wool, alpaca, cotton and more. Slow Knitting explains the differences of fibers, how they are sourced, and why it’s better to go natural. Plus, if you are knitting for warmth, nothing beats a cozy beanie made from locally-sourced wool you picked up at your neighborhood knitting store.

Stitch ‘N Bitch by Debbie Stroller

stitch 'n bitch book cover for knitters

If you are just learning to knit want to graduate from Stokinette to something a bit more complicated, Stitch ‘N Bitch is the book for you. This book is the perfect beginner’s guide to knitting. Of course, knitters of all levels have something to gain from owning this book. It also includes 40 patterns, easy instructions, and a breakdown of yarn weight, gauge, and easy mistake fixes. With Stitch ‘N Bitch you’ll be running your own knitting group in no time.

Vogue Knitting

Vogue knitting cover for knitters

Yes, super fancy fashion icon and trendsetter has a knitting magazine. If you are a knitter you know that Vogue Knitting is hands-down the coolest print media out there. Sorry, Rolling Stone. Vogue Knitting can be picked up as magazine at Bookmans or you can find one of there many books in our craft sections. It’s a great resource for new patterns plus sometimes super awesome ladies like Krysten Ritter will grace the cover.

Bonus fact: Krysten Ritter is an avid knitter and she has a collab with We Are Knitters. If you love her and knitting, it’s a must!

Knitting books make great additions to any at-home library. You’ll get inspired to try new and interesting projects to keep you and loved ones warm during the cold winter. Or, if you are our friends in Phoenix and Tucson, a mildly less hot one ?‍♀️. Here in Flagstaff, it’s kind of always knitting season!

Shout out to our local knitting stores like Purl In The Pines in Flagstaff and Birdhouse Yarns in Tucson. If you are interested in picking up knitting or crocheting definitely stop by. Locally sourced yarns in pretty colors will spark inspiration and get you crafting for sure!