Bookmans is known around Arizona as having some of the rarest and hard to find books, electronics, and collectibles in existence. Bookmans also offers a selection of musical instruments that are no less unique and desirable than what you have come to expect. See what’s in store for your musical future…

1939 Martin 00-18
Sarah at Bookmans Speedway Loves the 1939 Martin 00-18

The hills of Kentucky echo with the sweet sounds of bluegrass jamborees. Did you know that the same can be heard at Bookmans too? From our Yasuma bowl back mandolins to our long neck banjos, Bookmans has that classic sound, ready for your fingertips. The serene sound of a Chinese garden, for example, is complete with a soft stream, chirping birds, and a gently plucked guhzeng. Wait, a what? One of the most enchanting instruments on earth, the 21 string guhzeng is a rarity to behold. Stop in today to play one of ours.

We also offer new, high-quality instruments from Eastman and Cordoba. These manufacturers ensure that each note played on their instruments express every nuance possible, providing an unforgettable performance. From mandolins and flat-top boxes to ukuleles and flamenco guitarras, Bookmans has the sound that you know and love.

Bookmans is busy, filled to the brim with life, energy, and enthusiasm for all things creative. We love to hear musicians play their favorite songs. We have a knowledgeable staff to help answer questions about our large selection of recording equipment and amplifiers. Do you have a child who is starting band or orchestra at school? Not only do we offer affordable instruments at a great price, we also offer a rental program with Milano Music.

Stop by today to see what Bookmans stores have for you! To learn the ins and outs of choosing the right kind of guitar for you, be sure to check out Beginner Guitar HQ’s article How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 to Consider According to Science.