ODESZA is an electronic duo featuring Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. This group writes and produces their own individual style of electronic music while performing at music festivals full of fans from all over the world. Maybe you are one of their fans, maybe you have heard their music remixed by popular DJs or played at millions of night clubs. Whether directly or indirectly, ODESZA definitely has a following. As said in the intro of this album, “The only way to save sanity is to fall in love with the sound.” Today, I’m breaking down their newly released album, A Moment Apart and highlighting my top three favorite tracks.



Track #2: A Moment Apart
This track is like a mix between day and night. Blending together diverse elements that make this track atypical from the other’s on this album, the lyrics are expertly interwoven into the beats.

Track #5: Line of Sight ft.  WYNNE and Mansionair
One of the handful of collaborations their new album. This track feels like the center on their focal point on this album. Line of Sight is going to take you somewhere it’s like the music waves pick you up and take you along for the drift.

Track #6: Late Night
Late Night is one of my favorite songs on this album because it’s another track that doesn’t require much vocal presence. This track has different expressive textures, conveying calm introspection.
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