By Alex Dittrich, Bookmans Grant Electronics Department

The Yo-Kai Watch franchise is fresh to America’s shores from Japan. Some people regard it as kinda like Pokémon, but it’s far from it. In the game, protagonists Nate and Katie (Keita and Fumika in the Japanese version), happen upon a mystical device known as the Yo-Kai Watch, which allows them to see and interact with ghosts called Yo-kai that exist alongside the human world. The hundreds of different Yo-kai are largely influenced by traditional Japanese folklore.


The game focuses on befriending mischievous Yo-kai and enlisting them to help with adventures around the city. While there is a story driving players along, the citizens make the game. Players are asked to do favors and requests, resulting in experience points for Yo-kai friends, some items, currency and a fully-animated short featuring one of the many characters in precarious situations. Doing good deeds doesn’t go unnoticed in this game. Using the crosswalk signals, helping neighbors and being friendly results in fun little gifts that I won’t spoil. I’ll simply say it’s worth doing good deeds! (Of course, kindness is its own reward!)

The StreetPass functionality allows players to let friends’ Yo-kai take residence in an apartment complex. There, players can battle or brefriend their Yo-kai, which is a fantastic way to level as well as get a Yo-kai you may have had issues getting previously. It’s a fun game to watch someone else play, as you can compare notes on what you’ve seen or haven’t seen yet.

I’ve noticed that this game gets passed over a lot. I strongly recommend it to gamers of all ages. Support from American players will encourage the release of the other two games that have already released in Japan, as well as more translated episodes and movies coming over! If you’re young and want a good game to define your childhood or an adult looking to recapture the pure enjoyment of a challenging, heartwarming and fun game, then don’t hesitate! Pick up Yo-Kai Watch and let it bring more magic into your life!

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