Bookmans is all about going green, all year long. In a previous article we mentioned that we like to save items that get left behind at our trade counter, such as books, DVDs, comics, video game consoles and many others. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing things you can do to repurpose old materials. In this craft how-to, we’re making wall décor out of recycled discs and comics. This is a cheap and easy way to spend a summer afternoon crafting and what better way to do it (and save money) than using items you no longer use.


To get started we encourage you to scrounge up these materials:

Old Discs

Comics or magazines



Construction Paper


Gems, buttons, googly eyes or other “bedazzling” items

Step 1: Decide how many discs you would like to make. Take one and set the rest aside. Trace your disc on construction paper to cover the graphics. We chose to leave the shiny side out and covered the DVD face.  Next, glue the cutout to the disc.

Step 2: Take your magazines and comics and find your favorite images to cut out and layer on your disc. We chose a Western and DC mash up!

Step 3: Start to cut out your images using your DVD to trace the circle, then glue the cutout to the DVD. You can also add text and glitter to yours.

Step 4: The final step is adding string to the back! Hang it up, and do it again. This way your new room or house is covered in handmade, recycled décor.

Celebrate the greatness of our planet by recycling, re-purposing and reducing. Earth month may have passed, but it’s never a bad time to celebrate going green, especially when it comes to crafting. Create new treasures for your home out of materials you might otherwise overlook at toss out. Don’t have a selection of magazines or comics to use for your project? Stop by one of our stores to find all of the supplies you would need. We have affordable options and you can use trade credit. Ok, get crafty!