We’re past the hall decking, and we’re maxed out on Elf references – but we’re still full of reasons to celebrate the season: number one being a fantastic opportunity to trade in your unwanted gifts at Bookmans! Bring us the weird, awful, kind-of-creepy gifts and trade them in for our infamous trade credit (or cash)! You get what you want (i.e. books, movies, fun stuff, lovely stuff, neat stuff, nerdy stuff, useful stuff) and we get a store full of funky things because that’s what we do best. After all Bookmans does the weird, funky and amazing prrreeettttyyyy preeetttyyyy pretty well. (Name that movie!)
You came in as shoppers looking for those wild, quirky, fun and fantastical gifts for others and now you can come back as traders – using the system efficiently and making up for how bad some of the things you got really are.
Here’s the deal – it’s not that you’re mean, you’re not a scrooge and honestly, we’re so not #judging. It’s that we get it. None of us chose the geek life, the geek life chose us. Peeps don’t know how to buy for us, they don’t know how to pick out the right Pop! figure, Xbox game, or which season of Big Bang Theory we’re missing so it’s up to us to make it happen.
Bring in your unwanted things, or perhaps it’s just a slightly wrong version of a thing, and trade it in. Of course we can’t guarantee we want the plastic cat figurine or the half-eaten popcorn can, but we’ve found some pretty interesting things at Bookmans and chances are the gift you don’t want isn’t useable, it’s just not your jam.
Our suggestion though? Text the fam to see what their plans are before heading down to Bookmans for your gift-exchange (that has a nicer ring to it)…you wouldn’t want to have to explain to Pappy why you’re just not in to a sequined, glittered, animal print snapback that has your favorite football team’s name embroidered on it.