Who runs the world? Girls! No one says it better than Queen B herself. In celebration of Bookmans Music Month and all its musical awesomeness we focus on the ladies. These four cool chicks are artists who have released albums in the past couple years and who we greatly admire. They represent different genres and are heroines in their own right, but make no mistake these aren’t “female musicians”. These are talented artists, forces of nature and worship worthy singers and songwriters who just happen to be women.

female musicians

Ingrid Michaelson
Although a gender swap Robert Palmer video is nothing new. Remember Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like a Woman video? But no one has mastered this technique like Ingrid Michaelson’s Girls Chase Boys. What starts out as classic Palmer-esque with Michaelson dressed in a suit surrounded by what are obviously male models, dressed to kill in red lipstick and smokey eyed makeup galore, quickly turns into an all out party of both genders as men and woman dance to the lyrics, “Girls chase boys chase girls chase girls chase boys chase boys chase girls.” Ingrid states that what started out as a breakup song took on a deeper meaning. “Girls don’t exclusively chase boys,” she says. “We all know this. We all chase each other and in the end we are all chasing after the same thing: love.” You said it girl! For further proof of Ingrid Michaelson’s greatness check out her video for Time Machine and her YouTube show for Soul Pancake, Little Kids. Big Questions.

Kacey Musgraves
Kasey Musgraves busted onto the country music scene with something to say, including, “So, make lots of noise. Kiss lots of boys. Or kiss lots of girls if that’s something you’re into,” in her hit single Follow Your Arrow. We also appreciate her incredibly honest songs like It Is What It Is. Musgraves isn’t one for holding her tongue and it’s paid off as the singer/songwriter took home Song of the Year at the CMAs last year. This is a huge feat for an artist known for progressive themes and references to rolling joints. Country music is known for its conservative artists and songs but Musgraves is leading the way for a slew of emerging country singers and songwriters who are actively changing that stereotype. She did have a drag queen release party for her latest album Pageant Material.

Jenny Lewis
For many of us Jenny Lewis is our soul, or at least for this Bookmans blog contributor she is. I enjoyed her days leading Rilo Kiley and her solo albums Rabbit Fur Coat and Acid Tongue, but it’s her latest album Voyager that’s got me a buzz. Released July of last year with the single Just One of the Guys setting the album’s overall tone and leading the way with its hilarious and potent video, another tribute to Palmer’s Simply Irresistible. Voyager received overall good reviews and Just One of The Guys was listed #5 on Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Songs of 2014. But that’s not all! Lewis video for She’s not Me poked fun at her days as a child star, with references to Golden Girls and Troop Beverly Hills. Plus we covet that sick magical rainbow suit. Man, I want a rainbow suit.

Beyoncé, duh.
Oh, Yonce. Queen B. Bey. The one and only Beyoncé. Some of us have been listening to Beyoncé sense childhood and her songs’ common themes of empowerment and independence are nothing new. From her days in Destiny’s Child singing Bills, Bills, Bills to her more recent single Flawless sampling Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie TedX speech from 2013. The R and B/pop singer released her latest album with no marketing or promoting and still managed to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. Ms. Knowles is here to stay. With hit after hit blowing up the charts and performances on national television in front of bright marques reading, “Feminist”, Beyoncé is unstoppable and consistent in both her music and her message, successfully cementing her place as an iconic and legendary pop musician. When life is rough and you need to channel your inner Sasha Fierce, do what we do. Keep Calm and Be Yonce.

No way could we cover all of the great talent in the music industry today. This small list does not do female musicians, singers and songwriters justice. We know this, but it’s a start and we’d like you to help round it out. Which women in music you look up to? Or better yet, which musicians in general inspire you? We know some awesome male musical artists with feminist themes out there.

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