Hey there! You probably clicked on this post because YOU are an animal lover! Well we can tell you one thing – you are in good company! Bookmans has a ginormous animal welfare family! From golden retrievers to greyhounds, we support all animal lovers! ‪November 5th through November 11th‬ is National Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week! In celebration, here are five great reasons to adopt a pet. (Cue the Sarah McLachlin song… )

Spreading the Love!
There are over 70 million stray animals in the United states alone. Finding a forever home through local adoption and rescue agencies is essential to lowering these numbers. By adopting, you are not only saving a life, but also making a friend for life. You are also supporting local, helping the community thrive.

Rescuing Them Rescues us!
There have been many studies in the United States alone on the psychological affects of adopting an animal. It has been proven that adopting our local furry friends improves your social circle, self esteem, anxiety, stress, and overall health!

Around thirty years ago, a huge study was done on the physical and mental state of a human when bonding with a dog. The subject was told to play with and pet the dog while scientists monitored the patients vitals. After just a few short minutes of bonding, the subjects heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and muscle tension all decreased rapidly.

If you have children or a senior family member at home, read this article about how adopting a pet can dramatically improve their lives.

Saving a Life Saves Money!
That’s right! The cost of a store bought furry friend can range from an average of 300-500 dollars and that’s not including any shots or other health treatments. Most of the time when you adopt, the animal already has all their shots! You likely won’t have to spay or neuter your new best friend either since most rescues do that for you. If they haven’t, many veterinary hospitals give discounts to owners who adopt.

If you are looking to be a first time pet owner, we also recommend looking for a shelter that offers a starter kit. This typically comes with a bag of food, cat boxes, and much more.

Stop the Cruelty!
Throughout the United States, thousands of commercial and corporate pet breeding facilities are producing millions of animals a year. In fact, females usually spend their lives in cages, continuously impregnated, forced to produce litter upon litter, and worse, forced to live without any sort of companionship or outside connection. By adopting local, you are taking a stand against this cruel breeding practice and animal overpopulation.

A Great Variety
If there is enough room, most shelters do their absolute best to take in as many animals as they can. This means there are so many different furry friends to chose from! From young to old, colors, breeds, sizes, personalities, and much more, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

There you have it! The top five reasons to adopt a pet. Be sure to check out our local adoption days at each Bookmans Store! Don’t forget to support local!