Can we please take a moment to geek over one of my all time favorite artists? Bat For Lashes is a pseudonym of British Singer/Songwriter Natasha Khan, who released her debut album Fur and Gold in 2006.  Since then she has produced three additional studio albums including The Bride, which was released earlier this year.  
Her narrative songwriting style has been apparent since Fur and Gold with songs like “The Wizard” and “Sad Eyes,” but as time goes on, the storytelling aspect of her work has become more prominent.  Natasha’s music tends to paint a picture and as you listen, scenes unfold inside your mind. The Bride is a full-on concept album about the tragic death of a groom on his way to his own wedding and the the left behind bride copes with the fallout.  Khan has talked about producing a short film to accompany the album which would further flesh out the story and mythology of the album’s world.  

The Bat For Lashes sound could be classified as “folky indie pop” for lack of better words. Due to her sound being so unique, it is hard to compare Bat For Lashes to other artists (you might not hear her on the radio anytime soon). Anyone who identifies as a fan of Bjork, Lykke Li, or Zola Jesus would likely enjoy Natasha’s work. Haunting vocals and darker synthy tones are often accompanied by shakers, harps, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments.

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