Did you know that today is National Book Lovers’ Day? Indeed it is! There’s a whole host of odd, unconventional and obscure holidays out there. In fact, there is probably a bizarre holiday for every day of the year. In honor of National Book Lovers’ Day, we are recognizing all the crazy, fun and off-the-wall holidays that coincide with quirky Bookmans products. Bookmans is a store full of adventure, knowledge and merchandise. We have some pretty peculiar and very interesting things come through our doors. Our shelves hold a well-curated selection of popular merchandise mixed with cool, one-of-kind items. The other day, I heard a customer ask a co-worker if we had any books about ferret behavior issues. As it turns out, we did. This led me to wonder if there’s a holiday for ferrets. Low and behold, April 22nd is National Ferret Day. So, get your party hats out, you’ll want to celebrate some of these far out holidays!

September 19th – Talk like a Pirate Day!

Yep! We got a book for that! A pirate vocabulary and diction book actually exists. It’s called the Pirate Primer and when you open it up, it gets pretty serious. This is an “authoritative work on the pirate language.” For more swashbuckling books, check out our Pirate sub section at each Bookmans store. It’s located in History to boot (get it – boot?)

October 17th – Wear Something Gaudy Day!

Our companion pick for this holiday is Flip Fashion – and it’s a flippy book! It’s in the Fashion sub section. You flip to a top, flip to a skirt, flip to the shoes and viola! This book lets you create looks that resemble walking pieces of modern art (or classical art if you like vintage clothes). Need a little extra something to give your outfit more joie de vivre? Most of our stores sell one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. Last week, I bought a pair of wooden parrot charm earrings. They’ll go great with my banana bag I found last month in the toy section.

March 22nd – National Goofing Off Day!

Yep! We got a book for that too! I found it in the Random Time Wasters section of the store. I remember this guy from Sesame Street and The Mickey Mouse Club? He can make some pretty rad noises. The best part about this book is that in includes a tiny record that has samples of the sounds. Cool!

July 17th – Yellow Pig Day!

We actually have an entire sub section for this one: High Math. Wait!? What the heck does math have to do with a yellow pig? Well, this holiday celebrates the eccentric properties of the number 17 and its prime number twin, 19. Yeah, I’m still not sure where the yellow pig comes in. Anyway, this holiday is an annual event observed primarily on college campuses. Apparently there’s everything from yellow pig cake to yellow pig carols. If you need a book to celebrate, we have an entire section of math books. This one is a fairytale about mathematics, full of humor and great illustrations.

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