There’s one book that currently has every Bookmans employee geeking their socks off. It’s everything we love about the 80’s, science fiction and the thrill of a great competition. Ernest Cline’s first novel, Ready Player One, has quickly gained the top spot on the Bookmans Recommends list. Let us show you what all the fuss is about.

Wade Watts is a loner whose only escape from the crumbling reality around him is plugging into a virtual reality world called OASIS. Imagine the internet and VR on steroids and you’ve got the game that all of humanity is itching to play. When the multi-billion-dollar genius behind the creation of OASIS dies, he leaves on amazing thing behind: a deeply-hidden easter egg inside of his virtual world. To the person who finds it goes his fortune. A grand hunt soon takes place as many, including Wade, search for clues picked personally by OASIS creator James Donovan Halliday, a die-hard lover of all things pop culture.

Everything about the race to win is exhilarating and page turning. Even readers who don’t typically enjoy science fiction will find the mystery and puzzle components of Ready Player One compelling. Even more than that, if you love 80’s pop culture you’ll swoon over the references in this book. Halliday, our Howard Hughes-esque game master, grew up in the 80’s, and he brought his obsession with retro video games, movies, music and anything Dungeons and Dragons or RPG-related into his game. It’s the perfect book for anyone with even the slightest sliver of geekdom running through their veins.

Listing every 80’s reference would take us days, but we did want to mention some of our favorites. So how geeky can one get? We’re glad you asked youngling. Have you seen Ewoks: The Battle for Endor? What about The Ewok Adventure? Highly underrated and with a bad rap (as most spin-offs are) if you are racing to claim the top prize in OASIS, you and these adorable hooded alien bears have become quite acquainted. And we encourage you to do the same! In fact, these two have been known to come across our trade counter from time to time despite being out of print. Squeels!


A personal favorite of Wade’s was the 1985 Richard Donner film, Ladyhawke. He gets a lot of guff from the other competitors for loving this one but being true to his heart he defends it all the way! Part fantasy and part love story, Ladyhawke has it all. With lines like “Sir, the truth is, I talk to God all the time and no offense, but He never mentioned you,” how can you not be intrigued?

Other references from 80’s gold like Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, The Beast Master, War Games, Krull, Fantastic Voyage, Hawk: The Slayer, Howard the Duck and so many more will leave you yearning for Aqua Net, black combat boots, and using words like “Ace!”

And then there’s this little gem:

Ready Player One has grabbed us by the horns and is taking us for a ride. After you fall in love with this novel – and believe us you will – catch the movie version in March 2018. We’ll get to relive every moment we loved so much from the book on the big screen Spielberg style. There’s still time to read the book and catch up on all the movies, music and games Ready Player One raves about. Let the binging begin!

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