Do you know what’s better than reading a great book? Getting a great book for free! This summer, Bookmans is helping you stock up on all the books you can handle – and help you pay it forward too with Bookmans Summer Reads.

From June 1 through September 1, 2019, Bookmans is rewarding our customers for reading. We’re rolling out a Buy-9-Get-the-10th-Free Bookmans Summer Reads cards. Every time you purchase a book, we’ll stamp your Bookmans Summer Reads card. Fill up your card’s bookshelf with 9 stamps and turn it in for a free book. Your lucky number 10! After July 31, however, we will not be handing out any more cards. You do have until September 1 to turn them in, though!

Not only will your shelves fill up books, but you’ll also help your local community. For every card you complete and turn in, Bookmans stores will donate a free book to a local literacy non-profit. That’s a win-win!

To collect your Bookmans Summer Reads card and start racking up those stamps, visit a Bookmans cashier. Get your new card and get some stamps at checkout too. It’s never been easier to earn a free book and help someone discover their love of reading too.

Rules and Regulations


Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (Hereinafter collectively referred to as “Sponsor”).  


There is no age restriction on participation in Bookmans Summer Reads.


Bookmans Summer Reads begins on June 1, 2019 at 9:00 AM and ends September 1, 2019, at 10:00 PM. A Bookmans Summer Reads card with nine (9) Bookmans stamps must be redeemed at time of check-out to qualify for a free tenth (10th) book. Purchase of nine (9) books can be done on multiple visits or at one time, and at any Bookmans location in Arizona. All Bookmans Summer Reads cards are eligible for redemption at any Bookmans location.

Bookmans Summer Reads cards are available upon request from Bookmans cashiers. Bookmans will issue one blank card per customer. Customers may request a new Bookmans Summer Reads card upon card redemption.

Cards must feature the Bookmans specialty stamp to qualify for redemption.

There is no limit to the amount of Bookmans Summer Reads cards any single customer can receive during the run of the promotion, June 1, 2019, through July 31, 2019.

Promotional discounts, sale items, as well as Bookmans trade credit qualify toward the purchase of stamp-eligible books throughout the duration of the Bookmans Summer Reads promotion.

Bookmans employees will collect Bookmans Summer Reads cards from customers for local literacy non-profit donation book count. For every complete card, Bookmans will make an in-kind book donation to a local literacy non-profit. Sponsor will determine literacy non-profit.

Literacy non-profit organizations receiving book donations via Bookmans Summer Reads will be contacted to set up book collection within a reasonable amount of time, to be determined by Sponsor, after Bookmans Summer Reads is complete.


For every nine (9) books purchased with a valid and stamped Bookmans Summer Reads card, Bookmans will give a tenth (10th) book for free. Free book cannot exceed forty (40) dollars in marked value.

Free Bookmans Summer Reads book redemptions are good toward any new or used fiction, nonfiction, young adult (YA), and kids books and graphic novels.

Rare books, role-playing game (RPG) books, and comic books are not eligible for this offer.


Bookmans is not responsible for lost or stolen Bookmans Summer Reads cards. Bookmans will issue a new Bookmans Summer Reads card upon request. However, previously held Bookmans specialty stamps will not apply to the new card.

Bookmans Summer Reads participants release Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (including but not limited to current employees, independent contractors, vendors, and interns) and any respective successors (“Released Parties”) from any claims, loss, or damage, arising directly or indirectly, from participation in Bookmans Summer Reads.

Entrants authorize Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and all Released Parties to retain all publicity rights for all Bookmans Summer Reads rewards and events. Participants may be photographed and/or videotaped for promotional purposes for use on the Bookmans Entertainment Exchange website(s) and social media platforms, worldwide in perpetuity. Sponsor is not obliged to use any aforementioned materials collected for promotional purposes, to be used at Sponsor’s discretion, but may opt do so without further obligation or compensation.


Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who interferes with Bookmans Summer Reads or redemption process at Sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsor reserves the right to modify, suspend, or restructure contest in the event of interference or other circumstances as deemed fit by Sponsor.