It’s Virgo season! Out of pure bias, from a Virgo, this is the best time of year. After the insanity that is Leo season, it’s time to calm down and get a little bit of perspective. 

Virgo, in general, is the most pragmatic and analytical of the zodiac signs. They are rational, excellent at communication and thrive in areas where logic and order reign supreme. Virgo is the helper sign, always willing to be there when needed, however, this can sometimes lead to a serious lack of self-care. 

So that being said, take care of your trustworthy and responsible Virgo friends this season. As one myself, I’ve taken it upon myself (maybe a bit selfishly) to round up a list of great gift ideas you can find at your favorite Bookmans location that any Virgo would love to receive. You’re welcome for my expert advice.

Get your Virgo a planner

Blank Journals/Stationary

Virgos love to write things down. They are list makers. They make lists of the lists they need to make. Nothing will make them happier than for even more things to make notes and lists on!


Is there anything more calming than a chic scented candle? Bonus points if they remind your Virgo of the fall season. It’s a vibe.


There are few things that a Virgo loves more than planning, organization, and attention to detail. Nothing says you care about their hobbies more than giving them a planner they can decorate with stickers, color coding, and doodles.

A Virgo will love a bookshelf or book storage

Book Shelves/Storage

Have a bibliophile in your life? They’ll spend hours and hours making their bookshelf look just right, whether it’s organizing their books by color or alphabetically by author and genre.


If you haven’t figured it out already, Virgo’s love to prepare. A cookbook allows them to prep and create a wonderful meal for all the people they love and enjoy the company of others.