Hey, Students! School’s out and you’re itching to have some fun. How does this sound; Bookmans will give you credit for your book reviews. It’s a sweet little program we call Read 10 and it’s super simple. Read 10 books, write 10 book reviews, bring them to your nearest Bookmans location and we will give you $10 off your next purchase. Cool, right?!

Read 10

All kids ages 1 to 17 years are eligible to participate in the Bookmans Read 10 program and the best part is you can submit as many reviews as you want. For every 10 unique reviews you do, you get a $10 credit. It’s kind of like read, write and repeat. Is it like school where you have to write five pages on each book? NO, not at all.

A book review for us can go like this, each review needs to have your name and age, the title and author of the book, and a reason why you liked or disliked the book. We love it when you tell us what the basic story is, but more important is what you think and why you think it. How often do YOU get paid for your opinion?

If you are really little and haven’t mastered your ABCs yet, you can still participate. Extra tiny reviewers are allowed to draw pictures of their books, just have your grown-up write your name, age, book title and author on the drawing. Then your grown up can escort you to Bookmans so you can turn in your 10 book drawings and get a $10 credit.

Remember to sign up for Kids Club and 1317 too. These are additional ways to score credit. Just have a birthday and we’ll send you a $10 gift credit. Kids Club and 1317 are free clubs for kids and teens. Be like the book review pros and get paid to write. Read, write and repeat to make this summer rock with our Read 10 Program.