We want to celebrate our love with you. If that makes you a little nervous, we understand. Love is funny like that. Anyone who has recommended a book they love only to be spurned by another knows what we mean. If you want to “wow” your favorite book lover, even if that means practicing self love, come to Bookmans. We have all of the ingredients to support and share your love of reading.

Bookmans Speedway Valentine
Bookmans Speedway sets the mood.

If the way to (hu)man’s heart is through the stomach, impress your (hu)man with a special picnic or a private meal at home. Bookmans has cookbooks galore, many with romance in mind. Take a look at 1001 Cupcakes or Deserts for Two.

If you want to win a heart, steal a laugh. We have lots of cheeky books to let your intended appreciate your fun side. Try Binky’s Guide to Love to lighten the mood.

Traditional lovers never forget that romantic gifts still play. Poetry and romantic fiction pair nicely with our wide selection of jewelry, scarves, purses and hats. Don’t pretend you never played dress up to read. No? Really? Well, try it.

Looking for something a little hotter? Run wild. How about a personal reading of 50 Shades of Grey? Your reward may amaze you and you can thank us later. Love is funny like that.