The day has come that we have said our final farewell to our tried and true Bookmans Grant on the corner of Campbell and Grant. Moving into this weekend, Bookmans Midtown opens its doors at 9am on February 18th and we are beyond excited. It’s new, fresh (clean), fun, and an awesome Bookmans if we’ve ever seen one!

Bookmans Grant is officially closed as of February 17th, with the new Midtown doors opening bright and early at 9am. Midtown will have the usual bookie hours, from 9am – 10pm for all your literary loving needs.


“Finally! The reincarnation of Bookmans Grant is nearly done at its new location at Bookmans Midtown 3330 E. Speedway Blvd after 35 years at the corner of Campbell and Grant. The road widening has prompted us to move to a better location and we are ecstatic” says Bob Bookman when he graced us with his quirkiness and blue beard last week.

As always, the new location will be home to Bookmans beloved events (read: free) and trade philosophy.  While we want you to come hang out with us all day, we do ask that you pardon our dust as we continue the process. Some inventory is still making it’s way onto shelves and we hope that you’ll be patient as we decide where it all goes and pull it from the cardboard for you.

“We are better because of the support that Tucson gives us. You should come by and check out the newest version of your Bookmans. Tucson gave us our start and we are thrilled to be doubling down on being Tucson’s community bookstore.” said Bob just before he took a farewell picture, put it on snapchat and peaced out. ✌️

The entire Bookmans team is feeling the burn, as we have all been diligently unpacking to make the new Midtown location at Speedway and Country Club a success. The Grant Road widening project was an inevitable challenge for the previous store, one that had been a local favorite for years (35!), but Bookmans is excited to bring Tucson a fresh take with Midtown conveniently located near UA’s bike path. Now there’s no excuses as to why you can’t come in. Gotcha.

We want to thank Tucson, our visitors, our fans, our customers and our friends and family for sticking with us through the process. From start to finish we’ve been eager and excited and truly couldn’t have made it though without the support of our community. From our shelves to your hearts, we thank you!