What does one think of when asked about Stamford, Connecticut? Did you answer “Thrash Metal?” Of course you did! That was a hot bed of metal in the mid 80’s…oh, wait. That was Los Angeles. Well, regardless, out of this lovely, coast-side town, a metal band that has been forgotten in the annals of Metal history, was born. That band is none other than Liege Lords.


As a collector of 80’s thrash metal (not to be confused with the other “metal” of the 80’s) I couldn’t pass this up. One of the awesome perks about working for such a quirky store is that we get to see, touch and listen to all the awesome that walks in. We go to work to shop…or that’s what ends up happening anyway.

Leige Lords released this album on Metal Blade records in 1987, a label that in the past released albums for the likes of Metallica and Slayer. Acts such as Between the Buried and Me and Cannibal Corpse are still currently on their roster. Needless to say I took it home and gave it a spin.

It’s thrash metal in all its glory…dirty, speedy rhythm licks combined with fast solos, powerful drums and gritty vocals. It does border on the operatic at times, but that’s just because this vocalist is almost as powerful as one Bruce Dickinson of some band named Iron Maiden. Unfortunately, they didn’t more than a few albums, but what they did put together clearly helped shape the genre. Indeed, listening to it brings to mind later bands like Pantera and even a little Zakk Wylde…clearly there was some influence going on here. However you cut it, if you want a good solid thrash album give Liege Lords a try…don’t let the album cover turn you off (admittedly, there’s a bit of cheese going on there).