Bookmans Speedway employees have a lot to say, sometimes we say it through images — images on our bodies. Tattoos tell a story, share a belief, or evoke a memory, but mostly they are fun and meaningful. The employees of Bookmans proudly display our body art. Take a look at the fleshy side of Bookmans, a peek under the sleeves and into the lives of the individuals who make Bookmans an interesting place to be.

Heather received her Fleur de Lis tattoo from Ed Slocum at Tattoo Artistry. It represents her love for the Three Musketeers.

Valarie’s “Full of Grace” work was done by Steven Valenzuela at Old Towne Tattoo. Valarie became infatuated with the world of Chollo culture at a young age. Being Mexican American and Catholic, Valarie wanted a piece that represented that special world along with the Virgin Mary. After a failed relationship she felt she had “Lost all grace” and needed a return to her roots.

Tattoos of Bookmans

Sergio’s seraphim was done by Kenzo Butler at Pharaoh’s Horse. Seraphim are the angels closest to God and lore says that viewing one will blind a person or they will burst into flames. Sergio’s seraphim is the angel that escorted Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Bookmans Tattoos

Jack’s Fair Play tattoo was done by David Williams at Tattoo Artistry and represents his philosophy of life. It’s one of many, many reasons why we love Jack!

Kerrie’s cephalopod was done by Low Brow Gallery at the Wild West Tattoo Expo. The image was the creation of Kerrie’s husband, Johnathan Ziegler. He designed what reminded him of his wife — if she were a cephalopod!

There are way too many tattoos at Bookmans Speedway to share them all at once. Many of them are taken from the pages of our favorite piece of literature. Bethanny is a perfect example of a love of literature etched upon her skin. Look for the “Tattoos of Bookmans Speedway: Part 2, Bethanny’s Books” in upcoming posts.