Tucson Festival of Books is right around the corner and we are SO EXCITED! Huge authors will be there, awesome book talks will ensue, and Arizona’s spring weather will (most likely) warm festival activities and make being outside all day a true pleasure. As one might imagine, a book festival of this caliber means that book nerd problems only grow as TFOB draws near. Don’t fret – Bookmans has the scoop on how to keep your bookish cool during the most exciting literary weekend ever!

Scenario #1
Another year has passed, slow as molasses, but finally the Tucson Festival of Books returns! It’s a beautiful March day and you’re ready to fill it to the brim with books to be signed by your favorite authors. Then, disaster strikes. You realize two of the events you planned to attend happen at the same time. You spin in place, panicked. You clutch your face, then wring your hands. How could this be?

Little is to be done in the face of a travesty of this size. However, you can prepare yourself in advance and make tough decisions by checking out the presenting author schedule online. You must sign up for ticketed events early to ensure a seat. Ticketed events are still free, but these sessions fill up fast. Also, TFOB partners with C-SPAN’s Book TV to record some of the programs, so you can catch those later. Meanwhile, focus on slow, even breaths – it will be okay.

Scenario #2
You pass the day at TFOB, collecting books and memories. In short order, your arms overflow and begin to ache. You stumble to keep your literary haul steady in your hands. You wonder, “Will I have to make a run to my car? Should I have enlisted a sherpa to carry my bookish buys?”

This is an easy fix. Stop by the Bookmans tent and pick up your FREE TOTE with any purchase before you let your armfuls of finds fall to the floor. Don’t let human physiology prevent you from getting all the books your heart desires! Not on Tucson Festival of Books weekend. That will not do one bitty bit.

Scenario #3
You’re tired. You’re dead tired. Not only did you stay up late brushing up on the literary legacy of your favorite authors, but you’ve spent the entire morning running all over the U of A campus while carrying a figurative crap-ton of books. Your body drags and your thoughts leave the writing workshop where you learned how to start your memoir and drift towards the foodie blogger you need to question at their panel. You realize your lack of focus is due to a failure to plan lunch.

We understand the desperate need to attend every amazing event TFOB provides. However, it’s important to build in free time to walk around and see all the booths you wouldn’t otherwise, as well as load up on delicious, locally-catered grub – everything from kebabs to barbecue to tamales, and all available for sale among the booths of TFOB!

Scenario #4
You just left a panel discussion from your favorite up-and-coming authors who shared the books that inspired them to write. You are anxious to get to the Bookmans tent to see if you can add those books to your TBR pile. You dig in your back pocket for your festival map and realize you left it at the last venue. You break into a cold sweat under the warm, spring sun. Where is the Bookmans tent?

The Bookmans tent is Booth 450. Let us soothe your racing heart with shade and novels. You can also check our social media feeds for tons of festival goings on and get social with the Bookmans crew to snag some swag. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the scoop on all things literary this TFOB weekend!

Bookmans can’t wait to see your smiling, book-loving faces at the Tucson Festival of Books this year! Events kick off at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 10. We’ll see you there!