Summer fast approaches and this means it’s time to plan your family summer fun. The hardest part is coming up with ideas that keep the whole family entertained and laughing while those hot rays beat down. Get your summer on with Bookmans. We’ve got everything you need to spark all your creative summer fun — starting with our Travel and Outdoor section.

Travel Tucson

It’s easy to overlook what our gorgeous state has to offer when you’ve lived here for some time, but let’s reverse our outlook. Stop by our Arizona travel section to re-discover treasures you forgot we had — starting with the Tucson area.

Every store has a dedicated area for local hiking. Have you sat in the pools at Sabino Canyon? Or seen the petroglyphs down by Honey Bee Trail? Start your morning early and check out these local hot spots for outdoor scenery. We’ve got just the guide to get you to the best spots.

Looking for something a little more thrilling? We also have a section to help you plan day trips. Take the family to Bisbee or Tombstone, but be sure to pick up a travel guide in one of our stores. Perhaps a psychedelic journey of the mind is in store for you and your family. If so, head to Sedona and spend some time at the varies vortexes.

travel tucson

Maybe you want a relaxed day but don’t know where to spend it. Bookmans has books on local parks. Try out a new one like Agua Caliente at the base of Mt. Lemon or Ora Mae Harn in Marana. Pick up a novel at one of our stores and get lost as you read under a tree.

Have you been to Bookmans Sports in Tucson yet? After you’ve cleaned the garage and traded in, get the family onto two wheels. We’ve got great books on bike trails, routes and tours for the Tucson region. We sell biking journals so you can keep a log of your miles to see just how far you and your loved ones can get this summer.

travel tucson

The many caves in the area will help you escape the sunshine. Colossal Caves and Kartchner Caverns both offer spectacular underground rooms. You have to book ahead for the caverns, plan accordingly.

If you’ve been to Rocks and Ropes and loved it, maybe you should try your hand at mountain climbing. Nothing beats the thrill of feeling real rock beneath your body. We’ve got books on local climbing spots as well as locations for climbing all over the state. See who among your family is the bravest and who has kept their fear of heights a secret all these years. Pick up a digital camera to prove you made it to the top.

travel tucson

Travel Tucson this summer! We’re desert natives for a reason and the summer heat won’t keep us down. If the outdoors just doesn’t do it for you, keep an eye on our events calendar for all our air conditioned in store activities. Whether you’re a desert rat or prefer the indoors, we have anything and everything you could possibly need this summer!