Is it finally time to take the plunge and invest in a virtual reality gear? If you’re interested in technology, are a serious gamer who needs the latest and greatest, or are just looking for a new and exciting experience, it’s time to take a virtual reality video game offerings. Follow me down the rabbit hole of video game VR and discover some pretty awesome game recommendations that were literally made to be experienced in virtual reality.

While video games have only been around since the 1970s, it is a medium that has evolved dramatically over the years. On the consumer side of things, it all started with the simplistic yet groundbreaking home console the Atari 2600. This is where classic games like Pong and Pac-Man got their start. Video games developed throughout the years, through 8-bit, 16-bit, 64-bit and onward. Today, video games can rival cinema and novels in terms of graphics and storytelling.

However, the main things separating video games from other mediums of entertainment are choice and immersion. While other forms of entertainment dictate what happens, video games turn that system around. Players choose gameplay, what direction to take it in, and in some cases how it will end up. Alongside the influence of the player, video games allow a feeling of immersion unlike anything else. Recently, gaming has taken it a step further with the implementation of virtual reality. In the trifecta of giants in the video game industry (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft), only Sony has taken the leap into the next dimension with PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 4.
Arriving on store shelves in late 2016, Playstation VR (PS VR) marked the first time gamers were able to experience virtual reality on their home consoles. PS VR is an amazing piece of technology. Though it should be noted that the setup to achieve such uniqueness is a bit of a hassle. Once you are past the mess of cables and get over PS4 looking like it’s on life support, the wait is definitely worth it. There is simply nothing else like it.
Perhaps a little disorienting at first, the PS VR can successfully immerse you into any world you choose. Whether you opt for Gran Turismo Sport or Fruit Ninja or the intense Resident Evil 7 and Doom VFR, you’re in for a seriously wild ride. Virtual reality as a whole is still in the very early stages. As of right now, the science of VR is not perfect. However, PS VR is no slouch, and anyone who has the opportunity should give it a try. It might not be for everybody, but it is something worth experiencing all the same.
While it is still early for VR systems, Bookmans stores are looking forward to VR systems coming across our trade counters as the technology emerges. We’ve already gotten a few, so be sure to keep an eye open in our video game sections the next time you’re browsing.
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