You Could Win a $500 Bookmans Shopping Spree!

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17 Responses to “You Could Win a $500 Bookmans Shopping Spree!”

  1. ArgyleTrekkie says:

    The best part is when you are already subscribed to the e-newsletter – fingers crossed! I can’t even comprehend how much Star Trek stuff I would buy! Then again, I could use it for some holiday shopping too! Love Bookmans!

  2. Roger Ferguson says:

    My favorite place to shop for DVD,CD,Audio Books, Written books, Bookman’s has it all

  3. Cara Waldorf says:

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Donna Coffey says:

    I love Bookman’s it’s the best place for my books, and all of the nick-naks that I love to get oh yea also all of the jewelery that I get every time that I go, hope I’ll be one of the winners could get a lot of gift’s for my family and for my friends for Christmas!! just Love Bookman’s

  5. Shannon Bryant says:

    Who doesn’t Love going to Bookmans they have everything you could ever want and more! Fantastic finds for everyone in the family! Love me some Bookmans! 😍😍

  6. Crista Stigsell says:

    It’s a great place for the whole family!

  7. Liz says:

    Please open a store in Sierra Vista. We don’t have anything and it is A 2 hour trip each way to your store in Tucson. Please consider it.

    • Valerie R says:

      We want everyone in Arizona to have a Bookmans and we’ll certainly keep Sierra Vista in mind 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion, Liz!

  8. Robert Olson says:

    Happy holidays.

  9. TONY EKLOFF says:


  10. Ann says:

    We love Bookmans!

  11. Jay D Koenig says:

    I’ve been, a long time BOOKMANS Shopper !!! From Tucson ,Mesa, Phoenix, and Flagstaff my entire family from parents to grandkids love Treasure Hunting at BOOKMANS!!! WE JUST LOVE YOU BOOKMANS !!!

  12. Melissa Robinson says:

    Bookmans is the BEST. I spend hours in there! I hope we get one in Prescott! For now, I’ll keep going to Phoenix and Flagstaff!

  13. Jonathan Cousins says:

    Hi bookmans I’m a huge fan since I was younger. It would be cool to get some help with Christmas gifts

    • Valerie R says:

      Hello Jonathan! We’d love to help you conquer Christmas shopping! All Bookmans employees are geared up for the holidays and would be happy to help you get something for everyone on your list – and a $500 Shopping Spree would go a long way at Bookmans! Good luck!

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