This Saturday nerds and comic book readers once again take to the streets in an all out celebration of geek camaraderie. What joyous occasion sparks such action? What geekish event has us jazzed? What could occur that causes respectable members of society to squeeze into red spandex ala The Flash to run around the office breaking the space time continuum? Four fabulous words my friends, Free. Comic. Book. Day. Every year on the first Saturday of May the comic book gods bless us all by giving away free specialty comics. Oh, happy day indeed! Before you hit the mean streets to demand comics by the bucket load this Free Comic Book Day, let us discuss some dos and do nots.

Dos and Do Nots of Free Comic Book Day

Do: Dress up. We promise no one will laugh. If they do, who cares? You have free reading materials and make an excellent Axe Cop.

Do Not: Collect more than one comic per retailer. Instead of grabbing stacks of single issues, simply pick your favorite and shop the rest of the store. You may finally get your hands on that rare find of your dreams.

Do: Explore! Make time to visit comic book stores that you don’t normally visit. It’ll be an adventure and you’ll make new friends in the regulars who frequent that store.

Do Not: Make fun of anyone’s comic book tastes or costume. We’re all geeks standing in front of nerds asking them love us.

Do: Pick up something new and different. Never read a Dark Horse comic? Do it! It’s free, so nothing lost right?

An Extra Do: Do attend a Bookmans FCBD event. Bookmans Northwest celebrates Free Comic Book Day for a day of geekery. Meanwhile, Bookmans Speedway brings the fandom fun once again with the Comic After Party.

Dos and Do Nots of Free Comic Book Day

An Even More Extra Extra Do: Did you know that this glorious holiday always aligns with a comic book movie theatrical release? Since the beginning of time, er, 2002, when FCBD launched on the same day as Spider-Man, with the exception of a couple years, comic book movie franchises have scheduled films to premiere the same weekend as Free Comic Book Day. In lieu of this, we encourage you to head to your local theater and check out Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Then immediately tell us all about it because we are fully #GeekingOut to see the hotness that is Star Lord once again hit the big screen.