The semester is almost over, everyone! Gone (for a moment) will be the days, nights and weekends spent in a musty library. Take a deep breath. Gone are the assignments, exams, and rigors of academic life, but what inevitably remains? Those heavy, unwanted textbooks cluttering your room and life. The solution may be easier than you think. Bring them to Bookmans and experience the wonder of our convenient textbook buyback! Money for books: best present for yourself. Ever.

Convenient Textbook Buyback
The average buyback price at a university’s bookstore is depressing and downright disheartening. Fortunately, Bookmans gives you plenty of options when it comes to getting rid of those clunky volumes at the end of the semester. With three stores in Tucson (East, Midtown, and Northwest), one in Flagstaff, one in Phoenix, and another in Mesa, there’s a convenient Bookmans location no matter where you are in Arizona.

If you’ve spent the past semester studying or relaxing at Bookmans, you know that trading your stuff for cash or trade credit is fast and easy. The same goes for your textbooks.

Convenient Textbook Buyback

If you haven’t been to or traded at Bookmans before, you can rest assured that it is the process is straightforward and as simple as counting to four.

One: Bring your books to the trade counter. Two: Hang out for a bit and browse while your books are evaluated. Three: Get your trade and cash quotes. Four: Use your newly earned trade credit to top off your vinyl collection, buy that box set you’ve eyed for months, or put it towards books you actually want to read over the break.

That’s the best part about accepting Bookmans trade credit. You can turn it right around and use it for anything in our stores!

Bookmans is designed to be your third place. As students, we go back and forth from home and school, constantly stressed and overworked. We need a third place to go to socialize, be ourselves, and interact with fresh faces, old friends, and new ideas. Bookmans is the place to make it all happen. Bringing in your books for textbook buyback enhances the atmosphere you already enjoy at Bookmans and helps us cater directly to students like you.

When you finish your last final, come see us for our convenient textbook buyback. Then hang around and think outside the syllabus.